In this article, I describe recent ‘adventures’ with a woman named Estella, who taught me to feel my strength again to some extent. Thank you Estella!

Adventures with Estella

For some time now I have been in occasional online chat contact with Estella, a woman in her 50s who had seen my YouTube videos and my website and who approached me because she was interested in the subjects I write about. Like me, she also has occasional conversations with a mental health counselor. She made it clear to me at the beginning that she wanted to have video conversations, or at least call me, but I invariably refused out of distrust. She also had a YouTube channel of her own with a few videos, on which she smeared herself with lipstick (most of it next to her lips) and danced spiritually as if she secretly knew all along that these things terrify me, which I can understand, because I have shared this extensively with other taken over people, and as far as that goes, this information is all gathered in one place and then treatment is also coordinated from this place. She also mentioned that she is physically handicapped, and is in a wheelchair, and has a lot of difficulty surviving on a daily basis. This dependent position is not something that creates a lot of positive feelings with me either, especially when someone reveals that she has almost no way to survive, and indirectly suggests that she needs a savior, and is in great need of love and warmth. So my distrust was triggered early on. Lately we’ve had some good conversations, which I did get some energy from, because I’m not always in the best state either, but the distrust remains anyway, because basically all the people who approach me are taken over. Moreover, she talks about things that certainly make her an easy target for the Antichrist Dragons, she doesn’t produce works, and this entails a big chance of being taken over, and she is thus most likely just playing her role as Estella, while she is actually a Dragon.

A few days ago, she sent me a message in which she says that the home care often comes and then says “hi dragon” to her cat, and she finds that very strange, to which she indirectly leaves room for my opinion on this. I can already sense the silent hint therein, that she actually wants to say that her cat and/or the person from home care has been taken over (taken over cats serve as spies just like taken over people) or even stronger: that she herself has been taken over! You often see this with these Dragons. They engage with you for a while, and then suddenly they show their real face for a while, to throw you off the scent to the max. But my distrust always remained. And it was therefore no surprise to me, and I therefore drew a line, that I don’t want any bullshit and that she should behave, otherwise I can always write an article about her. Still, I was not planning to post an article about her, because I have also experienced positive things in the contact and I had slight doubts of being totally right. But now I see, she even deleted her Facebook profile, I can’t help but post this article. Dragons are afraid of being exposed, and then they delete their profiles. I have seen it with Anneke, who was suddenly taken over, from my article There is more to it than meets the eye and with Richard Simonite from my article A brief clarification, and so now with Estella.

So it is quite clear that even vulnerable people or people who look vulnerable can host a Dragon, which is actually another personality, which can be very aggressive and has the ability to take you over as well. So I’m glad I didn’t enter into any phone contact with her, or video calls. What I noticed even more was her very limited memory. Sometimes we would have conversations, and the next time we talked, she would say the exact same things, as if she didn’t care at all about what we talked about, and she was incapable of a real connection, where you would definitely remember what you talked about with someone. Her energy was also very intense at times, and that’s also something in which you can tell that her personality is clearly under the influence of this Dragon, and she’s really just acting it all out. Another thing that was strange is that all the mails I received from her had forward marks, as if she had forwarded my reply to her mails. To whom, of course, I don’t know, because they were just addressed to me, but still, it gave me some suspicion. Eventually she expressed that via email was not convenient after all, and wanted to chat on Facebook. Probably so it could be shared more easily, because these Antichrist powers have also been given access to all info and conversations on Facebook profiles by Uncle Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, this is how they keep records on who is awake, and is on to them, so they can then target that person.

Another way in which I noticed Estella was probably a Dragon was that she talked about how we might all be picked up at the end of the cycle (see my article End of a cycle) by alien ships, and that on those ships they have ways of combating old age, or can even make you younger. Absolutely insane! And only empty shells say this. I’m absolutely not interested in that, find it something disgusting, but with that she betrayed herself quite a bit, although I gave her the benefit of the doubt afterwards. I’d rather die than be picked up by such aliens, if it came to that. Such psycho’s. As if they only care about your exterior, and they think you’re just as much of an empty shell as they are. Ridiculous! And I want absolutely nothing to do with that.

I’ve always been honest that she evokes negative feelings with me because of her dependency and how she presented herself on that YouTube channel although I didn’t say it directly in that way for fear of hurting her, but I’ve always indicated what things I have trouble with, and explained why that is, by looking at my past. Yet I also experienced positive things about the contact. Especially the interest she seemed to have in what I write, her critical attitude, which I can handle just fine, and that I don’t have to restrain myself in my own critical attitude, and that feels good. What I sometimes have with women who seem attractive, is that I allow everything, and I can no longer be critical towards them, but with Estella, because of the unattractive image I had of her (which does not have to correspond to reality at all), I did not suffer from that, and that actually felt nice. On that note, I’m sorry to see her go. But on the other hand, I won’t care either, because she’s still fooling people with her hidden Dragon personality.

In the end, I have been treated exactly as I need to be in order to allow my anger back to these Dragons, after they first unlearned me to be angry. I experienced the same thing with the Satanic entities, which are a degree less evil. At that time I didn’t know they had been taken over. They were just the people I saw every day at the mental health center. Eventually a whole bunch of them turned out to have been taken over and they turned out to be part of the treatment, which took place in a very structured way, step by step. These entities first taught me to listen to their anger, which I unfortunately interpreted as if I was never allowed to be angry again. Eventually I found the understanding for their part, which is essential to meet the Satanic entities, because they want you to show understanding for them, they crave that. And then little by little, step by step, I regained my self-confidence, and regained my anger. But at that moment I reached the middle ground between Lucifer (expansion) and Satan (compression) and I was no longer impressed by the Satanic entities. I had regained my self-confidence, and could now express my anger again. Then the mental health services had to go a step further and introduce me to ‘rejection of who you are/your core’ from the Antichrist entities (destructive compression). This can be read about in several chapters from Section 3 of my story, but also in an article like Angels and Demons. My anger towards one of those entities at work was disapproved of by my supervisor who was also in on the plot and very likely taken over, and that’s when I first got triggers about aliens too, because I started speaking out about it and embracing the inner Christ. That’s when I knew they were going to take over people. My taken over parents were now causing me to get completely peeled off inside, layer by layer, because of their disapproval, and again this came in very destructively. I felt like I could never be angry again. But what is happening now is that I am slowly starting to find my self-confidence again, and am learning to express my anger towards these taken over entities. It’s causing an awful lot of pain and grief. But I’m working through all that, and slowly getting stronger now. I can now express my anger towards the taken over entities online again, and maybe it’s important for me to gather enough self-confidence to be able to address these entities firmly in real life situations, when they show their true face. Because I just won’t take it! As soon as I can do that, then I can better protect myself and my fellow humans against these Dragons. Because that’s what I’ve been lacking for a long time. That’s why so many people in my surroundings have been taken over.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, another person named “Raymond Vdf Delnoy,” left some comments, that immediately show where he’s coming from. He posts the following, which can just be read on my public Facebook:

This time The Creator is calling His lost sons and daughters. Christ is the key. first harvest 2nd harvest 3rd harvest. , by the way. satan and his mates are harvesting too. the fools haven’t figured it out yet. oh well. Ovid Roman word means sheep and they all tip-toe to the false light. where does my help(er) come from. well from that sister/nurse who gives that scorpion venom sting. with greetings from the archon family.

Thanks for the info, but I’m not sure what to do with this. I want as little contact as possible with people who have had the scorpion venom sting. As long as they are in their role of the original person they took over, I can sometimes have contact, just as I still have contact with my family. It is clear that they have a nurturing role towards me at the moment, but still: I know that they have been taken over and that doesn’t sit well with me, and I have a lot of ambivalent feelings about that. They still look like my family, and they talk the same way, and I am attached to that, but the energy is totally different, and there is clearly someone else in their body who is acting and adjusting the original personality, which is sometimes beneficial for me. And as soon as these entities show their true face, and tell the hard truth that they have been taken over, often they do this indirectly, then I want absolutely no contact anymore, because this is very unpleasant. Even though they can be so nice, they fool everyone, and they must be kept at a distance. Another thing this Raymond, who posts greetings from the archon family, posts, is the following:

Delightful Jesse. you see things really sharp. read your articles, very recognizable. but also true. people really don’t realize how sweet or good human they can be. they can still be used as muppets of the Archons , there is only 1 key that leads to the light of the true creator. the true holy spirit. the rest is all bla bla bla . Spiritual bullshit. with a lot of gibberish. so many who don’t get it. the word conscious. the subconscious and to what source they are connected. that’s why only 144,000 on the globe. the masses do their horny Yoga. and meditating. against who and what where how. to what source are they connected. all that question they don’t know. By the way it’s not a condemnation towards people. once i was astray too. so do love them, unless on purpose. like the Masonry and the Jesuits. sucking people into the archons mind on purpose. with a murderous entities. demonia also called so.

With this bit I definitely agree. Nice people are not necessarily good, and they can also be used to mislead people and also nice people can be taken over, and I don’t like people who just keep meditating. That’s not going to make the world a better place. And also, ordinary people are sometimes on the evil path on purpose, without being appointed by God, and I don’t appreciate that either.

I am beginning to feel my boundaries more and more clearly again, but I also hold a great sadness that I am only getting taken over people on my path. Even though these people are often more relaxed about my articles than the non-taken over people and regularly behave in a more supportive manner than the original people; there is still a double meaning to the contact, which I am not comfortable with, because of course we must not forget that they have led the original persons to their deaths, and these are intensely evil acts. I so yearn for purity, trustworthiness, goodness, and all I ever get, is horror. It’s terrible! But I’m not giving up! Who knows, maybe I can slowly get used to these entities existing, so that I become a little less afraid of them, even when they show their Dragon side. After all, I will just keep posting things, and that will protect me. And I hope I can protect others as well.

I have also appreciation for what these entities are helping me with: Estella, thank you for letting me feel my strength some more again! It was nice to feel your interest in my work, and I didn’t mean to hurt you, but I can’t help but share this. And to Raymond, I say thank you for your messages, but I have a lot of trepidation about contacting people who have had the “scorpion sting,” as you call it, so I don’t want to contact you. All I can give you is greetings back! But that is also where the contact ends.

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