I feel somewhat attacked again in response to an event, so once again I am writing an article. And I will keep doing that!

An alleged attack on me and some background info

I hesitated for a while whether to write another article. For the past two months I haven’t written anything. I can remember that last year I also had a period of about two months around this time in which I posted almost no articles. Perhaps this time of year is my weak spot after all, and this period is recurring, every year. On the other hand, it’s pretty relaxing to take some time off, because “better a meaningful silence, than meaningless words,” which is a text that passed by on Facebook, and is one of the many texts that have passed by, and which are selected especially for my eye to see, and appear under Suggested for You! This is really no coincidence.

Because as you may know, for many years I have had a group of entities facing me, who take over bodies from people around me. They are a kind of programs, replacing the souls of people around me. This happens all over the world, to all people who show in their behavior the Christ impulse, and walk the middle path between Lucifer and Satan, which are two opposite states of consciousness present in all people. In the article Angels and Demons you can see examples of typical Luciferic and typical Satanic traits, originally put forward in the work of Rudolf Steiner. Living souls share this world with other living souls, but also with a kind of NPCs, non-player characters, which in video games, for example, are often characters that fill up the game and give the living souls a false example of how they are supposed to behave. These NPCs can take over any person when necessary from the astral world, which lies as an overlay over this world, in order for them to exert, for example, a Satanic or Luciferic influence on certain targets: living souls who need “treatment,” for we are on this world to develop. This treatment is needed to guide the development of humanity, and this manifests itself mainly in encouragement, but also in opposition that some people receive. If the living souls knew how many of the people they face daily are actually taken over souls who have thus taken the place of the original souls (as a kind of improved program), people would be horrified. These replacement programs, I call them Antichrist entities, made me aware of their actions at one point, when they took over a number of people from the mental health facility. They did this purposefully, because I was walking the middle path between Lucifer and Satan, the path of the Christ figure. So Christ came to face the Antichrist, for them to be able to sufficiently balance the development of this Christ impulse in me with a counterforce, so that the natural order is not disturbed. So they take over bodies, starting with people who are fairly distant from you, and then gradually getting closer and closer. If you don’t intervene and accept it all, eventually they will also come to you, and you too will be replaced. So if you are aware of this happening in your surroundings, intervene immediately, and sound the alarm by informing people or producing works. In doing so, always tell people that the way you face these entities must take place through producing works. If you start this early, then they cannot take over people around you or even you, nor can they corrupt you further, by getting closer and closer to you. I intervened too late and as a result they took over everyone around me. This has caused a lot of drama, but I now reached the point where I can move on, even though I am surrounded by these entities.

What happened often a few years ago was that my taken over neighbor would come to the door, and she would point to my left eye and almost touch my eye. This sometimes scared me, because I had read information from Donald Marshall, who said that these entities take you over by sticking a protrusion on their head into your left eye. According to that information, they were a kind of aliens who could shapeshift and stick the protrusion that you also find on the hats of jesters and clowns, for example, into your eye, and then suck out your brain. I believed this for a long time, until I realized there is some kind of connection between the living souls and these Antichrist entities. A connection invisible to us that allows the Antichrist entities to make a direct attack on your inner world. They can do this when you face them directly and you talk back to them (remember: these entities want to civilize you and are mainly looking at your behavior, not their own), but they can also do this when you are just sleeping, and I suspect that most takeovers in this way happen at night, without the respective victims noticing. So a shapeshift is totally unnecessary, but if it does exist, and these entities have such great control over the material part of reality, that they can even take on other forms, then I also do not rule out their ability to terrorize people additionally. This terrorizing and eventually killing, will then in these cases be based on the fearful thoughts of the victim in question. If you believe in clowns, aliens, or monsters, then they may be able to portray themselves this way. So they punish it when you shoot into panic mode based on what you have read on all these vague websites, and can probably portray themselves exactly as your greatest fear. So remember that you have control over how they display themselves to you and that you should not give this control away by reading vile information on these kinds of vague sites. Go straight to your fear and look these entities in the eye. Don’t accept what they want to do and put your life on the line to share the information. Then you will actually see that you are protected.

Even though I have posted very little in the past two months, I have not been idle. Of course, I was also busy with physical therapy, following my kneecap fracture last November. At my last physical therapy session last week, my physical therapist pointed to my eye. She asked, “What’s wrong with your eye!” Now my left eye is a little closed. It’s a little lazy, and I computer way too much, and in the process I rub my eye, and as a result it is sometimes slightly inflamed, but later on, when I thought about it, this situation was much like the previous situations I had experienced with my taken over neighbor, where she was clearly trying to scare me based on that information I had read about those aliens drilling into your eye. I don’t rule out that they also took over my physical therapist: after all, they take over everyone I come in contact with. And perhaps this was another announcement of an attack. When I just got home from an afternoon of biking and then dinner at my parents’ house, together with my sister, I felt somewhat under attack. I then notice that the door to my mind is being knocked on by the entity that wants to take me over, and I start to feel a little strange, as if I am in danger of losing control, exactly as my colleague felt just before she was taken over (read my article Resisting discouragement for this). So I feel compelled to write an article again and once again demonstrate that I do not accept this kind of attack, and the door they knock on, will remain closed. I have been silent for some time, but every time it appears that these entities are still targeting me or those around me, I will again take my duty seriously and make this known to the world. It is very simple! So here it is.

Fortunately, I’m still receiving a supportive kind of treatment (which is actually Luciferic behavior within the Antichrist). I wish I could grow from this emotionally, so that my inner oppressive prison would become a little less, but I also know that this is my damage, and that unfortunately I have to live with this. It’s not easy. This kind of supportive treatment, is often given to people who have difficulty feeling their roots and lean a little more towards the Satanic side. Through t his encouraging treatment, they can then feel their own power more, so that they arrive at the middle path again, which is the path of Christ. For a while I walked the middle way purely, but the more these Antichrist entities started to act on me and criticize me (which is Satanic behavior within the Antichrist), the more compressed I became, and the more I started to veer somewhat to the Satanic side and thus crawl into my shell. Because of the encouraging Luciferic treatment, I am now taking the first step again to show my strength again somewhat, so that I can again walk this middle way a little more purely, regardless of the influence of these Antichrist entities. I hope I can keep it up, because the last step will be Antichrist behavior within the Antichrist. Now with me the greatest loss is always in the Satan-induced influence, simply because in that phase of my childhood when it is important for your parents to give you Satan energy (i.e. compressive criticism), I received already full on Antichrist energy, and so I actually skipped an important step. Those who experience evil forces too early in their lives can be very damaged by this, and so this happened to me. Also when I was introduced to the Satan in Antichrist energy, last fall (see my articles from last October/November, it caused a tough time, and I didn’t think I would survive that. But I’m still here! And don’t intend to give up, no matter what they have in store for me.

These Antichrist entities use the very potent imagery exposed by David Icke and others, and found in many books, art, sculptures, buildings and so on: Dragons, reptilian aliens, frogs, but also (were)wolves, wolf aliens, vampires and insect-like aliens often appear. So remember that people, when using these images, are often taken over. It is very important to control your emotions with these taken-over Antichrist entities. If they threaten you, then you know that you have already gone too far, and you need to adapt. Even if they infuriate you. Always take their threatening response seriously. If you don’t, then it’s the end of the story. Only after you have shown that you can listen to them will they accept it when you don’t listen to them.

Putting your life on the line is admirable, but don’t become reckless and always remain constructive. Keep producing articles or video’s. And always keep the following verse in mind:

Matthew 5:43-48
43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46 If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47 And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? 48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

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