For several days now, the pressure on me has increased considerably. I can only deal with serious matters now, otherwise I get nervous.

And suddenly, the pressure increases...

I wrote in my previous article that just before she was taken over, my colleague felt a little weird. And with that I mentioned that I have that same feeling now. That feeling is not gone right now. I have it regularly. It feels like a kind of love infatuation. And I very clearly feel my heart beating faster in the process. Very strange.

On top of that, I received some emails from a taken over person, with whom I had been in contact before. See I am not a play toy!. She said that the Antichrist entities will leave you alone if you vibrate exclusively on a high frequency, something I resisted at the time because life is not solely high vibration. So now, after not hearing from her for almost 4 months, I received another email. That she was grateful that I had confronted her, and that she was doing better now. The mail was very long. In the process she showered me with positive words, but again, as usual with taken over people, she was writing with an energy you can’t get a grip on. So I decided not to respond. After a while she responded with another mail. In that mail were several things: that she prefers to talk in an authentic way, rather than a victim way and that it is Do or Die. Comments like that, I just know, are directed at me. That I must now put the car in Drive mode and go full speed ahead. That I must take action, because otherwise they will take my life….

It’s natural to get the nerves from this, so I sent back that I don’t want any more contact with her because I find her emails pretty creepy. But I do have these nervousness now. I’m not able to do anything other than serious things right now, because otherwise I get nervous. Like my death is going to come soon, if I sit still, and that that’s going to kick in very gradually. All the stories about monsters or aliens that are going to physically kill you and so on, I’m not afraid of it anymore. In my opinion, death just enters without an external trigger. At least, I mean without an external trigger in this layer of reality. I think it is all controlled from the astral layer. And it’s as if you can feel, if you don’t act, that it is coming. I already knew the present to be influenced by the future as well, and “time” to be working in both directions, but who knows, maybe here we can see the mechanism in action. Both with myself, and with my colleague from back then. Perhaps it has been the same with my family and friends. And they died, due to agreements made before their lives. Perhaps this comes naturally and is just a kind of limit of the Matrix. Of course I know that the boundaries of a healthy personality are guarded by the Lucifer, Satan, and Antichrist entities, but that they also have an effect on you when you are no longer compatible with life on Earth, and you are automatically taken away, as it were, when the time comes, is very special. It is part of God’s plan! These Antichrist entities are taking over bodies. They are new programs that replace old programs, when the old program is no longer up to date, or obsolete, or no longer compatible (see also my article The Matrix and death for this). This is a natural phenomenon. For this we sometimes want to blame Dragons or Wolves or Insects, which, according to some information, are the aliens operating on Earth, posing as humans. But actually it is not right for us to blame them for this, because they are appointed by God for this, and they are manifestations of God, just as we are manifestations of God. They are strictly controlled, both those who walk around here on Earth, and those who walk around in the other layers (such as the astral layer). They are only doing their duty, and man can use them for his own good to become a better person. But you must take action against these Antichrist processes which are taking place, because that is your duty, and necessary to stay alive, and I will continue to do so until the end. I will fight for my fate and destiny!

I think that the process of taking over is just one figurative push of a button. Perhaps normal death is always like that too. Maybe there are a few Angels around you (Angels of Death) who just take your soul. Only in the case of taking over, the Angel then insert himself into your body as a replacement program, because clearly you still have a task to perform in your taken over state. It is all arranged so well. But the fact that you have an awful lot of fears about that beforehand is extraordinary. I do still have a fear of dying, because I am afraid that dying is very unpleasant, but I only feel love and it is no one’s fault if I should die. It’s just the course of things.

A lot of people died after these entities informed me through Facebook about the first victim that was related to me. Because then I started opening my mouth about the things that concerned me, like the presence of aliens on Earth, pretending to be humans. A lot of people have been taken over since then, and I see it happening on YouTube channels as well. It’s really is weird! People who are approached by animal rights activists, for example, and then a few weeks later they suddenly start showing weird behavior and are clearly taken over then as well. And you see them all “living on” and posting their stories and photos on Facebook, for example. All have the same expression on their faces. Super-wide smile. Super bright eyes. But the energy totally different than they were. They lost their whole unique self and have been replaced by artificial intelligence, an algorithm, that seems the same with everyone. Sometimes I think about the taken over people around me: is this all my fault now? That would be deeply sad! One man indirectly having so many deaths on his conscience . Of course, I could have given my life from the beginning, then all these people could have lived on, but sooner or later they would have been put on the same path by someone else, or just by the expiring nature of things, because we are right before the Last Judgment (see the chapter The Millennial Reign of Christ from Section 3 of my story). Besides, I was able to leave humanity some works: 120 articles giving a chronological sequence of what happened (some are currently offine). And a life story. But the question is whether it will be read! I sincerely hope so, but I fear that there aren’t so many living souls left who can read it and get something out of it….

The only thing that makes me feel good now is by being involved with my work. As if they have changed something about me inside. Every moment I’m occupied with unimportant things, I get nervous, and I get that feeling of falling in love. Very strange. But it’s not a pleasant feeling of infatuation. It’s as if the pressure on me is getting greater and greater, and the only way to bear it is to get involved in serious things. Of course, I should have done that much more fanatically much earlier, but I really needed my relaxing moments. Now I just have to see if I’m going to keep it up.

I have told before about the two counter-rotating vortexes intertwined with the Earth’s plane, Image. They form the inside of a big torus, Image, and our collective consciousness will be squeezed, as it were, through the narrowest part of these two vortexes, the singularity/Final Judgment, at which point the polarity of All-that-is, will perhaps reverse, and we will enter a new cycle (see my articles End of a cycle and A look at the Q phenomenon). And the closer our consciousness is to that narrowest part of the vortexes, the greater the psychological pressure we experience. And the more people lose their lives around us and are taken over, without the other people realizing it.

To me it is clear that this end of the cycle is definitely going to happen! For why would numerous people in the world be taken over? Why would this so-called Antichrist phenomenon take place? Why might a large portion of humanity not be allowed to continue to live at some point? I know it is because certain people seem to allow it. It is to teach these very people, to stand up for themselves and their fellow man, and never again accept what these Antichrist entities want to do. By writing from you and producing works, you can inform your fellow men, and based on these works, the Last Judgment will then take place. At some point, only the Christ-activated people, and the Antichrist entities will be left in the world. The rest of humanity, unfortunately, will then have died and been replaced by such an Antichrist entity, who can play both positive roles and negative roles, all for the purpose of bringing Christ-activated humans into a even more balanced state.

Whoever does not make contact with the Soul (which consists of the combo of the elements Earth and Water and represents Higher Feeling), can become a psychopath. But whoever does not make contact with the Spirit (which consists of the combo of the elements Air and Fire and represents Higher Thinking), sooner or later he will be taken over in this final stage of the present cycle. The question is whether I have enough Fire. At least I have the memory of when I was Fire. That was in 2004-2005, when I completed my clinical therapy. But my aggression, unfortunately, is now suppressed severely, although I have an inner connection with it, so perhaps I can use the memory of when this aggression was allowed to exist, to move forward. After all, that is also part of me. So it’s going to be exciting! It would be too bad if I don’t succeed! I do not want everything to be in vain, but I did not create myself, so it remains to be seen, whether I can adapt to the increasing pressure! As I said, I will fight for my fate, but to know that I have limited control over it and that my disability could be fatal to me worries me….

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