In this article I am once again sounding the alarm because things aren't going very well at the moment. I hope I can still start to find my confidence again.

Sounding the alarm again #2

Just today I happened to have recorded the audio track of my article titled Sounding the alarm again. Let this just be another time I want to sound the alarm again. So this is Sounding the alarm again #2.

The moment I felt my strength again, after the events with Estella (see Adventures with Estella), I already felt that grief was coming. This always happens after that part-time therapy has gone completely wrong, and after I since then (so the last 16 years) experience bad things. And so yesterday I cried everything out again. At that moment I felt my original family, who are now in heaven, very close to me. My real sister was holding my hand for me, I almost literally felt her hand in my hand. They stood by me. And every time I happened to look at the clock, there were beautiful number combinations again. I was in very close contact with my feelings. But now that I have cried so much, I have let go of another piece of strength and the perception of that piece of strength has completely disappeared again. Forever and again! Normally when you let go of anger the experience of those feelings remains intact, but you just learn to control it. But with me, the experience has completely disappeared, and I have ended up in a clamp, which feels very tight after every crying fit. Then I try to focus away from it, until I don’t notice it so much anymore.

I was riding down the street just now and was in the supermarket, and I was very anxious. I felt totally unprotected. I also got all kinds of weird compulsions again. As if I have to make feminine movements, when I don’t want to, but these thoughts force themselves on me. And that is terrible! What a misery again. I hope that this will disappear in the near future, because when I suffer from this, life feels as if it’s not worth anything to me anymore. As soon as I get home, I do feel very calm, but very controlled. Too controlled. I was recording some audio tracks, and I could hardly use my muscles to pronounce the words, such a counterpressure I feel, which puts my whole body in a frozen state, and makes everything cramp. It is a hell of a prison, which I am forced in!

Furthermore, I am thinking about what was in those messages on Facebook that I mentioned in my previous article. I will repeat one of them:

This time The Creator is calling His lost sons and daughters. Christ is the key. 1st harvest 2nd harvest 3rd harvest. , by the way. satan and his mates are harvesting too. the fools haven’t figured it out yet. oh well. Ovid Roman word means sheep and they all tip-toe to the false light. where does my help(er) come from. well from that sister/nurse who gives that scorpion venom sting. with greetings from the archon family.

It says after “Christ is the key”: “1st harvest, 2nd harvest, 3rd harvest”. If Christ is harvesting, then perhaps the people who were in Christ and were taken over at some point were harvested by The Creator instead of being deliberately taken over by the Antichrist entities, and then we see the replacement personality taking their place in the body so that the rest of humanity doesn’t realize that people are disappearing. Clearly, people are being taken over by the Antichrist entities, but perhaps, in a slightly different way, people are also being replaced who do make it through, and you just have to dedicate yourself to good as much of the time as possible, until it is enough for the Creator to take you out, and replace you with another entity. In that case, I really have to step it up a notch, because it’s not handed to you for free. And I want to tell everyone my story, but my disability holds it all back considerably. I often feel empty! Often emotional! Often tired! Often slow! Often not at my best! So I struggle a lot, but desperately want to make it! So I continue, to make my voice heard, even though the amount of self-confidence is very little! In any case, it is true that when I have cried a lot, I am totally empty inside. Over time, I do get filled back up and my strength builds a bit again, so I’m hoping that will happen again now.

But I have to honestly say that I feel anything but good right now. I’ve been pretty desperate for the past hour, and don’t really know where to look for it. I’ve become like a tightrope walker trying to balance while walking on the too-thin cord, almost threatening to fall. It’s horrifying! And on top of that, I’m also afraid they’re going to take me over. The guy who left messages on my Facebook. I’m afraid that’s some kind of invitation to take me over, because he mentioned the Archons, and the scorpion sting. I’m going to visit friends who have been taken over tonight to clean up their computer for a bit, and I’m afraid they’re going to take me over. I don’t feel any confidence since I’ve been crying about everything. I am desperate. Right now I don’t know whether to cry, beat myself up, or to just write! I’m doing all of the above, but my hope is starting to fade. It’s absolutely terrible what I’m feeling right now! I don’t wish it on anyone at all!

On top of that, this guy leaving messages on my Facebook is talking about help or a helper and a sister or nurse, while Estella was talking about her helper or her nurse from home care saying “hi dragon” to her cat. So yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if Estella switched to another body, that of “Raymond Vdf Delnoy”, who left those messages on my Facebook. But I’m not sure about this! But I can see them being able to do it, because they can jump from body to body with the push of a button! For sure! But an even crazier option is, that both Estella and Raymond are controlled by the same Dragon, who is maybe at a distance (miles away) from them, and thus controls different people from that distance. Kind of like a queen controlling her hive. Wacky it is, but I think it’s close to the truth!

The treatment I have received so far from the mental health facility, for which they therefore all use these taken over people, is monstrous! It only destroys me further! I really can’t take it! It’s a sick way of treating someone. They take over your family and then they hope that you will feel your aggression and they can corrupt you, but my aggression is further frowned upon every time. I’m now in a kind of false calm state, where I feel very much frustration, and I feel that I’m incredibly furious, but I’m not allowed to feel it, so with a lot of coercion those feelings are pushed down, and held back, and I really feel this physically. It’s like I’m pressing the brake, and even if I play that I’m angry, I can’t feel the accompanying power, I just feel frustration and inhibition. Why is this being done to me? Why is this being done to my family and friends? It is absolutely sick! Who is making this up? Why does this exist? Who wants to live in this world if this is how you are treated!? What idiots are walking around? All creepy males and females who have been taken over. You can smell them from a mile away because the energy doesn’t match how they look, which IS matching with original people with souls. No, these are all wackos. There are a lot of them in the supermarket. They are the handicapped people who nobody suspects are demonic. It’s those sweet-looking old ladies who are stoking around in old people’s homes. It’s the wealthy people who just have a very ordinary job. In short, people with whom the vibe is off, and there is actually no story behind their personality. I’ll pick them out in a minute! And I’m damned if I’m going to take things from them anymore. Fuck them! Will that kill me? Then too bad! They’ve done too much damage already! And they have to be stopped no matter what.

And I do n’t want to hear from anyone anymore, that I have to embrace them with only love! Because precisely because of the nature of things they do, this is incompatible with a loving-only attitude. It is only compatible with a loving attitude, if you have allowed the soft teachers of the three evil forces and their effects to work on you in sequence. But this has not happened to most people, because the world is full of abuse. You get one witch after another and one asshole after another facing you. I’ve learned to listen to everyone, but now it’s time for people to listen to me too….

It’s about damn time!

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