In this article I state that the reptilian aliens David Icke writes about only want to eat you and lead you into death spiritually, not physically.

Dragons eat people, but only spiritually

My Facebook feed has suddenly been full of large reptiles fighting other reptiles and reptiles (komodo dragons) swallowing whole goats in one piece, for the past few days. It’s pretty banal. You can clearly see from videos like this that this world is quite corrupt. Somehow I can’t watch it, and sometimes this kind of shit makes me very sad. It’s nature, but that doesn’t mean nature is benign. I also get scared sometimes by these clips, because of course there is hidden information about reptilian aliens who do the same to you. Information I have shared before in many of my articles.

The Antichrist entities taking over people around me like to pretend to be Dragons (2-legged reptilian aliens) who eat people whole and then take the shape of these people. Which is also where the bodysnatch phenomenon originates from. As a threat, you have to take this kind of clips seriously, because if you don’t take it seriously, they sure will take you over. They are trying to test you with it, and activate you. Activate you into creating works. Because that’s how you counter the threats. And that will stop them from carry out their threats. The more you integrate your shadow, the less afraid you are of being eaten, and the more you see that it is all symbolic, not literal.

There have been targeted attempts, for example with the work of David Icke, to convince people that this “eating of people” should all be taken literally. I fell for it myself. David Icke was approached from several sides in a short time by people who stated that they had seen shapeshifting reptilian aliens eating people. But those people, in my opinion, were purely directed at him to create a big psy-op. People vilify Icke and say he did that on purpose, but that is not true. He was only taken over later (sometime after his book The Perception Deception).

The elite on this world are absolutely not reptilian aliens. That was only created to scare you and make you give away your power. Yet sometimes I still wonder if, like the jinn from the world of Islam, they can’t still portray themselves as that which they themselves want, based on your fears. I’ve never seen it, but I’m still considering it. Read my article An alleged attack on me and some background info to see how the Antichrist powers can take you over. Briefly, they have an invisible connection to your mind, and can put another (corrupted) soul into your body from the astral dimension (or whatever you want to call it), upon which the original soul (you) dies. They made me feel what that feels like (read my articles for this: And suddenly, the pressure increases… and More freaky posts on Facebook). It is as if you completely lose control, a kind of infatuation feeling, your heart starts beating very fast and it also really feels as if you are being attacked spiritually. They can take that to the point where you really lose your life.

The lie that dinosaurs existed also contributes to the total psy-op of these reptilian aliens. All dinosaurs in museums are fantasy models, and plaster casts. Usually they have found 6 bones, and then they make another model out of them. The “real” bones are supposedly in vaults, but I don’t believe a word of it. Just look at how they are supposed to reproduce. Hilarious! All the propaganda sites on Google are full of that nonsense! But that doesn’t mean it’s true. The idea of dinosaurs was created by Richard Owen before a single skeleton was even found, and a few years after that the so-called skeletons magically appeared all of a sudden. Sure! It’s hilarious that people believe these kinds of lies. For a good documentary on this, watch this video by Eric Dubay, who also debunks the theory of evolution.

Every act that man does as an expression of the inner Christ, is balanced with an act of the Antichrist on this world, by the Antichrist entities, thus taking over bodies. If I warn someone about the Antichrist entities, they know it and they also attack this person. The way out of this is ultimately by not accepting what they are doing and by producing works in which you expose their actions, preferably to as many people as possible at once, because then they will not be able to balance it fully. This takes courage, but if you have gone through a healthy ego development, and are not upset for hours by one nasty comment from someone, as I am, then it should be relatively doable, and you will only grow from the opposition you receive.

Earlier today I wrote in this article that Christ is always taken over by the Antichrist and that Christ=Antichrist, but I guess this was a dumb mistake. Jesus became the “Christ” by letting himself be taken over by a perfect spiritual entity who resided in the spirit world, according to Rudolf Steiner. Steiner talks about letting the Christ entity flow through you. And that when you speak his words, it is not you, but the Christ in you, that speaks. So Jesus was taken over by a perfect entity, not by an Antichrist. But people are taken over by Antichrist entities if they do not let the Christ flow through them.

So there IS a difference between Christ and Antichrists. The pieces in the Bible that talk about “the Son of Man” or the “anointed one” are references to the Antichrist, according to Johan Oldenkamp (sorry, only in Dutch). However, when people talk about “the Son of God” in the Bible, the real Christ is meant. The Egyptians would use crocodile fat to anoint their kings (Messiah means “anointed one”). Again that reptilian reference. The books are full of reptilian gods, and angels who can take the form of serpents. (Watch this video from Mr. Mythos, for example). But all of Egypt’s history is false history, including the Old Testament, designed to deceive mankind with a Satanic influence. (“All original!!!”, they tell you in their fake pyramids and temples, yeah right!). Read the chapter The Millennial Reign of Christ from Section 3 of my story for some real history. Little is known beyond that, because books of real history were for the most part destroyed in the two World Wars.

It’s the goal of these Antichrist entities to eat humans. This is not physical, but spiritual. So this is probably why many Dragon or Antichrist entities are animal rights activists and want to encourage people not to eat meat, and thus suppress their urges (towards animals, anyway). They eat up or devour new layers of your ego repeatedly, so that your inner power becomes lighter and thinner. This suppression of urges is what the An tichrist entities are doing en masse in the world. They are the forces that say, “You can’t say that!?” when someone says something negative. It is raising your child gender-neutral, suppressing the binary of gender. But it also takes place by popularizing perversions. Normal things (like saying your opinion and being angry about something) should not be allowed, but all perversions and kinks should be made normal. This is clearly the world upside down! It also takes place in the opposition to the so-called Patriarchy, and is about not integrating the Father, regarding Father, Son, Holy Spirit, which are nothing but states of consciousness in the human spirit. The Antichrist is precisely the negation of the Father, the caricature of the Father. He is as hypocritical as can be, but pretends to be quite something. They regularly let me know that that is the side they show humanity, but that doesn’t mean they are really like that. I do recognize this, because I also often show a side of myself that I am not, mainly when I am sitting on my lazy ass, because I am panicking and cannot bear the fear because I do not feel my power….

The right way to deal with urges is by channeling them. And by making them meet higher and higher demands. You can then transmute these inner urges and put them at the service of the Great Plan, which works towards perfect love and true freedom. But to do that channeling well, you do need the Father, for He disapproves of everything bad, albeit not with power and force, but with love. I do respect that!

Some people here on Earth think we should mix good and evil in the mind/head (where people have the most nerve-endings). That means encouraging both love and anger, so that they rise up in yourself and you become aware of them. But the Christ principle represents two good parts in the head. So he did encourage love in himself, but he actually controlled his anger (he let it sink into his body). By pursuing this ideal of the Christ-state, one will transcend this reality, and in some cases will be able to go to a level higher, a better world!

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