In this article, I talk about the work of Richard Bruce, who has been taken over, on scorpion aliens giving the scorpion sting, and I provide an example of mockery of this topic by the taken over Arjen Lubach.

The scorpion sting and the water scorpion at Arjen Lubach's show

The Archons are the hidden creators of the material world. They prevent people from leaving the material world. They are described as beings having heads of beasts. They exert their influence over this world from the reality layers behind it, but also from the reality layer in which we move ourselves daily. In Gnosticism they were called the demonic rulers of the material world. Also read my earlier article The Archontic influence on man for more info on them. In this reality layer the Archons take over bodies and act out the personality of the victims concerned, so that they can exert unseen influence on the unsuspecting people around them, in order to accelerate the development of mankind! For the goal is always to advance mankind. In my earlier articles I told you that there are three groups of these Archons (in my first articles I call them “aliens”), the Luciferic, the Satanic, and the Antichrist entities. The Luciferian entities try to draw you into the spiritual with love and to seduce you into making yourself big, so this is about expansion of the spirit. Often these are also ordinary people who are polarized toward that side. However the Satanic entities try to make you small so that you harden and are drawn into the material, this is therefore about compression of the spirit. These are often also ordinary people who have been polarized to this side. The Antichrist entities in turn take over bodies, and so try to have a destructive effect on you, by threatening you with death by taking over people in your environment and in the end you as well. They can play all three roles, and want to compress you even further. Healthy development requires that you learn to integrate all three modes one by one and learn to deal with all three associated entities. In other words, that you learn to face both the Luciferic and Satanic entities with love and walk the middle path between these extremes, which is the way of Christ. The Christ then faces the Antichrist entities. The Christ-activated person must realize that by the Christ behavior he is fueling the Antichrist entities, and that he must be very careful in providing information to specific people, because if it is clear to the Antichrist entities with whom the information has been shared, then these people will be acutely taken over. This is because they will not have received the information on their own free will. Thus, the behavior of the Christ-activated person becomes Antichrist-activated at the same time. Therefore, do not recommend people or put them forward, because these entities immediately take over the persons concerned. I talked once about Roland Legrand of the YouTube channel ABLAS ROLAND LEGRAND, and yes, since a month or so this good man has also been taken over. I may, of course, recommend who I want, and the responsibility for this man’s takeover lies entirely with the Antichrist entities. But they want you to link their behavior to your behavior, so that you end up giving up your life, just to avoid more deaths. That’s why it’s best to tell the Good News to as large an audience as possible at once. Then it becomes a chore to clean up everyone and they will then leave it at that. Meanwhile, my website is viewed by several thousand different people a month, so I hope it’s doing some good!

But back to the subject of Archons, aliens, and beast heads. The taken over Richard Bruce has been posting interesting content lately about the various groups of aliens, which he says are real beasts masquerading as humans through their ability to shapeshift. Here are some of his latest videos: Spider Aliens - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 |. I have said it myself in this way before, for example in my article Jokesters or monsters? In the Bible they are called Beasts of the Field and Beasts of the Earth. The Bible also speaks of ‘serpents’ and ‘scorpions’, two enemies of man. But you also regularly hear about wolves, which is where the werewolf stories come from. The serpents, of course, are the reptilian aliens that David Icke talks about (read his book Children of the Matrix), but Richard Bruce first thought that the scorpions were the insect-like aliens, (which Simon Parkes, for example, claims to have had experiences with (my addition)) but he has come back from this. He now thinks the scorpions are some kind of Xenomorphs, Image, like H.R. Giger designed for the Alien films (the ones with Sigourney Weaver). At this link, they even call the Xenomorph a “drone”. I’ve talked about droning in my first articles (currently offline), but the real truth about this I have written in the chapter Reptilian aliens from Section 3 of my story. Movies often contain truth, or at least layers of truth, that may not be true on another level. These Xenomorphs have a beak where some sort of protrusion comes out by which they pierce and poison their prey. I saw this earlier in the work of YouTuber Godgevlamste (can’t find the video anymore), where in some map (I forget which one), a kind of alien head was incorporated that pierced people’s eyes with its ‘tongue’, although he wasn’t describing this explicitly. That was the moment I wrote my article This Christmas…. and told about my taken over mother who kept her mouth away from my face in a very strange way when I hugged her. I indicate afterwards that I get a suspicion that she is a Dragon who can sting your eye with her tongue, but she can also give the impression of a Xenomorph-like type with that protrusion coming out of the mouth, which is the scorpion sting, if we have to believe this. But I don’t actually believe any of this info. All the people in the alternative media seem to be pushing this information and you can find clues in the mainstream media as well. All the people on the internet who are saying these things are or have been taken over. Only the so called “super soldiers” talk about this, but the absolute lurid details they tell, has nothing to do with my world view, and as far as I am concerned it is all lies to scare people. They are very likely huge psy-ops. Constantly recurring, is the idea that the aliens flying through space in their spaceships are monsters and are going to eat us. I’ve said before that I also think it’s true. But as soon as you have the image of monsters, who are out to eat you, you put such things in the collective consciousness, and that is exactly the problem, because these entities can probably represent themselves the way we think about them, so it is very dangerous to portray them as monsters, as enemies that we have to fight against. Because the reality is very different. There are no aliens against whom we have to fight. I do not exclude that people have seen grotesque forms (monsters), but you should not give them power over you. To start spreading this information and capturing it in the collective consciousness, so to speak, is definitely going a step too far for me. That’s not how it works. There is absolutely no evidence that there are physical aliens. No, they are materializations of your thoughts: if you think: it is a monster, then you are convinced of monsters facing you. If you are not well grounded, and you give your power away to them, then they will show themselves as very threatening, but it is in your control, how they portray themselves to you. They dissolve immediately if you refuse to view them as your enemy. Because what are you going to do? Fight them with your baseball bat or shotgun to save the world from these dangerous creatures? Like Nada in the movie ‘They Live’ (1988)? It’s sheer banality. It’s hilarious! It’s big bullshit! I know that these entities can take over you without touching you, just from the astral dimension. Your original soul (your core, then goes to the afterlife) and your body then becomes part of the ‘insect’ hive, and contains another energy or entity. They can probably soften and shape-shift matter and therefore their own bodies, but only if you have the “right” antennae to perceive this due to not being rooted, so it is important that you keep your two feet on the ground, and don’t take in all the dangerous info that is brought into the world by these devils. The only people who speak about this as if it were the truth are taken over people, who want to exert an evil influence over the world, or unstable people who are not well grounded. It has nothing to do with the reality that I want to propagate! As far as that goes, you have creative power and you have something to say about it yourself! Don’t forget that!

But as I said, the information in the alternative media, as well as in a lot of books, does steer towards aliens on a round earth that are going to eat you up, and which you have to fight. Even in television shows, people joke about these so-called “truths”. Watch the following clip from the “Arjen Lubach’s Tonight Show” (sorry, only in Dutch). In the clip Lubach discusses together with Pieter Derks (a Dutch comedian) the Insect of the Year election organized by The critter that won this year is the water scorpion. My ears naturally pricked up at the word scorpion, partly because of the info from Richard Bruce, but also because of an earlier experience with someone from Archon circles who talked about “the scorpion sting”, which initiates you, as it were, into the secrets of these Archons (see my article Adventures with Estella). So that’s the takeover, which I write about in my earlier articles. In that video from Arjen Lubach’s Tonight Show, they then show this water scorpion, and Pieter Derks answers Lubach’s question about whether it bites: “Well, it has a kind of stabbing snout and it sticks it into you and then it injects an all-consuming substance into your organs, causing you to slowly dissolve inside and then it sucks you dry!” This, of course, is very similar to the information about the Xenomorph drone, but also to Donald Marshall’s information about the Vril aliens, who put a proboscis in your eye, inject poison into you, and then suck the contents of your head empty and take up residence in your body. (Here we see such a taken over person named Rolf de Wolf with a bloodshot eye, Image, just tell me: real or fake!). Also, Pieter Derks’ joke of naming the two water scorpions he brought: “Nick and Simon” (like the Dutch singer duo), gives away that Nick and Simon (the singer duo) too have had the scorpion sting, just like all famous people, including Pieter Derks and Arjen Lubach, otherwise they would not joke about this information. Derks then steps it up a notch by saying, “They’re some kind of aliens!” Lubach then thanks his guest by saying, “Thanks, you two, yes, for being here! Both of you!” by which he mocks the split personality that is now in Derks’ body + of course Derks’ original personality, which is acted or imitated by this split personality. They both laugh heartily about it. They find it very funny that they are in the know, and they can fool the public in this way! Who knows what lurid things actually took place, or not! I am not interested in finding out for myself. As I described in my previous article, I was in contact again with someone over the mail, who offered to broadcast his thoughts for me to find the last puzzle pieces of my life. It occurred to me that it very well could have been, this was another invitation to take me over, and relinquish control to find the final puzzle piece. Well, if the final puzzle piece is them taking over me, I’ll pass. As far as that goes, they may stay far away from me! I’m not interested!

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