I am hard at work again during this Full Moon period. Still, I had a threatening dream. And I call out some more people, who are taken over.

It will be over, when you feel the pain

The entities that threaten my life always want you to produce works, especially when it’s Full Moon. On my to-do list for me this Full Moon was to build my YouTube channel all the way back up, with videos on which I read my articles aloud with the image of the site attached. The only disadvantage is that the links are not clickable in a video, so I would actually have to show them in the videos myself, but that’s so much work, that I’ll stick with the articles read aloud for now. I’ve separated my English YouTube channel from my Dutch YouTube channel, that way it’s a little more organized.

Despite the fact that I’ve been busy for days, suddenly there are an awful lot of planes flying over here again. As I described in my article Gangstalking and gaslighting, they are all little planes marked again as having a Private Owner. I think the Dragons or Wolves or whoever they are, think I should produce more, but sorry guys, this Full Moon is reserved to build my YouTube channel. That’s a hell of a job, and once I finish that, then I can publish the rest of my content more easily. So it’s important work. I have already published 20 videos on my Dutch and English channels. The few old videos where I’m appearing with my face on are hard to hear, so those I have removed. They have all been replaced by new versions with better quality sound.

The day before yesterday I worked quite a few hours. Yesterday, on the day of the Full Moon, I had even worked from 3 o’clock in the afternoon, until 5 o’clock at night. 14 hours, with an hour break in between. So I was also pretty tired, but couldn’t get to sleep, because I was still clicking away in my head. This morning I was unfortunately already awake at 10 o’clock. I had only had about 3 hours of sleep, so I decided to sleep a little longer. So I fell asleep, and then suddenly I was in a kind of bus, the one I always traveled to the city with. I suddenly saw a wolf in my imagination, and was reminded of the wolf-aliens, where the werewolf myths originate from. And then suddenly I felt threatened. I looked beside me on the bus and saw a woman sitting with a German Shepherd (a dog) beside her. The feeling of being threatened increased, and the fear mounted. “It will be over when you feel the pain!” I heard a voice say. And I felt someone touch my shoulder blade. And then it occurred to me: don’t let them! And I tried to resist with a big “No!” And then my eyes opened… Like hell I went on to make the rest of the videos and upload them on my YouTube channel. I’m not done yet, but I just keep going.

By the way, it was remarkable that in my dream they were doing something to my shoulder blade. I have read stories before, that this the location where your aura can be detached from your body or something, maybe your neck also. I don’t know the details of it. Another remarkable thing was the voice that said, “It will be over when you feel the pain!” I knew it from somewhere, and googled it. After thinking about it for a while and actually finding no results, it suddenly occurred to me, that the statement I knew, was: “It will be over, when you feel the rain!”, with an R, not “pain” with a P, and that it was David Icke hearing this, when having a supernatural experience in South Peru. He stood on a mountain for an hour with his arms in the air, his feet clinging to the ground, and then an enormous energy flowed through him. And then he heard the words (it was beautiful weather at the time), “It will be over, when you feel the rain!” After an hour of spacing and energy flows and downloads, suddenly clouds came right above him and it began to rain! And only then did Icke notice the bus driver who had taken him there again. It is my belief that the powers that be at work for humanity gave him this experience, to seal him in his role as one of the personifications of the inner Christ, who would tell humanity many secrets. And he certainly succeeded in doing so, for he did so in his books. But of course his appearance on Terry Wogan’s show, when he said he was the son of God (like everyone else on Earth) was the start of a huge wave of ridicule, and he couldn’t walk the streets of England without being ridiculed. It did not stop him from publishing his works and becoming very famous. For me, he is the most important inspiration ever, mainly because he always did what is “right”. His book Tales from the Time Loop (the story of what happened in Peru begins on page 12 of the book (in the PDF page 22)) begins with the following words from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: Cowardice asks the question - is it safe? Expediency asks the question - is it politic? Vanity asks the question - is it popular? But conscience asks the question - is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic nor popular; but one must take it because it is right.

If you want to know about mind-control, Satanic bloodlines, and of course the Reptilian Dragon-aliens, you would do well to read one or more of his books. His latest books are not really by him, but by the clone who has now taken over, so I don’t recommend those books. He may have some useful things to say, but the source is not pure anymore. When I hear the David Icke who is taken over now… it is quite ridiculous how he talks now. Some YouTube channels make inspirational videos of what he says! They glue together absolute shit sentences in which he talks, without soul, usually a bit technical, “this will cause that”, “that is caused by this”, but it doesn’t really make sense what he says and there is no real meaning in it. And people now think the world of him! “Such a seer!!!” “And he explains everything so well!” They do not notice him being taken over. And I don’t understand anything anymore of what he says! Is that just me? No, the original David Icke, he could speak inspiring words. He could be profound. Those words I understood, but then he only got opposition. It’s the world upside down here on Earth. Shit is sold as pearls! And pearls are sold as shit! And the YouTube channels that highlight statements by him are all such perfect productions, in which they also do interviews with people, but that’s again from the same source as what I talked about in my article about Tijn Touber (Tijn Touber, a taken over dragon giving good advice). People who are taken over, inviting other people who are taken over! And so the world is run by these Dragons, all backing up their Dragon brothers and sisters.

I think the last Dragon victim I noticed was Helma Broekman, of the Dutch Lichtkind (Lightchild) channel. I was watching some videos of hers a while back. She does have interesting content. She comes across as incredibly worrying in the way she talks, but I can also see a certain youthfulness in how she comes across. Until I saw her latest video from two weeks ago… I thought: girl, what happened to you? I think she has been taken over, because if you compare how she comes across with her earlier videos, you can see a clear difference. In her earlier videos she comes across as an intensely real person. For example on this one, where she announces (in the very first minute) that she is going to retire from her YouTube channel, which I think has been THE sign for the Dragons to take her over, because as soon as you don’t produce and you know a lot of truth, they acutely take you over). On her latest video, it looks like a doll is talking to you, and it’s not because of the make-up. She has gotten a very high level of Dragon energy. She almost turns into one when you look at her. And it’s clear she’s not comfortable in her new body.

So yeah, I had these suspicions, but I wasn’t sure. Until Tijn Touber says last week, that we should especially watch Helma Broekman’s channel. And yes, then it became clear to me. Because Tijn Touber is definitely taken over, and people who are taken over only recommend channels of other taken over people. That’s because they know for sure that these are in every way controlled. They surely will never recommend my website.

I have the same feeling (of the person almost shapeshifting when you look at him or her) with the Telegraaf (Dutch Telegraph newspaper) sports journalist Valentijn Driessen. He almost turns into a lizard when you look at him, Image. And he didn’t have that before either, if you look at some earlier photos, Image. Apparently the dragon/reptile energy seeps through in the form that he assumes. If I notice more examples, I will certainly share it with you.

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