This article describes the role of ‘light’ and ‘dark’ in politics at the time of the current Corona hoax and measures.

The role of 'light' and 'dark' in politics

This article focuses on Dutch politics, so may not be entirely understandable to you. Nevertheless, you can read it, because the principles can also be applied to international politics. The linked movie clips are only in Dutch, I’m afraid.

Ever since the opposition in the Dutch Lower Chamber mentioned the word “tribunal,” the world has been turned upside down at people’s homes. “A people’s tribunal? Those bunch of fascists! Let’s shut them up! Down with Thierry Baudet (a Dutch politician of the Forum for Democracy party)! Down with Willem Engel (A Dutch dance-teacher-turned-activist!” Because these are supposedly the leaders who rouse people to revolt. If you didn’t have these leaders, then no one would revolt and everyone would be okay, is the thinking. But of course that’s not true. Stripping leaders of their ability to speak doesn’t help anything when the problem is actually in the people. That goes for both sides. Listen to the following ridiculous video, in which a group of people are meeting to discuss charges against Baudet and Engel. Vision is completely lacking, and then you get sad conversations like this.
Lately, I’m seeing many people being well informed about the many deceptions taking place around the corona pLandemic. They get lots of info in many different places on the internet. Even without leaders like Baudet and Engel, they will form their opinions based on all this information. And if you don’t see the great corona deception by now, you are pretty blind. Many virtuous people think that the very people who are rebelling are blindly following their great leaders, and there will undoubtedly be such people, but the majority do not. They just see someone who stands up for freedom and good, and that attracts them. Meanwhile, on the other side, there are people who think that freedom is not unlimited, and that you shouldn’t be able to say everything. Often a boundary is then raised that talks about decency. But precisely because we can’t punch each other in the face, you have to give someone complete freedom to say everything, I think, even if it’s negative. However, many, often mostly women, of the cartel parties think that you can only be positive towards each other, because they get scared when someone says something negative. Vera Bergkamp, the chamber president, turns off the microphone of Gidi Markuszower, because she finds words like “tribunal” threatening, and I can somewhat understand that, because of course there is talk of a people’s tribunal here, and the people are being whipped up to resist to the maximum, which is not very constructive. After all, you could just ignore the measures and confront your fellow man without standing begging in every square. But on the other hand, it would be crazy that if you think that crimes are being committed, you are not allowed to talk about something like a tribunal. Only those who are guilty experience that as a threat. The people of the cartel parties will know full well that they are guilty, but someone has to do the dirty work, because unfortunately in a certain sense it is necessary to sit on top of people with restricting measures, I will come back to that in a moment. Also, this clip with Gideon van Meijeren on “the list of prohibited opinions” is apt for the interaction in the Lower Chamber, which has been going on for years in the same way. Something sharp is said by one side. And then the other side says, “You can’t say this!”

You can see in Rutte’s response to last weekend’s riots, that he is addressing all the protesters about the behavior of the rioters, when in many cases it’s just unhinged youths and hooligans who are at fault. “This has nothing to do with demonstrating!” says Rutte. And it doesn’t. But many people stand to be disproportionately affected by the measures. Perhaps some of the protesters will also have become aggressive. Although again I have seen images and heard stories about so-called Romeos, rioters employed by the police who are deployed, to escalate things. Due to all measures we are also dealing with a ferocious people! Many people have had to endure an awful lot. Many businesses have been ruined by the destroying policies, which have actually been going on for years: those policies that Mr. Rutte himself is not bothered by. And a lot of youth have to give up a lot of their pursuits, or necessarily get themselves vaccinated or test themselves hundreds of times to keep up with their peers. We have an abundance of people rebelling at the moment, because people are fed up.

Those who have read my first article know that I talked about the fact that humanity is in a spiritual development, not a Darwinian development. And I want to emphasize that what is happening now must actually take place. The spiritual state of people demands that the cartel parties get on top of the people right now. If you want to continue to encourage the progress of humanity, then where there are excesses, you will have to tighten the reins, like a good parent does with his adolescent son or daughter. Since humanity is not yet so perfectly balanced that every measure can be administered at exactly the right place and time, which is the hallmark of true goodness, one must first administer the measures in a completely insane way, with the corona virus (the big lie!) as the so-called culprit. (Read the chapter Covid 19). As a result, the “shadow” of people will come to full bloom. Which is a necessary step in a person’s development. But the ‘light’ will also blossom in this way as a counter-reaction. And this too is necessary! Both sides must be brought to full bloom in the population, and then set against each other so that they confront each other. Lucifer is the ‘light’ and works for the freedom of mankind, and Satan is the ‘dark’ and works against the freedom of mankind. When the ‘dark’ (Satan) is confronted by the ‘light’ (Lucifer), then one can find the right place and time for these ‘dark’ feelings, that have come to full bloom. Then the two extremes of ‘light’ and ‘dark’, Lucifer and Satan, will begin to move toward each other, freeing each other from their wickedness and turning into the “real good” which is the path of Christ, the middle path. This will make up for all the damage suffered.

This is about learning to control your anger, letting anger sink into your body. The evil powers want you to keep the ‘light’ at the bottom of your body, and the ‘dark’ in your upper body. But the proper place for the “dark” is in your lower body, and the “light” in your upper body or head. Firmly having two feet on the ground, and having your head in the (spiritual) clouds. Both at the same time. With ‘understanding’ you can satisfy the Satanic powers, they want nothing more than to be understood, but this must not be unbridled understanding, and so at the same time you must show your opposition ‘morality’, this is what the Luciferic powers want so badly.

Applied to the movements in society, this therefore means that the rebellion called for by the Luciferic Forum for Democracy is evil in this sense, and as a result they will have the Satanic powers facing them in the form of police forces who will put down the protest. This side will have to learn to understand that in one way or anot her the reins to humanity will have to be pulled tighter in order to get humanity under control. This is in order to counteract the unbridled Luciferic consciousness in many individuals, which seems good, but actually isn’t.
But the Satanic cartel parties are also evil and, as a result, will have the Luciferic powers facing them. This side will have to learn to act in a moral manner and take measures in a moral manner, that is, targeted measures at the portion of the population that really misbehaves.
Because these two groups are set against each other (on purpose), both groups can learn maximally from each other in the confrontation that follows. This is very important. This can start to create a balance between the two extremes. No freedom without responsibility. And no control of humanity without morality. So the baby must not be thrown out with the bath water. And there must be room for both movements. For they both serve a function in society. Both the ‘shadow’ of the Satanic cartel parties, and the ‘light’ of the Luciferic opposition party or parties.

Because of the unfocused and unjustified policies of the current Satanic parties in government, many of the measures, end up in the wrong place at exactly the wrong time and it is the people who want the good for the world who take the hardest hits. And this creates victims. However, sharing the stories of victims is very important, and ensures that humanity becomes aware of what both sides of evil (both the “light” (Lucifer) and the “dark” (Satan) can do. By seeing how NOT to act, they will begin to care about the victimization of their fellow citizens and choose en masse how to actually DO act. Most people are currently polarized. The Luciferic and the Satanic work through in the behaviors of all those around us. In my article Angels and Demons you will find an overview of typical Luciferic and Satanic traits. The learning moments between the two extremes are in the free exchange of information, but often also in the fights. In this respect, hard teachers have just as much of a function as the soft teachers. The dynamics between people is very important, and we should not avoid it. For it is precisely through these dynamics that one learns.

The Satanic is a degree eviller than the Luciferic. But the evillest is the influence of the Antichrist. Whoever walks the middle path between Lucifer and Satan, which is the way of Christ, will have this Antichrist opposing him. Lucifer and Satan are no longer evil to those who have worked through these influences in their personality, but the Antichrist entities are evil and peel off your consciousness layer by layer, so that you eventually become free in your ego. If they become aware of your balanced state, then one by one they will take over the people around you, starting with distant acquaintances or friends. By take over, I mean that they pull the soul out of the person in question, and take the place of that original soul in the body. Anti = in place of, Christ = the Christ in you. If you do nothing, while they are doing this, they will eventually take over your consciousness too.

Pieter Omtzigt of the Christian CDA party who emerged in the past as someone with moral integrity, I suspect has now been taken over by these Antichrist entities. It is clear from his behavior that he has turned 180 degrees in terms of morality. And that’s something you see all the time with taken over people. On the outside there are actually very few things that show that someone has been taken over. For details, read for example my article Some ways to notice ‘them’ which describes in detail what these entities can be recognized by. They play a role in this world but must be confronted. They are the army of the Antichrist, 200 million ‘alien’-like entities active in the world. They are centered around figures who are no longer leaning toward the Luciferic side, nor are they leaning toward the Satanic side, but are walking the middle path between these extremes, the path of Christ. Those who walk the path of Christ will have to give up everything in their lives and devote their lives to confronting these Antichrist entities. They are not only evil, they also have a good side, and important is that one works through one’s emotions, and enters into a reciprocal relationship with these entities. Those who do nothing will lose all their family members and friends. And eventually they will end up with you! The function of these entities is to make man even stronger. Because when you have left Lucifer and Satan behind and you have become maximally balanced, you will have to face the ultimate test with the help of this balanced state, staying upright when faced with real danger. British politician of the UKIP party Nigel Farage once told that he had had a plane crash, and had looked death straight in the eye, and this made him no longer afraid of anything or anyone. And I have always remembered that. Dealing with death is the last step in your development that you have to learn to go through, without becoming corrupted in the process. Whoever can handle that, and still remain moral, has the Divine Trinity behind him, can handle anything and is the master over every evil entity he meets!

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