During Halloween, many children are kidnapped, tortured and murdered every year. We must not close our eyes to this and remain silent about it.

Satanic ritual abuse during Halloween

It’s November 1st. Halloween is over again. While on the one hand children dress up in the scariest outfits possible, and the most lurid fantasies of mankind are expressed in a supposedly fun intended children’s party, in the meantime the most gruesome child murders take place in secret locations in the name of Satan. Many children are kidnapped and go missing and are sacrificed. Children who grew up in such environments are trafficked and raped non-stop. They are usually not strong enough to stand up for themselves and escape from the abuse, when they’re older. They regularly give birth to babies who are immediately sacrificed on important Satanic dates such as October 31/November 1st (Halloween) and April 30/May 1 (Walpurgis Night/Beltane). Sometimes the mothers are forced to do the sacrificing themselves, but the children are not only killed by adults, but also by abused children who are forced to kill those they are emotionally attached to, their fellow victims. In the process, they are also forced to drink blood and eat organs. Check witness accounts of Satanic ritual abuse (e.g. Light on SRA) and you will see the most horrific things becoming truth. You can’t make up something so horrific, as if the world is nothing more than a big subjective overlay, where everyone’s most beautiful fantasies, but also everyone’s darkest fantasies can become reality.

Meanwhile, humans are conditioned throughout the year with imagery in which vampires, werewolves, witches, sorcerers, man-eating dinosaurs and so on are idealized and brought as fun entertainment. Through this idealization, children are trained to love these horrors, something that also influences behavior and gives them a naive trust in everything related to this. While in the meantime they are made to believe that such things do not exist. As a result, a separation between fantasy and reality is created, which in reality does not exist at these points. Of course, in general there is a separation between fantasy and reality, but many subjects are relegated to the realm of fantasy by mankind, while they are actually bitter reality.

People always reason upon hearing unbelievable information such as about ritual Satanic abuse by saying: “They would never do that!” They think about others as they think about themselves or their own parents, who have always been wonderfully good to them. They apparently have not been challenged in any way in their upbringing by their parents and they simply cannot conceive that people can be terribly evil and can do terribly cruel things. They have been raised in ‘All is Love’ environments, where the parents always behave positively, always talk about positive things, and the children are the center of the family. They then adopt this ‘Everything is love’ mentality from their parents, and have no critical ability towards their parents, because there was simply nothing to be critical about. These people will never believe all the dark things that are happening. So it’s important for those people to face the facts. There are also entire troll armies active under videos discussing Satanic ritual abuse. Whether these people are all involved in dark matters, and especially want to ridicule the courageous people who make these subjects discussable, or whether it is just pure stupidity and naivety, I can’t tell.

Those who are abused have a high chance of abusing other people in their lives. Because abuse evokes such aggression in a child, and neglect ensures that you have nowhere to go with your aggression, you have to be very careful not to go wrong yourself when you eventually reach adulthood. In elite circles abuse is almost standard. Many politicians therefore have a history of abuse. Children are deliberately exposed to chronic abuse (even outside elite circles), so that (and this is often the intention) alters are split off, unintegrated parts, each of which has its own name, and its own way of dealing with the traumatic events that have accumulated in these children’s lives. Because of these split-off parts, a child is very easy to control, and can conform to the roles their parents impose on them, such as an important role as a world leader, a life as a spy, or “just” a role as a high society sex slave. And all this to please the God they believe in, called Satan, and his Archons. Lives of elite children are mapped out from an early age, and if they do not submit to their imposed responsibilities to do evil things, they will be taken over or killed. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Satan! But these people believe in it fervently and in lurid rituals they make contact with his minions who move in astral space, and from there influence people who have been conditioned in the right way so that they are susceptible to this influence, mostly through fear.

In order to enforce a proper development over humanity, it is important at this stage of development that a part of humanity suffers as much as possible, however disturbed this may sound, not by you or me but by those who are appointed to do so. We have the task of confronting this. I will explain it further on.

Sometimes suffering can be seen openly, as, for example, in Third World countries, which have been created on purpose for this purpose by the ruling powers. But very often the suffering takes place behind closed doors and few people are aware of it. But times are changing and since the advent of the internet, everyone can find out about everything, including the things you would rather not know, and that is exactly the intention! You should never close your eyes to these stories, and it is your responsibility to become aware of it and speak up about it. But people are distracted as much as possible from these scenes of suffering by their slave existence of 9-to-5 work to bring in money to survive. They are then happy finally being able to relax in the evening and not think about all the bad things that are far from their minds anyway. Which is understandable, but not to be justified. Fortunately, one can see a group development in the masses lately, waking up around topics like Covid, Satanic Ritual Abuse, the many lies in politics and so on. But the real understanding of the situation is lacking among these people, and they are mainly guided by gut feelings, by which they inadvertently invite stricter control over themselves by the State. Only when they learn to deal with the rejection of the State will they begin to express themselves in a balanced way. Conversely, for the group consisting of people who follow the State and are obedient to the State in everything, these people must learn to be more critical and give more room to their rebellious feelings of criticism towards the people who are above them. The balance lies in the middle!

Humanity is polarized in various areas into mostly two groups. This is done on purpose, precisely by not intervening in abuses and letting them happen on purpose. This pits the various camps against each other so that there is maximum friction and maximum learning from each other. This forces a certain development, by which man is maximally strengthened. Whoever finally realizes, that both sides are wrong and have only a part of the truth, and opposes both groups, gets the masses against him, but has achieved maximum morality. This is, at the highest level, the goal of polarization. Because there is such a huge inversion visible, where the ruling powers and the people show how things should not be done and in which evil is incredibly encouraged, the ruling powers make it a certainty that whoever cares about the suffering of his fellow man will have to move against the masses and show real courage in order to bring this up and bring all this suffering to an end once and for all. That is important, so that you can be sure that it is always a personal development that has led to that realization, and not a group development in which one person ignites another, out of identity weakness and out of a kind of hive-mind phenomenon. This is to make humanity ultimately super-strong in its identity, and to make it deal with evil once and for all.

You cannot learn how to deal with evil if there is no evil in the world. If the world were only good, and people were always obedient to good leaders, we would never learn to deal effectively with evil. We would always remain dependent on leaders or Gods. Precisely because Free Will was introduced to Earth by the Luciferic entities, we can choose to disobey God or leaders. By encouraging this disobedience en masse, we have become independent of God, and evil has been created, but it has also become time for us to learn to obey God again, so that a balanced two-way relationship between God and his creation Man can take place. To achieve this, man must witness en masse an even more evil counteracting influence of the Satanic entities, working through in all areas of life, such as education, science, religion, and politics, so that they see that this is not the way and they stop disobeying or obeying these pillars, but exchange them for an obedience to God and His natural laws, in which independence is preserved and free Will is honored and a balance of the material and the spiritual is achieved.

Halloween is one of those times when I think of this evil Satanic counteracting influence. I cannot, like some writers, recount in full detail the influence of the Satanists on humanity, so for that I refer you to good books that have been written about this. It is worthwhile to study these books. And perhaps you can keep in mind the larger meaning I outline as a guide to it.

Fritz Springmeier – Be Wise as Serpents
‘Be Wise as Serpents’ is the investigation and background on the systematic destruction of Christianity, and its replacement taking shape in a Satanic-unified World Religion.

Cathy O’Brien – Trance Formation of America
‘Trance Formation of America’ is the life story of Cathy O’Brien, a mind-controlled elite slave.

Robin de Ruiter – The 13 Satanic Bloodlines
‘The 13 Satanic Bloodlines’ provides a somewhat catastrophic look into the Satanic Bloodlines and their influence on the World Stage.

Illuminati Formula – How The Illuminati Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave
The title actually speaks for itself. This book tells how the elite create their mind controlled slaves.

Henry Makow – Illuminati 3: Satanic Possession
Henry Makows book describes the Satanic rebellion against God. Lots of useful information.

posted on Nov 1, 2021 by Jesse Musson

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