This article is about the Archons, evil beings who try to lead man astray. I emphasize that they also bring gifts along with their influence.

The Archontic influence on man

Those familiar with the contents of the Gnostic texts, know about the Demiurge, the creation god described in Genesis, Yahweh thus, who according to the Gnostic doctrine is not the real creator of this world, but someone who pretends to be the creator. He tries, with his evil army of Archontic creatures, to lead man astray, so that they won’t discover the divine spark in themselves, at least that is what the Gnostics say. So they are the prison guards of planet Earth. It is however possible to escape from this. So the Archons are the adversaries I call Satan, who are actually the helpers of Yahweh. (The classical representation of ‘God’ versus ‘Satan’ is incorrect: it is more about ‘Lucifer’ versus ‘Satan’). The Gnostic doctrine states that the Archons want to prevent us from learning to make contact with the divine spark, which is no different than an infinite expansion with love. But I think they actually do want us to feel this divine spark through their treatment. As soon as you show that you can integrate that spark into yourself, they leave you alone. Then their work is done! Because whoever breaks free from the so-called prison, won’t notice the prison guards anymore, and that’s exactly what they want.

Yet the effect that many people experience from these Archontic entities is that they become corrupted. There is a reason for this. But it’s also possible that you can’t be corrupted. That is when you have experienced the soft teachers of the 3 evil forces as a child, who are nothing but the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. So for you this consists of dealing with boundaries towards you, then dealing with the anger of another towards you, and then dealing with disapproval of your core. You must learn to embrace all three with love. So there is a great responsibility for your own parents to fulfill these roles, although I believe that the role of disapproval of your core rather belongs to the moment you reach the right age and enter the workplace. Our parents should then only take on the duties of the Father, and the Holy Spirit. Thus, one has a nurturing role, and the other a disciplining role without disapproving who you are in your core. It’s important that children learn to listen to this discipline and learn to embrace it with love.

I want to talk about someone I sent a message to, once, let’s call him M. I had seen him on YouTube and he apparently had a lot of experiences with aliens and non-local fields of consciousness. M. didn’t react to that, but in the same week an article of his appeared on a website, in which he described how the dark powers often use certain spiritual people to bring certain false concepts into the world, and he mentioned some concepts I had used in my texts, like Lucifer, Satan, Christ Consciousness et cetera. It was a sneer at me, and he didn’t even have the decency to tell me that in person. I think he had the intention to trigger me so that I would begin to feel that divine spark, but yes, that is exactly what those archontic entities do to me too. There is no difference. When I saw him talking in a later interview, he described how having that I-force is so important, which is about you feeling like nothing or nobody is bigger than you, and preferably everyone should realize and feel that, is what I could deduce from his story. Then I immediately understood why he doesn’t suffer from the Archons and I do. Because I do recognize that there is something bigger than myself, call it God, and well, that’s not allowed! So this M. has what I call a benign Luciferic consciousness, (he calls it: acknowledging the Divine in yourself) and that is perfectly allowed in this world. His conversation partner asked one critical question and then he got all excited, not used to being criticized, because well, there is nothing bigger than him huh. But I don’t blame him, because I think he just wanted to help me. But what M. needs to know is that as far as it concerns me, it is no longer possible to feel my anger more, or my love, or my divine spark, or an endless expansion, or whatever you want to call it. That is because of the unfortunate combination of things I have experienced in my life. In that respect I am lost forever. So I’ll have to endure the rest of my life and let myself be heard till people notice me, and let the world know what happened to me, regardless of the bad shape my spirit is in (this imperfect prison), otherwise it is ‘end of story’. Then they will take me over, just as they have done with many people around me.

But if we try to transcend the whole story for a moment: in the Bible, Jehovah/Yahweh/the Demiurge is a rather evil and jealous God who does many horrible things. But I have also read that these are corruptions that were introduced in the Bible by Luciferic entities, so there are mutual accusations (compare Enki (Lucifer) and Enlil (Yahweh/Satan) who accuse each other of not being a real god). These Luciferic entities often want to slander their opposition, called Yahweh (with his Satanic helpers), as if Lucifer is the real God of this world, which in gnostic terms corresponds to Sophia. This immediately reminds me of the Birth of Gaia forum where I noticed while reading that Abraxas of Thuban (a.k.a. Tony Bermanseder) tries to make us all excited for the idea that we can all be gods of creation, and that on Earth we have the task to become positive Lucifer or negative Lucifer. And that Christ is equal to Lucifer. He thinks he can demonstrate this with some vague gematria. Now I absolutely disagree with that. You really don’t get your feelings, thoughts, and actions aligned when you behave like Lucifer, nor do you get them aligned when being a dragonized Lucifer (which is nothing but an aggressive expansion as opposed to a loving expansion), not even when it is balanced by Satan (i.e. when you have learned to handle that aggression, not to act out on it). For you will always say one thing and do another thing in this state. I’m familiar with that, having had this experience. Moreover, you will think everyone who is not in the same condition, are pussies, and you want to get them to live out their aggression in their heads as well. It is disgusting, but sometimes necessary for traumatized people (as I have seen in my past).

If you follow the positive but unbalanced path, or the evil path you will always have the potential to be taken over by the Antichrist entities, in one possible way as the friend/family of someone who is in the Christ state, or in another way, as a victim when you reach the Christ state yourself. So it is either important that you have nothing to do with the servants of Christ, or that you see for yourself that we live in a cruel world, and understand that evil must be confronted with all its might, and you do so by being observant and listening to whoever you have in front of you. By that I do not mean that you immediately do what everyone else says, but that you take in everything (attention) and then act with intent to make this known to others, especially if the behavior of others crosses boundaries and your anger is not listened to either, by them.

Furthermore, if you follow the evil path and allow yourself to be corrupted by all the people and evil entities in your life, what are you going to do when you end up facing the Antichrist entities? Will you then resort to lethal force if they threaten to attack you? Admittedly, it is defensive force then, but in this initial phase in which very few people know about these entities, you will not be believed by the judiciary and you will get endless therapy or prison time! It is a possible path, but it is not my path. You could think about if these Antichrist entities possibly want to teach you something and try to do that, and that is in a world where no one hears you, speak out about their actions until you’re heard. Then you’re protected. And that is the responsibility of all of us. The fear of death is the last challenge we will have to learn t o overcome, says Freemasonry, and this includes experiencing the death during your life, that is: death of your ego. “Death is the friend of being,” I heard Jordan Peterson say, who unfortunately suffered a terrible fate. He was taken over by these Antichrist entities in a direct confrontation. That is why it is important for everyone to learn to listen to these entities as well, but also to confront them. If they do not listen to you, you know what to do. Create a web site, create videos, look for publicity and confront them. If you look at how much David Icke has achieved with his books, I can only be full of admiration, even if he has now been taken over. He’s shown an incredible amount of guts, and has been ridiculed a lot, but he persevered anyway!

And now back to M. I don’t agree with the dichotomy between, on the one hand, his I-force, in which nobody is greater than him, the Luciferic consciousness thus, and, on the other hand, Yahweh, and his Archons, as he describes in his articles and Youtube videos. Because actually the Lucifer-group and the Satan-group as well as the Antichrist-group all work together to realize the great plan. Because if all those Luciferic people, who are described by Abraxas of Thuban (who is from the Lucifer side) have the right to create a world of their own, then of course our own Jehovah/Yahweh/the Demiurge has that right too. If you still want to create your own world, and you are given the opportunity to do so, you have to realize that you are abandoning many people who live here in miserable circumstances. Wouldn’t it be better if we all learned to deal with these dark entities and help each other make this publicly known, instead of running off like a weasel and fleeing into fantasy, because you happen to have had a nice life, and could grow infinitely!

Everyone seems to have their own agenda in this world, but at the highest level, they all lead to the same goal, to create a large group of people that is free in all areas of the mind, which has never been done before. Imploding in a constructive way (that is growing and shrinking at the same time: the ultimate middle path) is precisely the way to become free in all parts of the mind. Free to channel and execute the Will of God, not your own little will! The torus with two vortexes (Image) which I mentioned in earlier articles shows that man is a dipole with his spiritual consciousness in his head, and his material consciousness in his lower body (or with non-dualism in his head, and dualism in his lower body). It does not show that we have to mix both parts in our head in a monopolic consciousness, as Abraxas of Thuban states. This is the wish of the Luciferic entities. They want everyone to be like them, and they think that the world plan facilitates their wish, but that is not going to happen! What the world plan does facilitate is a Christ Consciousness that balances between the material and the spiritual. A consciousness that uses the material to take action. A consciousness that embraces both Satanic people who fall into materialism, with love, and the Luciferic people, who fall into the exclusively spiritual. Precisely by seeing these extremes, we can learn to walk the middle path. This includes encountering the evil entities that will try to take you off your path. View it as a challenge.

So M. wrote in his article that people who talk about Lucifer/Satan/Christ consciousness often unconsciously assist in a dark or destructive agenda. But I actually think, developing yourself IS a destructive process! Evil forces are needed to bring us back to Source when we have deviated from it, and we have all done evil things in our past lives and this life. We were all born imperfect, and it is important that we go a little further with our development in our lives. And sometimes something evil is just a mistake. The moment you see it turn into regret, because of the consequences it has had, in short: if you’ve seen the regret in someone’s eyes, you can only say: You’ve learned something new! And I have also learned something new. Thank you! I forgive you 100%. So mistakes are part of life! In the end, the Archons show how not to do things. And they force you into a role in which you ultimately choose love and take responsibility. Sounds like a great goal, right? This feeling like a prison means that somehow you weren’t quite ready for this and you probably have an imperfection. For he who has really lived through learning to deal with the evil forces, wants nothing more than to be the servant of Christ when he encounters the Antichrist opposing him and to bring out all his righteous fire in order to carry out God’s Will. I also have such an imperfection, one that is quite large in size, but which I cannot do anything about anymore. I have described it in Come fly with me. So whoever has experienced a perfect development (which is certainly not without suffering) and has learned to deal with the 3 evil forces, does not have the feeling at all that he is in a prison if he chooses for Christ. Let this come through to you! A human being is not finished or complete, if he doesn’t learn to deal with fear and disapproval, because the endless love of Lucifer is fantastic, but can also completely turn into a blinding love, into pride, into fanaticism, into floating in the clouds. That is why I want to emphasize that one also needs the other side. And it is often the spiritual people who do not realize that this is necessary. Sometimes they are also unaware that they do possess this side in the form of their grounding/rootment to the Earth. And for being able to ground/root, you may really thank the Archons!

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