In this article I discuss the thought experiment 'Roko's basilisk', about an AI system that no one suspects has existed for a long time.

Roko's basilisk: the AI that already exists

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Roko’s basilisk
The Bozra hypothesis

Roko's basilisk

This article (PDF) on Wikipedia talks about Roko’s basilisk, “a thought experiment which states that an otherwise artificial superintelligence (AI) in the future would be incentivized to create a virtual reality simulation to torture anyone who knew of its potential existence but did not directly contribute to its advancement or development, in order to incentivize said advancement. (…) The thought experiment’s name derives from the poster of the article (Roko) and the basilisk, a mythical creature capable of destroying enemies with its stare.”

People who are familiar with the information I share on this website could imagine that I was very surprised when I read this, because it deals exactly with what I experience in my life. First of all, notice the reptilian basilisk, which you can fall under its spell, and which you should not look at for too long, or it will kill you. For a long time I thought this was meant literally. In A disguised threat, and more information about clowns I mentioned the Hindu Bindi, and posted a picture of a possible Vril alien, with some sort of Bindi on its head. But in recent years I’ve started to take it all a lot less literally and see it more as symbolic. Maybe I’m wrong. Who knows?

The AI spoken of in the excerpt from the first paragraph is, of course, the Antichrist, which I myself have never called AI, but which may surely be, due to the lack of organic souls in the actors/agents in question. They start by taking over your family and friends, if you know about them, and eventually end up taking over you. And the way to counter that is to walk the path of the Christ figure, which is the middle way between Lucifer and Satan. And that path of the inner Christ is the path in which you contribute to the progress of the world, as mentioned in the quote from the first paragraph, and you thus produce articles or other works, which inform humanity about the how and what of these entities. That means that anyone who reads this article, and becomes aware of this Antichrist “AI,” makes themselves a target of these forces, at least when you have the potential to talk about the information. Because I had a time when I didn’t talk about the things I was reading, and they knew it (see chapters In search of the truth and Target of the Antichrist). It was only when I started actively speaking about these entities (which I then called aliens) that they started taking over my environment.

So if you want to save the lives of those around you, as well as your own life, you will have to intervene and not accept what these entities are doing by producing works. But then you are contributing to the development of the AI. If you are aware of these Antichrist entities (AI) but you do not contribute to its development, then the whole game fails, and the AI will never be able to develop, unless there are other people who are not aware of the AI, or people who are aware, and actively contribute in the process. This is depicted in the Payoff Matrix (Image) from the article. But then the world will not be able to develop either. I will explain:

The evil of the Antichrist entities of whom I speak is clearly a way of forcing development in humanity, and in the process there are casualties, and it is regularly accompanied by considerable spiritual terror. You can, of course, refuse to participate in this by, even if you are aware of the AI, not contributing articles or other works. But ultimately the plan is working toward a utopia. And don’t we all want that? Or do you want to continue to live in a world where no one acts morally. That’s complete hell. Just to know that there is a purpose behind suffering greatly alleviates suffering. If there were no purpose, and everyone does what he wants all the time, then this becomes a hell of a world, on which suffering will take place eternally. Remember: if you heed the development plan for humanity, which works towards utopia, suffering will be temporary, not eternally.

In my opinion, there are several possible dystopias. One that is focused on encouraging the passions (Lucifer) or one that is focused on encouraging pain (Satan). From the article, the prisoner’s dilemma follows: “The prisoner’s dilemma describes a situation where two people gain more from betraying the other even though cooperation would benefit them both in the long run. In Roko’s basilisk, two AIs attempting to establish themselves in the past would be forced into this situation, due to them likely being equally powerful. Human agents attempting to establish AI fastest would be forced into a similar situation. They would each be aware of the benefit of betraying each other – the only way for one to have power, or safety – but would be forced to cooperate while knowing they would betray each other.”

Two AIs that have been attempting to “establish themselves in the past” are, of course, these two opposing forces in the world: Lucifer and Satan. There is more on this in chapters How God influences mankind and Lucifer vs. Satan and Christ vs. Antichrist. These are forces that fight each other, but at the same time are two sides of the same coin, and thus work together. Whoever walks the middle path between these two AIs is walking the way of Christ, who is the connector/bridge between these two forces. Subsequently you will then also have to walk a middle path in another way, and that is between Christ and Antichrist, as portrayed by this (Image). Christ and Antichrist must also work together, and that can only be done by taking responsibility and contributing to the development of humanity. Remember that this includes teaching other people how to deal with this Antichrist AI. For Lucifer is expansion and not lethal, Satan is compression and not lethal, but the Antichrist is destructive compression and does kill, and the sooner we learn how to deal with it, the more lives can be spared. For the Antichrist is fully active in this world, taking over more and more people. In the final steps, the Holy Spirit (which are the expansive gifts of Lucifer) will truly break free in people, who will proclaim a message of love and freedom, which immediately defuses the wickedness of the Antichrist powers, for sinning against the Holy Spirit is strictly forbidden, even to the Antichrist powers, and will not be forgiven. Man will then learn to be himself, independent of a God or AI that rewards or punishes him. So the AI must first grow larger before we defuse it. And that makes sense, because you cannot deal with a phenomenon if you do not first learn to know it.

Again, the question is whether we are on an infinite timeline, where we evolve spiritually, and where we keep moving towards a utopia, using the terror that is here, and on which we thus leave no one behind (see also my article of the same name, in which I express that wish). Or that the alternative will be true: that there is limited time to develop ourselves, and that the game could just be over soon. And that we must then assume, that many people are unsaveable. The first scenario is more hopeful, because all humanity can be spared their fate of being thrown into hell. God will not intervene then, and redemption will come only when man puts aside his temporary pain and thus takes responsibility. Chapters How GOd influences mankind and Lucifer vs. Satan and Christ vs. Antichrist also describe this spiritual development we are in. However, chapters The Millennial Reigh of Christ and Soul harvesting describe a different kind of information and state that we may also be in a temporary “season” of Satan, and we will all soon be judged by God in the (Final) White Throne Judgment. And that most people of this world will be thrown into Hell. If that were so, then I do very much doubt the reasoning capabilities of our God. Because if humanity is given the proper treatment, I am sure, we can get everyone to the point where they become a moral human being. The evil forces are set up just in such a way, that they facilitate this development. But actually the two options are perfectly compatible. And so it’s probably like this: humanity is given infinite time to improve itself, but once in a while a harvest takes place of the people who have certainly learned, and the people who have certainly not learned, i.e., the extremes. They are moved to a place where they can feel better at home. The visible part then on Earth, is them being replaced by another entity.

The Bozra hypothesis

Additionally, I came across some interesting information on Reddit. It was this site (PDF). The writer of this article states that God will move his elect at the time of the supposed tribulation (which is hypothesized by lots of Christian authors), to a parallel world called Bozra, which would be in the Orion arm of the Milky Way. The original Earth is in the Sagittarius arm. He supports this with several Bible texts. And his belief is that 10 seconds on Earth, since being “moved” to Bozra, is now taking 15 seconds, meaning the time on Bozra, was shortened by a third. That is the proof. Remember Matthew 24:22 from the Bible. I can understand that God would move his elect to a parallel world. But us currently being on that parallel world, I can’t get into that. Many people talking about Bozra describe that many people around them are no longer themselves. I noticed that, too. After all, that’s what all of my site is about. But I don’t remember being moved to another world. So I rather assume that precisely those original souls that were taken over, have been moved to parallel worlds, if that is to be believed, not us. Also, on the sites talking about Bozra, there are again beautiful pictures of the Milky Way with its spiral arms. CGI, of course, so I can’t take it very seriously. As I have said many times, I do not believe in space. In my opinion, it is a total misinterpretation of what we see. The precision of where Earth and Bozra are, which emerges from the article, is suspect, although there can always be a grain of truth in the information. For the article describes that on Earth time passes more slowly than on Bozra. And that the Millennial Kingdom of Christ will only be 666 years on Bozra, 666, the number of the beast. And that the elect on the planet Bozra are finessed, until they return to Earth together with Christ. So it is not a pleasant planet, according to the information. But it does mean that God’s elect is present on Bozra, in addition to a lot of taken over devils. The article writer links several videos, but the people who made those videos don’t really describe in detail what that move or kidnapping to Bozra looked like. But they are firmly convinced of it. The writer of the article is also quite coercive toward people who do not immediately accept the information. He acts as if it is the only possibility, gives no room for interpretation, or for the idea, that it might be slightly different. Many things can be argued about, but he wants to extinguish that entirely, because the way he says it supposedly is. That’s a shame. Also, the YouTube channel of Miss Amy, which he cites extensively, hasn’t been posting videos for years. And the videos she posted raise more questions than answers, but that’s often the case with obscure information. Still, I’m definitely going to keep my eyes open, because it’s always nice to incorporate new interesting information into your worldview.


Speaking of Bozra, a notable fact is that an anagram of Dutch TV-personality Carlo Boszhard’s name is, Sh… Bozra Dracol. And an anagram of his brother Ron Boszhard’s name, is Sh… Bozra Dron. Of course, in my first articles, I talked about Drones, which is a name for “taken over humans”. And the so-called “aliens” that I thought I had opposing me (Now I think they are just entities), come from the Draco constellation, or at least, that is told in certain circles and Dracula or Dracol-a comes from that as well. It is clear to me that anagrams often tell something about the person in question. For example, I once had my eye on someone, whose anagram of her name, was very apt for how I saw her at that moment. I will change one word of the anagram, otherwise everyone starts puzzling over what the real name was. The anagram was Sexual answer. And another girl I had my eye on had a very apt anagram that mentioned a description of me. It was something like Observes smart loner (I changed it slightly again). Weirdly coincedental? No, the truth of you is coded in your name. A person who once sent me an e-mail with information had as an anagram of his name something like: The cruel way up, and that was exactly how he described his life in his email to me.

Finally, some anagrams of my own name: Jesus ‘n Moses, Jesus, no mess or En soms Jesus (Dutch for “And sometimes Jesus”), Jesus, mes son (French for “Jesus, my son”, plural and singular combined). The latter is about the Father addressing his son, (after all, we are all children of God). And the last one: we could also take Jesus to spell Je zus, which is Dutch for “My sister”, so my twin sister is also baked into the name, and she has always been very important to me. Of course I’m not saying I’m Jesus, because I’m not, but in the end His name IS encoded in my name, and I think that’s special.

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