In this article I share information that says we are all going to turn inside out at the Great Reset. Wouldn't the process of turning inside out have been going on for a long time for some part of humanity? Would 'being taken over', a phenomenon I have described in detail on this site, describe exactly this process?

The Great Reset: turning inside out

I described in one of my articles how I found information about that the double vortex intertwined energetically with the flat Earth surface is going to turn inside out in not too long, and that all worlds outside of this world will be able to start seeing how not to be a civilization (these are words of Abraxas from Thuban, see the hyperlink at the bottom of this article). By which is meant that all humans will probably have a reset and be turned inside out energetically, and the other worlds will be able to see through the works produced by our humanity in this renewed energy, how bad things have been in the period of Satan’s Little Season (Little Season), the period that began around 1776 and continues until very soon. It does make you think. I can so imagine, that in order for the transition period to be as peaceful as possible, Satan and the other evil forces must work as hard as possible to get all people within the Divine Order that is in place here on Earth. In the reset (this turning inside out), previous blockages in your energy field are probably being resolved, and in order for that not to spill over into aggressiveness, which can create real chaos in the world, everyone has to be within the Divine Order, energetically. So that is within the boundaries that Lucifer, Satan, and the Antichrist pursue, which are the Holy Spirit, Son, and Father. The people who are outside this order will be targeted by taken over people. That’s a certainty. These taken over people could be people who have been turned inside out before: people who have been “resurrected” after they died, often in a broken state, and thus made whole again by God and are unconsciously or consciously led by God. This happening to famous people is because famous people produce works. And those who produce can influence the world and are made targets so that they come under the control of God. By confronting this power in the world, you can continue to produce works without being turned inside out. But the reset, I think, will eventually happen to everyone except those who are in the Book of Life of God, and those who persevere to the end. I am not in the Book of Life, nor am I going to persevere to the end, so I am probably going to turn inside out as well. This is the reset, and it may happen to all of us. But after that, you will may be rise up like all those people around me who I have seen transformed, and you will then be in the service of God, who is both Holy Spirit and Lucifer, both Son and Satan, and both Father and Antichrist. These are all attributes of the character of God, and of the character of man. By early targeting those who go outside the Divine Order, these people can work on themselves so that they eventually live within this Divine Order. When a person starts producing works, they are targeted by these taken over Antichrists. If the targeted person does nothing, then after all people in his environment are turned inside out, he himself will be turned inside out and henceforth be in the service of God. The world is very dark now and there are an awful lot of taken-over Antichrists walking around. This is because before they were taken over, they were not within the Divine Order in terms of their energy field. Are they then “taken over”, which may not technically be a takeover, but an inside-out reversal, then the result will be an aggressive, cold, personality that is completely in the service of God, but can be seen as an evil power. The one who confronts this phenomenon, and realizes that his family and friends are suddenly totally different, can, by means of producing works, keep this phenomenon at bay and meanwhile work on himself until he is as benign as possible. That is what I have done over the past few years. If I would now turn inside out, I would maybe become an entity that is in the service of God, but not evil, even though the energy flows are reversed. Producing works only accelerates the process of takeover. But perhaps the circumstances under which you are taken over are very important. Almost all of us are being judged by God. I am afraid of when the taking over will happen, so I take things very slowly. This is self-care. Step by step a little further and a little bolder each time. I am in a huge prison in my current state. So I hope that in a possible renewed state that’s not going to be there anymore and that my depressing life can turn into a life that feels much lighter, and where I can feel my upward flow of energy again within the boundaries of the Divine Order. Many people online describe this phenomenon of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

Furthermore, I want to share a dream I had. It has faded away a bit, so I don’t remember it very well. But what happened yesterday during the day when I was asleep was that I was terribly frightened in my dream. Forgot what caused it, but I think it was some kind of Poltergeist-like phenomenon. At one point a very evil entity attacked me. I resisted vehemently. I screamed loudly HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP. And in my dream I heard the neighbor at the front door, and she had my father with her. I hoped they had a key to the house, so they could help me, but they didn’t manage to get in. The evil entity then shouted, “SUBMIT TO ME!” I gathered all of my strength and yelled: NEVER!!! NEEEEEEEEEVER!!!” and then I opened my eyes… I had a soar throat, so I think I had really screamed. I walked to the front door. No one in sight. It remained silent and no one came… Had I only screamed in my dream? Had no one heard me then? When I had a nightmare, before, I always ran to my dear mother, to whom I could always turn. Now there was no one there! Honestly, I didn’t need that anymore either, but still: it remained silent, which I didn’t like.

Was my action of not submitting right? Was this God the Father testing me? Normally I would think that God would never ask His subjects to submit. But I also say lately that God is both good and evil. Was this a test to see if I really believe that? The first thing I thought when I woke up from that dream was that I have an imperfection in myself that makes me rebel when people ask things of me in evil ways, and can’t really let go of my ego. But is that really necessary? Is that even healthy to let go or even make your ego go away. In other words, is my refusal to submit to an evil God really an imperfection? Or is this precisely my strength? Which God do I serve? I do not want to serve an evil father. But I do know that God uses the Lucifer, Satan and Antichrist principles to make people as benign as possible. And the Antichrist is the negation of the Father principle from the Trinity. Sinning against the Father and Son can still be forgiven, but sinning against the Holy Spirit is not forgiven. So the Holy Spirit is the final authority, not the Father, so I just have to keep relying on that I guess. So I tend not to submit to an evil God, because for that I have to suppress who I am, and I have done enough of that in my life. If God wants something from me, he should ask it of me in a normal friendly way, and then I will think about it. I don’t accept a God who wants to destroy me. Nor do I accept a God who wants to destroy others. But I have some doubts. Since there are people who can let go of their ego without feeling broken. I have always said there are. Because if one has experienced the evil forces one by one, and the evil forces were administered in the right place, he obtains absolute freedom in his ego and becomes perfectly loving, without the feeling of being put in a prison. So is in that respect, not submitting to the Father, wrong? I don’t think so. Rudolf Steiner did not reveal how a person can overcome the negation of the Father, the Antichrist. I think it is by doing the Will of the Father, and regardless that death is going to follow, still persevere in this. But there are limits to what a person can handle. We’re all imperfect. Maybe after that, we are resurrected, just like Christ, who is at the same time Antichrist, because with every act the Christ does, he is at the same time Antichrist, and who knows, maybe that works the other way around too, that every act of the Antichrist when people take responsibility is at the same time an act of the Christ, so that would mean working toward some kind of integration of the two anyway. It remains a great dilemma. Maybe I should also try to have heart for a God who can be angry, but it feels really awful to do that. Especially when He acts like a madman. It really goes against who I am because too much was demanded of me too soon, in exactly the same way. It’s not right. I can have heart for my father, and heart for THE Father, but I don’t accept attacks, even on those around me.

Now a quote appears on Facebook that you must be a Goddess to tell such an incredibly evil being the truth. (The quotes that come along are always about women, but I still relate them to myself. I am used to being insulted). But I am now on the verge of being taken over. I really feel incredibly bad. Not much more has to happen, or I’ll give in. It’s unnerving! But as I said in my previous article, I am trying to trust in the process, in the Good Father, and in myself…

Perhaps the caterpillar-butterfly transformation is a lie after all and I am being fooled by it. Maybe the Antichrist is the corruption of the Christ, are they totally different entities, and is there no integration of Christ and Antichrist possible. And so we should serve only the good part of God. This feels better to me, as I then don’t need to account for my imperfection. But that’s wrong! I do need to account for that. It also means that there is no more hope that I will ever feel better. That my years of decline will end with me dying, and then being taken over by an Antichrist entity, just like all the other people I’ve seen it happen to. This is tough… But I still want to make clear that I am not sure about all this. So therefore I advise everyone to keep investigating.

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