Through a series of small events, my attention was brought to the Mandela Effect! The phenomenon where masses of people are convinced of the truth of their memories, but they suddenly turn out to be incorrect.

Some thoughts about the Mandela Effect

When I set the analog clock to Daylight Savings Time last week, something strange happened. The next day it was back to the old setting, and I had to set it forward an hour again. That’s pretty weird of course, and when I talked to my mom about it, she said: maybe the battery is dead. And yes, when I got home it was behind again. But at the exact moment I looked at the first time, it was exactly one hour behind, which made it seem as if a glitch had occurred in the matrix. Because having to advance your clock one more time, when you’re sure you already did it the day before, is very weird. Later I replaced the battery, and then it ran fine again.

Of course, the “gods” of Google had heard my conversation with my mother, so then I was recommended a video of another glitch on YouTube: the lemon glitch, which a woman experienced while working in the kitchen of a restaurant. She cuts a lemon, then goes to grab a bag, then puts the lemon in the bag, but notices that the lemon has not yet been cut. She seems visibly confused for a moment, and then she cuts the lemon in half again. When she then posted on TikTok what happened, her account was banned, then she used her mother’s account, and that was also banned. Reason enough to read a little more about it. Here is the original video of the woman.

The fact that my attention is clearly drawn to this topic with these events in succession is remarkable, because I’ve honestly never looked into it that much. I did hear about the Mandela Effect, which is named after Nelson Mandela. There are a lot of people who can remember Mandela’s funeral in the 1980s. While he died in 2013. But these people swear they saw it on TV. False memories? Was he buried twice? Or are people being fooled en masse?

Coincidentally, I was confronted with a false memory with myself today, as I reminisced with my taken over sister. She mentioned that a classmate had once taken her test paper from her, to pen everything over, during the test. I’m actually sure that happened at the place in our school where I had always pictured it. But suddenly she says it happened in a totally different place. I caught myself immediately saying, “Oh, then I remembered it wrong. False memory!” but maybe she was lovingly gaslighting me at that moment, and she wanted to draw me to this topic, especially when you combine that with the clock, and the lemon, from the first paragraphs of this article. Would the Mandela effect have to do with false memories? Sometimes, I guess, but not always.

Not always, because on sites and forums where they cover the subject of the Mandela effect, there are lots of examples that come along, where people are very sure of how something was because they have observed it for years, then some time later it turns out that it was completely different. Very strange. Different theories are put up about what might be happening. Some say that we are in a simulation, which I can go along with, and that real glitches occur in this simulation. There is also a lot of talk that it might have to do with CERN with its Large Hadron Collider, the big annular particle accelerator near Geneva, which some say is actually a front for very different things. Occult things. And that those are at the source of the Mandela effect. And well, when I see what they used that mega expensive thing for!? To find a particle, the Higgs boson, which they had already thought existed. Appears clever but it isn’t. And now they have another new particle in their theory that they are looking for. It’s so incredibly empty-headed. They think, if we go small enough, we’ll learn something about how matter is constructed, which is pertinent nonsense. It’s fake intelligence. In real intelligence, you use both hemispheres of your brain in interaction with each other. The left hemisphere is your big self studying all small things, which represents expansion, that is, growing with love or anger. And the right hemisphere is your small self that studies all the big things of life, which stands for compression, that is, shrinking with fear. You need both sides, but these CERN scientists have blinkers on and keep zooming in on unimportant particles, again losing the big picture, for which you really need the compression of your emotions, and the idea that there is something bigger to discover about this world than those particles alone. You can learn this though, by learning to embrace the anger of people above you with love and thus letting go of your own aggression. That’s the path of returning to Truth.

Believe me, you can go on endlessly finding particles. Smaller and smaller they will get. Those particles are pure artifacts. They are not building blocks. No, the world is a big field of oscillations created by consciousness. Your brain when it does not repress things, when it is thus free of unbalanced defense mechanisms, is the perfect receiver and sender of this consciousness, as I also explained in the chapter Misconceptions about the brain from Section 3 of my story.

In this article, then, you see the basis for the union of correct psychology/psychiatry with correct physics. This kind of information the supposedly smart CERN scientists have never seen, or they reject it because they don’t like the vibrational frequency of the information (not very smart!), when in fact it answers many questions.

In fluid dynamics, the torus (Image) is seen as the only self-organizing form that allows fractal embedding of energy flow. So that is about how energy flows and vibrates in this field, which is primary to the “physical things” themselves. Toruses occur on a small scale, but also on a large scale, and they can maintain their identity while also interacting with lower and higher levels. For example, all your organs are formed by these toruses of energy flows, which order themselves through Platonic bodies. Who says there is no creator? Of course there is. It is all perfectly made that way. Sacred Geometry. Matter is created by compression of the ether, which I call the Satan force. You can then see the human mind as such a great torus, in which charge can flow up and down.

I had no identity in the past, and this means that I directed my aggression toward myself, which is dangerous. This energy flow was then directed inward, against my own fire (which is the outer upper part of the torus), and in order to stay upright under the influence of this pressure, I inflated myself, leaving the core of my emotional system in my head. This is called an identity problem. You can then learn to direct your aggression outward (under controlled conditions) instead of against yourself, so that you learn to feel the fire and fight against the very people who disapproved of it so much, as I have done in therapy. The beginnings of an identity will then emerge. Read Section 1 of my story to know how that took place and progressed.

Anyway. My point was that a lot of money is wasted on research that leads to nothing, at CERN and that many people on sites about the Mandela effect, think CERN is a front for occultism. In this article by Martin Vrijland, I found the plausible explanation of what he thinks it is for. It is very much worth reading, including the comments.
Also read my article Some thoughts on Martin Vrijland’s recent work. In short, Vrijland can brilliantly deduce exoteric knowledge from world events, but esoterically the true meaning of things, which cannot be deduced by looking at the various actors in this world, is lost. Because in doing so, he corrupts these esoteric truths. So keep this in mind when you read his work.

Then if we look further into the Mandela effect, on Google you really only get the following explanation about it, “The Mandela effect is a phenomenon where many people believe that something actually happened, when in reality it never happened.” So false memories again. Very suspicious that those are the first hits on Google, because back when the Internet was not as tightly controlled as it is now (also read my article Where is everyone?) I saw lots of other theories come up when I read about it once. This kind of information is usually based on false logic that goes like this: “We don’t want God to exist and we know that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one, so from that we can deduce that it must be false memories!” Absurd, of course. This is why it is important for people to decondition themselves from all that they have been taught, because much of it is just not true and very close-minded.

Then, in Miles Mathis’ article called “The Mandela Effect is another hoax”, we find an interesting perspective. He argues that the Mandela Effect is a great diversion, away from the issues that really matter. He does not think the ruling powers are Satanic, but they are great liars and that they have far-reaching control over humanity. But Satan is the father of lies. And I know that all heads of all ruling powers are already pointed in the same direction, and that is to carry out the Satanic influence on man, which is a compressive, controlling influence. These Satanic powers know that humanity is really going to wake up soon, and that they have to make sure they have the whole world under far-reaching control. The Mandela effect would be a way to test this very far-reaching control, according to Mathis, which I can get into. Mathis argues that it is not false memories that people have, but that there is real tampering in the many examples. One example he cites in this article about Dolly’s braces in the James Bond movie Moonraker. Everyone knows that Dolly had braces, but in all versions of the movie and in pictures, Dolly suddenly doesn’t appear to have braces. Very strange. Even the actress who played Dolly now denies that she had braces. But Miles Mathis clearly shows a screenshot from the film, which clearly shows that the braces were very badly edited out. Unbelievable. And all the copies of Moonraker sitting in people’s homes were probably edited that way, too. But that is only possible if there is already such far-reaching control over humanity by the ruling powers, that they know exactly which people have copies of Moonraker in their homes, and then they have replaced them all, as a kind of way of testing their control over humanity. And yes, all I can say is that this is likely the truth, because 100% of the time they know exactly what I’m doing, and 100% of the time provide me with direct feedback via these texts on Facebook, almost to the point of conversations when I respond to them. It’s ridiculous. And anyone who then dares to say that God doesn’t exist, or that I’m making a fallacy, they’re out of their mind. On that note, I provide a surreal glimpse of the workings of these ruling powers. Miles Mathis doesn’t think it goes beyond Intelligence projects, nor that it involves aliens. But he does believe that these Intelligence agents have physically snuck into people’s homes to replace all the DVDs and such. But I think it is slightly different, and that they did not physically sneak into someone’s house, but that these Antichrist entities (I called them “aliens” in my first articles) can move into more dimensions or extra layers than ordinary human beings, and that changes can therefore be made in this layer, without having to show up physically in our 3-dimensional layer. Therefore, from that other dimension (sometimes I say from astral space, or from counterspace) the Antichrist entities jump into people to exert their evil influence over humanity. The fact that Dolly says she never had braces in, when it can be clearly seen that the braces have been whittled away, is then proof that Dolly has been taken over like actually most of the actors and actresses we see on TV. I therefore do not rule out the possibility that, for example, that story of the lemon cannot be genuine at all, and was created by such a same entity in the young woman’s body. For these entities are masters at sustaining the lies.

A third possibility is that the higher powers can literally alter past events at the source. Because they are located beyond ‘space’ and time itself. I find this even more plausible than, say, adjusting all the DVDs individually by intelligence agents or taken over people. If you adjust these film recordings 30 years after the shooting of Moonraker, there could actually arise a parallel timeline starting 30 years in the past. These higher powers could then determine when we can jump from the original timeline to the parallel timeline, say 30 years later, which is called a timeline jump, and then suddenly people will have all kinds of seemingly false memories. But then I assume that they can administer this very selectively and exactly at a specific place, at a specific time, which is incredibly clever. Then exactly how high are these powers compared to humans, if they are able to do that. Very high! You can only feel humble then! On Twitter, very spiritual people regularly passed by on my timeline saying that there has been another timeline jump. Could these all be frauds? Maybe some. But all of them? I don’t think so!

Then Miles Mathis cites Schrödinger’s cat, a thought experiment from quantum mechanics. All I can say about that is that the cat is probably both alive and dead, at the same time. That then (again) has to do with the two opposing flows of energy. People have a living part, which is expansion, the spiritual, or the part that allows itself to be touched. And people have a dead part. Which is compression, or the part that doesn’t allow itself to be touched. And that constitutes matter. And those two currents of energy ideally keep each other in balance, so that you are both dead and alive in the ideal middle way, which is the way of Christ.

And I think that’s about enough for now!

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