This article discusses Brandon Cronenberg's film 'Possessor' (2020), in which a secret agency takes control of certain people's consciousness, to carry out hits.

'Possessor' (2020), a science-fiction movie being cold-hard reality

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In my article U.S. shooting: what’s behind it? I already referred briefly to the film “Possessor” (2020), for those who want to get a good view on how the phenomenon of “taken over people” generally works. In this article I would therefore like to give you my thoughts on this film by Brandon Cronenberg, the son of well-known film director David Cronenberg. Not all the details match reality in my opinion, but it is one of the few films that deals with this subject so directly, and I consider that to be a very positive thing.

When I first read the story of this film, I thought, I have to see that film! It’s really recommended for you too, because it reflects very well the ideas I wrote about in the almost 100 articles that are on my site.

Note: if you have yet to watch the movie, do so first. If you don’t want to watch it: read the Plot section below, copied from this Wikipedia page.


In an alternate 2008, Tasya Vos is an assassin who takes control of others’ bodies to carry out her hits. Through an implant installed in the unwitting host’s brain, Vos can use a special machine to insert her consciousness into their minds. She returns to her own body by forcing the host to commit suicide at the end of each job.

Due to the amount of time she spends imitating other people, Vos struggles with increasing detachment from her own identity and cannot fully separate her work from her interactions with her husband, Michael, and son, Ira. She “practices” assuming her normal persona the same way she practices impersonating her hosts. Thoughts of violence haunt her during ordinary domestic life, such as when putting Ira to bed and having sex with Michael.

Vos’s handler, retired assassin Girder, is critical of her desire to remain connected to her family and expresses the belief that Vos would be a better killer without personal attachments. In a debriefing session meant to reconnect her with her real identity, Vos sorts through a series of objects associated with personal memories and pauses on a butterfly that she pinned and framed as a child. She tells Girder she feels guilty for killing it.

Despite her fragile mental state and fatigue with her work, Vos agrees to perform a major hit on wealthy CEO John Parse and his daughter, Ava, by possessing Ava’s fiancé, Colin Tate. The hit is only a partial success: Ava dies, but Parse survives. Vos attempts to flee the scene by forcing Tate to shoot himself, but discovers she cannot make him pull the trigger.

Tate instead stabs himself in the skull in an act of rebellion. This damages the implant, and Vos discovers she cannot leave Tate’s body or overpower his will. Tate, regaining control, does not know why he killed his girlfriend or why he has begun to experience false, fragmented memories of another person’s — Vos’s — life.

The traumatized and disoriented Tate flees from the crime scene to his friend Reeta’s apartment. He kills Reeta while struggling with dissociative memories of the hit on Parse and Ava. Eddie, another employee from Vos’s company, arrives at the apartment to help Vos regain control and complete Tate’s suicide. The attempt fails. Vos is still unable to make Tate kill himself. Instead, Tate becomes aware of her presence inside his body; his consciousness overpowers hers in a psychic confrontation, giving him access to memories of her husband, child and home. He kills Eddie during their internal battle.

Tate then goes to Vos’s home and holds her husband at gunpoint, demanding to know what she did to him. Vos appears and goads Tate into killing Michael so that she can be freed from her personal attachments. When Michael knocks the gun from Tate’s hand, Tate kills him with a meat cleaver. Moments later, Ira stabs Tate in the throat, finally killing him. Tate uses his last moments to fatally shoot Ira, though it is clear that Vos is in control.

Vos returns to her own body and discovers Girder had taken control of Ira to end her struggle with Tate. With Ira and Michael both dead, she is now free of all human attachments, just like Girder wanted.

In another debriefing, Vos sorts through the same personal objects from the beginning of the film. She handles the butterfly again, but does not express any guilt for killing it. Girder smiles and replies, “Very good.”


We encounter in the film several details that I have also mentioned in my articles. First of all, look at the poster of this movie, Image, on which we see a mask, with two eyes, the left eye being squeezed shut. I’ve mentioned before that this makes me think of Donald Marshall’s information whereby he thinks people are being taken over by a proboscis from a Vril alien sticking in your left eye. In my opinion, this is mainly to scare people and I believe this is not the truth, but I could be wrong. Sometimes I do think it’s true. We however don’t see anything else concerning this information, in the film.

Going ahead, the movie is about a secret agency that takes over people to make them commit murder. This also happens in real life, and we see it again and again in organized shootings or attacks. Especially those attacks that are highlighted by the media are usually attacks by taken over people. The agency that performs these deeds in real life, I call the Antichrist group, which is the boss of the other evil groups working on Earth, called: Lucifer and Satan, who are the left hand and right hand of this evil Antichrist group. Also read my other articles for more info on this.

In this film, we can see that the victims that the agency takes over are first abducted, upon which an implant is inserted into the brain, so that one can link to the neuralink equipment of this agency. But fairly near the end of the film, there is also a brief reference to a parasite, a worm that crawls into you and then takes over your brain. In real life, I suspect that they don’t need an implant, nor will they need a worm. But all they need is your DNA, and then outside the Matrix they can make a ‘neuralink’ connection to your system using this DNA. But there are plenty of people online who talk about a ‘worm’ crawling in through your left eye.

We see Vos waking up every time in a violent way on some kind of chair linked to all kinds of equipment. In the Matrix movies we see the same thing when one goes outside the Matrix. So I don’t rule out the possibility that that doesn’t happen entirely on Earth, at least, not in this layer of reality. I also saw the movie Inception a long time ago, which is also about a similar thing, and a reality within a reality within a reality. I am going to watch this movie again soon. Maybe it will provide me with some new insights. According to Martin Vrijland, a Dutch journalist, the concept of layered simulations is close to the truth, just read this article of his: “Why humanity must awaken now (and the ruling power block is encouraging this): the explanation” (PDF).

Back to the movie: What Vos doesn’t know, in the film, is that Girder inserted a chip into Vos’ son Ira’s brain, and that before Ira fatally wounds Tate at the end, she also occasionally watches Ira to see how Vos behaves during the time she was with Michael and Ira. I have described this ‘watching along’ in my article Logging on to Jesse Musson. I feel like they do the same with me from time to time, and that’s how they know exactly what I’m thinking, feeling, and doing. However, I have not been kidnapped on purpose, nor to my knowledge has a brain implant been put into me, nor have I had to deal with a worm. At least not consciously! Yet they know everything about me, and know every day exactly what I am doing. And they don’t just know this because I share so much. No, I regularly get hinting remarks that I keep applying to myself (I’m very hard on myself), when according to them I have done something wrong again (they know I apply these remarks to myself, that is why they confront me with them). They can also intrude into my dreams, as I noticed last week (read my article Another update on my situation). And even more terrible, of course, is that they also, as in this case of Ira in the film, but also in real life, use children for their misdeeds! So, in short, they are in fact able to log in on anyone to take a look, they are also able to eventually take over anyone remotely, and they are able to give you the strangest experiences during dreams.

What we see is that at the moment of takeover, Vos sees all of Tate’s memories rush by. This is a painful condition. And this is evident in the images we are shown in the film when this process takes place. In real life, when someone has just been taken over, we see the painful look in the victim’s eyes. I have already described this phenomenon in several articles. I saw this at the start of this year, in the eyes of a taken over friend of my taken over sister. It looked like he was stoned, when he hadn’t been on drugs at all. The same look on the face is seen in people who have done too much astral projection. We also see, that Vos’ takeover of Tate happens at night, such that no one will immediately notice that someone else is suddenly taking control of the personality.

We see Vos, before she arrives home to her ex-husband Michael, and her infant son Ira, practicing to come across as Tasya Vos as naturally as possible. So we can conclude, if this is reality as well, that the more often such a person plays other roles, the more distant he/she also becomes from his/her own personality. But these Antichrist entities in real life have a fluid identity state anyway, i.e. they have no stable identity, they can be anybody, depending on the assignments they are given. Of course, I have also experienced this kind of state myself when I was in my aggression. Back then, my perception of identity was also not constant, and you will then take on different traits in different environments.

It becomes clear in the film that Girder wants to make Vos her successor, and that in order to do that, Vos has to become a very cold-blooded killer. In real life, you could say that if you go down the evil path in your development, you can be approached by the Antichrist group to work for them and take over bodies in one of the next cycles (of history) so that you can commit murders on behalf of others, something we see happening all the time in this world. The Antichrist killers we see actively in this time, taking over perpetrators in shootings for example, are Archangeloi (high Angels) who were on their way to becoming Archai (even higher Angels), but did not make it because they chose the evil path. (Read my article Angels and Demons. They have now been put here on Earth to fulfill the duties of the Antichrist group. Read my other articles for more on this.

In Possessor we see that a takeover always serves to commit one or multiple murders and the takeover ends with a suicide of the host body. In real life this is sometimes also the case, for example in terrorist attacks, shootings, family dramas and so on that we see on the news. In the movie we also see that when people are taken over they do not lose their entire souls, but sometimes they fight back against the agency’s takeover. I dare not say if this can happen in real life as well. From my understanding, in real life the entire original soul is pushed out of the body, and the Antichrist entity that has taken over t he body has a full-time job of mimicking (imitating) the original personality, something that comes across as very fake especially at the beginning. As they descend deeper into their roles, they actually start to show the emotions of the person in question, but I don’t believe for a moment that the original soul is still alive inside. I have mourned the loss of my entire family and all friends for a reason. They also let me know that this was the case by making a few indirect remarks, at the time when they had just taken over my family, and also threatened to take over me, if I would not listen to them. You can read about this in my article From a dream to a song (see the bit about “the first candle going out, but the second one being determined to burn up completely!”). This was one of the most awful moments of my life, because that’s right after the moment I realized they took over my family, and now threatened me as well.

Again, what I want to emphasize is that in real life, the Antichrist entities can also leave the body on their own initiative. Or perhaps, by silently making within themselves such a request as we see in the film, “Unplug me!” upon which they then drop dead or commit suicide, and are then taken out. To take a look at the family dramas you sometimes hear in the news: It’s usually the father who then kills his entire family, and then commits suicide. I stated once that in those cases, it might have been an non-taken over person who found out that all of his family had been taken over, and then chooses the evil path and kills all of the taken over people, but it could just as easily be, that it involves a person who has been taken over, and that there were certain reasons why the family had to disappear, which I do not condone.

These taken over people in turn know that if they die, they will return to where they started before the takeover, in the space outside the Matrix where they are connected to the neuralink equipment. They aren’t afraid to die and they won’t ever avoid it either. They also, I think, do not suffer from what happens to normal people when they are born: i.e. your memory being erased. Because of their aggressive state of being, they are able to endure the various takeovers they have made and the deaths that always ends these takeovers, all at the same time…

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