With the current nitrogen crisis, farmers are diametrically opposed to the Dutch ruling powers. I cover the reason for this crisis and put the whole thing in perspective.

Nitrogen perils

I don’t follow much of the news. I actually need to follow it more than I do now. But it’s all very predictable when I read about it, then again. I usually have the same things to say about it as I have said both in my earlier articles, and in the chapters of my story, especially Section 3, which gives a global view of what is going on in the world.

We now see the great revolt of the Dutch farmers, against the Dutch government that is tightening the reins and criminalizing very normal behavior, which is part of the Satanic influence that is being poured out over mankind. In short, the government is forcing farmers to reduce their livestock because of nitrogen and ammonia emissions, something that is killing many farmers’ businesses, and forcing them to do something else! Right now, there is untold support for the farmers, because very few people see the need to reduce nitrogen emissions, and frankly, I laugh in secret when the farmers empty their manure trucks into the gardens of government officials. But actually it’s not funny, and it causes public opinion to turn into condemnation of the farmers, while they actually desperately need the support of the people, so in that sense one should remain constructive. I do not exclude the possibility that exaggerated actions are deliberately orchestrated or portrayed, so that public opinion is again influenced in favor of the Satanic powers. For it seems to be important that those prevail, in these times. I will come back to that.

On TV they meanwhile try to keep up the lie that something is going on with nitrogen emissions, with the help of little graphs. However, the conclusion that the farmers are to blame for it all, is totally short-sighted. When I look at such a graph, I see that the greatest ‘pollution’ is around industrial areas, Schiphol airport and the Randstad (Rim City), and the German Ruhr industrial area. That this kind of information is being used to further restrict farmers is a grave attack on the truth, when the chemical industry and Schiphol Airport are of course left alone. Moreover, the Netherlands is only a small densely populated country and there aren’t very large nature reserves here, which can balance things out a bit. So it’s logical that the average is higher, and you have to allow for that. A lot of effort has already been made by farmers in these areas. The limit that has currently been set is ridiculous, and people rightly say that if one pig has diarrhea, you have already reached this limit. One will understand that there isn’t a problem at all in surrounding countries, because the permitted values are much, much higher there.

Moreover, almost none of the values you hear are really measured, but most of these values are calculated in ‘models’. Whenever I hear something like that, I shit on it, because models are very easy to manipulate and bend to the will of the ruling powers, and you can use them to prove exactly what you want to prove. In addition, the results of the various models differ by tens of percent. And what is really funny is that there are a lot of uncertain factors that are exposed in those models, and then they come up with an outcome with two decimals. Hilarious! And that’s what they base their decisions on in The Hague. Furthermore, one should always keep in mind, that it is also very simple to take over the people responsible for the models (this website has been exposing that phenomenon of people being taken over for 21/2 years). And voilà, you always get the outcome you want and you are then assured of them having “rock solid” data to support their point, when in real life there is no such thing at all.

But the RIVM (Dutch CDC) says that nitrogen compounds can also harm people? Hmm, haven’t they said things like that before? Oh yes, they said before that something that is not harmful (a virus) is harmful. They are all lying institutions, giving you the idea that everything they put out is ‘official’, and we should therefore take this very seriously. The experts know, right? “I trust the science!” I hear many people say. But that doesn’t mean that every little number and conclusion you are told has anything to do with science. Quite the opposite. People think, the more detailed the information, the more true it is. Which is nonsense. Jeez, soon we’ll have a pandemic of stinging eyes. But clearly there is a lack of evidence for that.

The real reason behind the nitrogen crisis and farmers having to leave if it’s up to the ruling powers is wanting to centralize and globalize the food supply. Watch this clip, at 2:28, and you’ll see Dutch Prime Minister Rutte announce it himself. I quote: “I’d like to highlight a WEF initiative in this regard: the WEF Food and Innovation Hubs. And these hubs, in Africa, in Asia, in South America and Europe will allow businesses to connect regional stakeholders to scale innovations - because this is key - scale innovations that can address food system challenges. And here I’m particular proud to announce that the Netherlands will host the global coordinating secretariat of the WEF Food and Innovation Hubs.”
Now it is becoming clear that that is the real reason that farmers businesses are killed, and that the nitrogen crisis is just being used to make it seem acceptable. Because we have all seen the map of the Netherlands with the dangerous red spots, and so we must do something now! Yeah, right! It is there for all to see, and even then people dare to say on the news shows that that the farmers are led by conspiracy theories, while they are telling the truth. The ruling powers really think you are stupid!

By centralizing and globalizing the food supply, the people can no longer easily obtain food and furthermore they will in the future use a social credit system to determine if you have the right to eat their genetically engineered food and survive, especially of course if you threaten to rebel against these ruling powers. It is the same reason as wanting to move to a cashless society. If you do not obey the tyrannical New World Order, they will simply close your bank account, and you will no longer be able to pay anywhere. That is the intention, if the Satanic powers have their way. You would think that one must absolutely resist.

Also, check out this quote from Henry Kissinger, Image, one of the war criminals who collaborated on this globalist agenda: “He who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

In TV shows, Dutch celebrities are then invited, such as Maxim Hartman (sorry, only in Dutch), who will tell the farmers that society does not need them, and that they should accept that. No one has ever been able to have a decent conversation with this guy, moreover: he mostly talks about pussy (which of course makes him a real man), so don’t expect him to look at the whole thing from both sides. He says: “if society doesn’t need you (the farmers), then you just have to stop, and go do something else.” This is only partly true! (For example, as Johan Oldenkamp states in his newsletter, the farmers can switch to natural solutions, such as hemp cultivation). But the problem is: who asked society anything? Surely it is the ruling powers who want to abolish the farmers, and the people who are loyal to daddy and mommy State, who support them, wit hout having thought about it. But the ruling powers do this because of the aforementioned reason, which is very nefarious, but at the same time, provides humanity with a counterforce, whose gifts can be used for good. I explain this later in this article. But in such cases, taking sides is not the right behavior, if you ask me, because they both are right, and aren’t right at the same time.

Of course, we can vote once every 4 years, but we can only choose for puppets selected by the ruling powers themselves. This is also why many people call it selection, instead of election. The ruling powers put forward figures who are bought and paid for by those same ruling powers and organizations like the World Economic Forum, and then we get to choose the best one from this list of puppets. So we have the illusion of choice. And many people still fall for that. And feel very important when they’re standing in line at the ballot box. But no, you’re just voting cattle, when you go to vote. That’s how these powers look at you too, do realize that! And you are perpetuating the bad system we have in this way. Humanity gets, for that matter, what it deserves, until it wakes up. Ways to really ask society something have been discarded, like the referendum, because the elitist puppets in power really just don’t want to listen to the people at all. No, they mainly want to keep their superduper rich bosses, the real rulers in the shadows, happy, because otherwise blackmail material will be published of them, or they will be threatened in some other way. The same goes for universities. If you have any moral sense, you will never be offered a high position. If you are offered a high position, it is usually because of your lack of morality, or because you are very obedient. The same goes for journalists. It’s actually very simple!

When you vote, you actually give away your vote to a representative of the people, and you yourself just have to keep quiet for those entire 4 years, ‘cause you gave your vote/voice away (In Dutch, the word for ‘vote’ and ‘voice’ are the same). But you don’t HAVE to give your vote away. You can do that by NOT voting. Then you DO have the right to use your voice for 4 years, and you can write articles like I do, which is one way to make your voice heard. Granted, they may not be high quality articles, but at least you make your voice heard and in that sense you are not responsible for the Satanic government policies you gave your vote away to. This is actually very simple to understand as well. But still many people don’t understand it.

Finally, I would then like to indicate the how and why of all this. Those who have read my previous articles have heard it before, of course, but it still remains important every time. The people who are rebelling, for example in this example of the farmers, are the more Luciferic people. They want freedom! And that is to be commended. But freedom comes with responsibility. Precisely because they are curtailed in their freedom, they show great anger toward their opposition. Because not everyone realizes that you must also show responsibility, there must be a power diametrically opposed to this desire for freedom, so that the excessive freedom that one claims that is not balanced is challenged so that they also develop a healthy responsibility. The problem with such a diametric power is that the people who support these powers have also not yet found the right place for their own emotions. Precisely because they have a great inner anger, they want to curtail another in his freedom. And so both sides sustain each other! Do you choose freedom without responsibility (what the Luciferic people want? Or do you choose responsibility without freedom (what the Satanic people want)? I really think: neither of them. The right path that everyone should aspire to take is, as usual, the middle path. Freedom AND responsibility, for both the ruling powers and the farmers. I’m not saying that farmers don’t take responsibility, no, farmers are victims of government policies, but with them are all those who disobey the ruling powers, and those are the people who are targeted, you see that with every crisis, whether it’s a health crisis, a nitrogen crisis, or any other crisis. In order to get people into a balanced state, it is unfortunately necessary for the ruling powers to exert a Satanic influence on the people who are in danger of breaking free, and they will continue to do so, until both extremes of Lucifer and Satan confront each other and the people are in danger of coming together on a massive scale, at which point the Antichrist powers will be sent upon the people, for yet another even tougher challenge. Man should only persevere in his pursuit of freedom and love as these challenges are thrust upon him.

The middle path, which is the solution of the two extremes of Lucifer and Satan, is called the way of the inner Christ in Rudolf Steiner’s work. This is not exoteric Christianity as it is still mainly practiced by Protestants here in the Netherlands, but this is an esoteric form of Christianity, which is about becoming a balanced human being, who acts from love and freedom, and allows the inner Christ to flow through him, as it were, freeing the Luciferic and Satanic evil from their fate. This is about having thoughts, feelings and actions aligned, and channeling your deepest feelings of aggression to lift up yourself and your fellow man. In full force this is a powerful energy, but always under control. The idea that people have of the Christ figure, as a masochistic weakling who always obeys, is based on lies! It is a corruption of the truth. And no one should take that seriously. The Christ figure approaches both the Luciferic people and the Satanic people with love, and looks death (which is in the challenge he gets from the Antichrist powers) straight in the eye (including the fear this entails), and makes himself heard in spite of it, something we really need much more of in this world!

So for now, I do AND do not support both the farmer and the politician at the same time! So let both farmer and politician talk to each other! Or keep them both dancing…. until they become a harmonious whole….

It is always guesswork what the future of humanity will be. If it is up to the Satanic elite, we will have a tyrannical World Order, where people are controlled by pain. But it is also possible that the Luciferic powers will win (the rebellious people) and then we will get a different kind of dystopia, one focused on love, desires, and wealth, where people are controlled by pleasure. Image. But there is also an option of having room for both sides, and we slowly move further and further towards the integration of both sides, i.e. the middle path. But perhaps there is only limited time before a reset will take place, where a selection of people will be made and everyone will then end up in the place they deserve. In my article What will the future of mankind be? I list these different options.

Man today is based on “Carbon”: 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. This is 666, the number of “man” according to Revelation 13:18, or according to some, the number of the Devil. The number of completeness has been called 777, the number of the Christ, who has both feelings, thoughts and actions aligned, each of which represents one copy of the 7. Would this at the same time stand for the future Christ-activated human being, based on 7 protons, 7 neutrons, and 7 electrons, “Nitrogen” thus in the periodic table? And would the struggle against too much nitrogen symbolically represent the struggle of the ruling powers and gullible people against the awakening of the Christ in the population? I think so! A lot of what we hear in the media is symbolic, including this!

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