This article describes the Q phenomenon and puts it into perspective.

A look at the Q phenomenon

After some time of reflection and watching what is happening in the world today, I have come to some new insights. Several Dutch people have now also risen up and taken on the task of informing the people about what is going on. They often see Trump as the great saviour, and they are followers of Q who, with his Anons (patriots), form Trump’s benign army and passively rely on Trump’s plan to deal with the Satanic pedo-cabal, which includes the Clintons, Obama, and a lot of other well-known names, with their army of immoral celebrities who rape and murder children, and drink their blood when it is full of adrenaline from the trauma that is inflicted on them. This stuff is called adrenochrome. They think they are staying young by ingesting it. It all sounds incredible, but anyone who reads David Icke for example, (pdf’s in chapter In search of the truth from Section 2 of my story), who writes at length about such things, will unfortunately see the unbelievable becoming clearer and clearer. Perhaps Trump is part of this too, but for the time being it seems that he is resisting it, with the whole Q army behind him, blindly relying on ‘the plan’. But this all could be illusion. Of course I knew Q-Anon from all the posts he did on the 4chan forum, but I never took it so seriously, because it was very much like stirring up mankind in uncritically accepting Donald Trump. And that is exactly the other side of what you see in the media: the demonizing of Trump all day long. So that’s thesis-antithesis, and the synthesis is yet to come.

According to my knowledge, Trump portrays the Lucifer-side (which stands for that which is pro humanity), and the establishment and the deepstate he apparently resists, portrays the opposing Satan-side (which stands for that which is against humanity). The Lucifer-side, as you can read in other articles of mine, is characterized by expansion (the force of love, through which you can grow until it turns evil by making yourself too big) and the Satan-side is characterized by compression/contraction (or the force of fear, from which you can shrink until it turns evil by making yourself too small). One extreme creates the other extreme. You need to integrate both sides in order to become a moral human being who is in loving contact and has total knowledge about himself and the world.

The God-versus-Satan dichotomy, popular in religious circles, is a misrepresentation and draws people to the Lucifer side instead of to the Christ/God side. The proper dichotomy is between Lucifer and Satan, and the middle way between them is the way of Christ, who, as I have often said, integrates the gifts of both extremes, both the love of Lucifer, and the grounding that Satan provides. Also in Illuminati/dragon circles there is the lie that Lucifer is Christ. This is absolutely not the case!

In the next piece of text I found below a video, it was said that after a long period of Dark, now is the time for a long period of Light.

”I am High up in the Illuminati. I am controlled directly by the Archon which has two sides, Light and Dark, but is really All One. I work purely on the light side, but the extreme light side itself creates the extreme dark and vice versa. All is One and there is a Divine Plan toward unity and Peace and the Knowing of all things! The ultimate plan has not been touched on in this series, but ends up as a manifestation of Cosmic balance. One side allows the other to exist and creates from a place of personal freedom of choice. A number of high-ranking entities or souls (The more voltage you can carry equals the amount of experience you have been able to balance) can be used by the Archon as characters in history that play a key role in directing the planet toward light or darkness as the Archons direct. Some high ranking entities are only on one side or another. I work only on the light side, but that in and of itself creates the dark of equal strength. Do you see? However, some souls, like Putin, are used as fulcrums almost. They can carry both extremes with in themselves.You are correct about him. At this time in history, Divine plan dictates that it is now time for a cycle of long term light, having just come from a long term of dark. Previously, Putin was Vlad the Impaler. We must tell the populace that. (Vlad Put In). He is back to balance his own karma, and to help rebalance (bring back toward the light) the planetary energy to offset the degree of darkness he participated in creating before. The monetary system IS going to crash, then be replaced by something better. Seriously, The Cabal and the Alliance are one and the same. They work in tandem, like legs. Think of it as harmonizing rather than viewing it as a fight. It’s two sides of the same sphere, and most of it is grey, designed to help us gain mastery over our selves. Its not that there isn’t a way out. You can choose to personally live anywhere you want within the spectrum, with the greatest degree of Peace being center. Cosmic Law states that you cannot imprison someone without giving them the means to escape their prison. It has to do with learning to listen to the prophecy and see it for what it is! Don’t go into fear or distrust of the Universe! Go into empowerment instead! Not all prophecy’s are evil. Plenty are there so that choices can be made in advance to do things differently. I played the role of Joan of Arc, which I will be writing a book about. There was a famous prophecy about her too. But when I was her, my role was actually that of peacemaker, which is why the prophecy carried BOTH dark and light within it. You MUST allow your opposition to have its space. The prophecy’s NOT one sided! It didn’t state” France will be saved by a virgin peasant girl” That would have been unfair and caused imbalance. Keeping a link, a working relationship with your opposition is vital in order to promote connectedness and prevent complete division! Complete division IS pure duality, pure evil, because it is pure separation! The prophecy was “France will be ruined by a woman and saved by a virgin”. The dark and the light side were both advertised equally in advance! The quality of the experience each individual has is dictated by the way they themselves choose to view it.Look for what you want to see, and if you come across something that is undeniably dark and you don’t want it to be that way, then you need to transform it with your mind by seeing the gift within it. As soon as you find the pony within the pile of shit, the pile of shit disappears! THAT is the way out of everything!

On the one hand, this is an enlightening text, but on the other hand, it also raises a number of questions. According to this person (who is of the Lucifer side) it could now be time for a long period of Light, after we have had a period of Dark for millennia. So long periods of Light would alternate with long periods of Dark, but how does that work? In my article Be prepared!, I told you that some Christian pastors/priests state that the past 6000 years were three periods of 2000 years: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And that there will soon be a Judgment in which good and evil people will be separated, and the lukewarm people (the majority) on this planet will remain for another cycle (this was a addition by Abraxas of Thuban on the Birth of Gaia forum, about whom I have spoken in other articles). Satan will then be ‘locked up’, and there will be 1000 years of peace, which will be the seventh millennium, the ‘day of rest’, after which Satan will be released to test mankind again. Rudolf Steiner talks about something similar, only he is not talking about cycles that alternate, but about a linear progression. And that in the near future Satan i ncarnates in a body to deceive the people. And it will be important that we all do not fall for that.

In those Illuminati groups, it seems to be the prevailing view that we are in endless cycles of alternating Dark and Light. But that would mean that the Dark would never be finished with, at least not in this reality. On the contrary, I think that the evil forces in this world are organized and work together in such a way, that you can purge yourself of the Dark and therefore it is a temporary phenomenon. Rudolf Steiner seems to support this with the linear course he describes of the development of mankind. So who is right? I think, the Dark will be needed as long as people develop, I think the intention in this reality is to mix evil and good. That is what’s allowed here. For the same reason it is only allowed here to mix lies with truth when you go public. But you can transcend this reality and go a step further, which is about developing two good parts, instead of good and evil side by side in yourself. But for that you have to get rid of the evil in yourself. However, you will be met with a lot of resistance then. But it is important to persevere. This is the way of Christ!

But back to Trump again. According to many, Trump would be the man who would start the transition to the Light! In the things I read about Q, Trump would have given the world leaders a choice: join in or go bankrupt. The global plan that was going to be put in place (he hinted at this several times), is called Nesara/Gesara and is originally a law that Bill Clinton signed by force but that was never implemented because 9/11 unfolded on September 11th 2001. This plan is supposed to bring world peace, an end to all poverty with a universal basic income, and the release of thousands of patents. Too good to be true? Well, I’m sure it is. First of all, I absolutely do not believe that this is true. It’s like a dog running after a piece of meat, but never getting it. And secondly, if it were true: Lucifer will always reward a human being with riches, if he swears to dedicate himself to humanity. As I said, both sides (Lucifer and Satan) have a place in contact. It is loving yourself enough to speak your mind, positively and negatively. And it is loving other people enough to listen when they speak their mind, positively and negatively. I can’t say that Trump or Biden honor this, but that’s quite logical, because they are the extremes of the political spectrum. The globalistic New World Order elite versus Trump, the anti-establishment nationalist. The people who are more luciferic and adhere to Trump, and the real Christians (who serve Christ), will confront these satanic New World Order people, but the real Christians will also confront the luciferic people, which may be correct in what they expose, but often see Trump as the saviour who is going to create everlasting world peace. I have my doubts about this, because if good creates evil and long periods of good and evil alternate, it does not have to be positive eternally. And what matters more then is using those forces working on the human being, to transform internally, in order to go a step further. It’s possible, Trump is just controlled opposition and extinguishes the whole Q thing, and that’s possibly exactly the intention. Who has read my first article, currently offline, knows that probably a lot of people will eventually let go of their Luciferic ideas demonized by the media, due to the civil war and World War 3 that will probably follow, in order to descend completely into the material Satanic. This means that we in the future will have to face a tyrannical government.

Still, if the information from Nesara/Gesara is correct, we will all get a universal basic income in the future and we can choose to work to earn more money. In order to get this universal basic income, we will possibly have to sign an oath, swearing that we are committed to creating a good world, and using our money for good, which will be the Luciferic, which fails to integrate the gifts of Satan (a non-destructive compression of the mind). In the short term it seems convenient to sign that oath because of the riches it brings, but in the long term it is not. Some say that this is the mark of the beast and that it is therefore important to refuse, as is the case with any oath you make to anything. But this condition is temporary, until Christ returns. In my previous articles, I state that Christ does not come back as a human being, but in the hearts of all of us. In the Bible, however, it says that whoever denies that Jesus came in the flesh is not of God, but of the Antichrist. I do not deny anymore that he came as a human being (I have done that however), although there is a lot of information that seems to prove the opposite, but I have strong doubts whether he also comes back as a human being. Maybe ‘in the flesh’ simply means: ‘in the flesh of us all’. The Bible very much wants to be the only book for people to read. I am always on my guard, when books or people want to control what you think, and certainly, when having a certain believe is the only right thing for you to be ‘saved’. The same with Protestants who say: all you have to do is believe in Jesus, then you will be saved, salvationism, which in my opinion is pure nonsense. Unfortunately, there is much contradictory information circulating and just when you are convinced of something, you will often encounter the exact opposite right after that. Ah well, it’s interesting to think about.

Furthermore, it is remarkable to see that a lot of people are waking up, and are aware of the criminal acts of the elite, politicians, media and so on. This group will grow bigger and bigger, but will grow into a beast in its own right, if it remains unbalanced without any responsibility of its own. It is essential that we learn from the interactions with our opposition in the big confrontations that will follow. And we must be thankful for the presence of these kinds of challenges. This process of awakening will only accelerate in the coming months, until the collective consciousness gets to pass through the center of the double vortex which is interwoven with the flat earth plan, (Image).

On his deathbed, the Nazi rocket scientist Wernher von Braun confessed that in order to achieve a New World Order, several disasters would be orchestrated by the elite in the future. First, people would be frightened with ‘terrorism’, then with a possible meteorite that would create disaster on Earth, and then with an alien invasion, which would be the common enemy that would unite humanity. Several American presidents have already hinted at this, by the way. If we get an alien invasion one of these days, with dragons flying through the air (as predicted they will be in Project Blue Beam (see my article End of a cycle and Be prepared!)), I will try to approach these dragons by lovingly confronting them. For if there is one thing I have learned, in this world, it is that we all have a role to play here, whether it is a ‘good’ role or an ‘evil’ role, Light or Dark, they are both parts of creation and a way to get to know yourself and the world and a way to bring humanity to a state of harmony and strong perfect love.

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