This article describes a few public figures who have been droned or taken over by 'aliens'.

Drones in the media

Until last year there were an awful lot of lectures of Jordan Peterson online on Youtube, but gradually they are all being replaced by staged lectures of a fake Jordan Peterson with a beard (he has a bit more fat in his face, and is a lot angrier). (Example). This isn’t how Jordan Peterson was in earlier years. It’s obvious that Peterson has been droned, and now they’re putting fake videos of him on Youtube, and the whole world is falling for it. ‘Droning’ is when someone’s consciousness is taken over by an other entity, who is fully controlled and part of a hive mind. I don’t know exactly how this happens. (Donald Marshall has a lot of info). But they start droning the people around you, to see if you intervene and seek publicity. It happens to people who speak too much truth, sometimes influential, but sometimes not influential at all, like me and my people.

But with Peterson, the final result differs so much from the original Peterson that these alien-entities probably want to prevent people from noticing it. So they make sure that all of Peterson’s old lectures are at the bottom of Youtube’s search results, hidden by the algorithm. And the staged readings of the fake Peterson with beard, a bit more fat in his face, and much angrier, are at the top! Scandalous practices! Peterson’s family and friends don’t get it either, because they’ve been droned just like him, so they are completely taken over and can’t ring the alarm bells anymore. For the attentive spiritual or clairvoyant viewer, their ‘droned’ status is noticeable in the spiritually charged aura of his family, who are great actors in a now offline video: It’s a big lie, what they tell the world, him being sick and addicted to sedatives. Yeah right! The real one has long since died. (In this video you can see his droned family). But this is how these aliens, who just look like people, work! One big deception. Because many people see the human being as exclusively ‘physical’ or because they focus exclusively on themselves and do not see the other person accurately, they do not feel the small nuances in the connection and in his behaviour, which could make them wake up, that there is more going on. But for me the difference between the original and the fake Jordan Peterson is obvious. It’s definitely not the same guy. Compare the following videos and pay close attention to his character, not his looks or his voice or his way of talking, but his emotional aura. This is the real Jordan Peterson. This is the droned version, the predator. It’s not only the beard. Look at his eyes. In one of his newer videos, he even says, “Well, if you confront a dragon, you sometimes die!” (These ‘alien’ entities call themselves ‘dragons’). They’re murderous. And they’re fooling everybody with their deceptive tricks. 

Since the end of 2020, the predator version of Jordan Peterson no longer appears online or in interviews. He has been replaced again, this time by a much more real-looking clone. Not a predator at first glance. He is very convincing. It is a copy of who he essentially is, having all his memories. Probably the droned entity had to get used to the amount of knowledge this man has, and was therefore a bit more aggressive, but now he’s had time to get used to it and integrated everything, he is able now to fully descend into his role. Although this is of course speculation on my part.
Click here to view a picture of the three Petersons, followed up by the corresponding YouTube clips. Be sure to watch them, since the difference in appearance is more noticeable in the video’s than in the above photo.

Original Peterson, January 2018
Angry clone, October 2018
Clone 2.0, January 2021

They did the same process of droning to David Icke, who is now generally accepted by the media as a guest, while he was presented as a fool by all media when he wasn’t ‘controlled’ yet. Many can still remember the words of talk show host Terry Wogan: “They’re not laughing with you, they’re laughing at you!” That’s what happens in this world with people who want to help humanity move forward. Unfortunately, many of the old videos of the original David Icke have also disappeared from Youtube and many videos of the new Icke, which looks like a lizard with his Klingon forehead, is less genuinly animated in spirit than the original Icke and sometimes stutters. What an atrocity, aimed at possibly the bravest man the world has known! Here‘s the real one, and here‘s the droned alien. Please read his (the original one’s) books! (You can download some pdf’s in the Introduction of this web site).

People working in the media are selected for their corruption, and the same goes for politicians, police, military and so on. They don’t even need to be aware of this, because the lie is different on every level. And the real knowledge is at the top, which has been heavily infiltrated by these Dragon aliens, who control these drones, I think. 

Also watch those politicians walking around in the government. They’re lapdogs. They never dare to refute and disobey the real rulers in the shadow government because they have most likely been put in a blackmailing position, because of images taken of them in sex clubs, where they indulge their pedosexuality. Such people are deliberately put in positions of power. They always listen to authority and to so-called ‘experts’ and have no vision at all, except for a few. They are political hand puppets of the elite: useful idiots. It doesn’t matter which party you vote for, you always get the same shit. And most of the time they’re involved in shady businesses.

And watch the average journalist you see on the news shows. They’re either ignorant bastards defending the status quo and lying directly to your face or tame lambs, who need instructions for everything they do. They’re deliberately selected that way. And people who ask really critical and good questions are eliminated or ridiculed. 

The latest example in the media is the journalist Jan Roos (in the Netherlands) who worked for ‘Omroep Powned’, someone who at many moments exposed the total ridiculousness of the system with his fiery and critical questions, and even gave attention in his podcast to Peter Siebelt, who exposed the criminal acts of our Dutch royal family, who maintains close ties with the criminal underworld. Some links that make that same connection: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4 (use deepl.com for translation), or Link5 (this one is in English). A little while after this podcast, Jan Roos has been transformed into a ‘controlled’ handpuppet, much calmer, and is now doing shows for hitsy and gossipy youngsters. What happened, Jan? Either the elite have massively threatened your life, and it scared the shit out of you, or you’re just another example of someone they’ve taken over through droning. As far as I’m concerned, this Jan Roos is not the original Jan Roos. This is the probably droned Jan Roos: who looks totally traumatized. And this was the original: Look at the total energy again. But who knows, he may just have experienced some nasty things! What’s evident is that he has lost his morals! And that always happens with these drones. 

What I’ve seen around me, is that drones often lose weight when they go into the host body. This probably has a cause in physics, because the agression of drones is more in the head, I presume. The lower your aggression is in your body, the more pear-shaped you are, and the less fat you have in the chest area. Also look at the difference in posture between David Icke then and now. They then come up with a lot of excuses as to why they lost this weight. My neighbor said it was a gastric bypass. And a woman I hung out with for a while said it was because of healthy food. And American Bill Donahue, who they also droned when he proclaimed too much truth, says in the following video, titled The Alien Invasion, that he had to lose weight because of his diabetes. In that video he tells about how the droning takes place and jokes over and over again about being an alien. Worth watching completely.  

Furthermore, watch this video in which Hillary Clinton asks if they can’t just drone Julian Assange? In the clip they pretend she was talking about a drone strike, but that’s absolutely not what Hillary Clinton meant. She meant whether his consciousness can’t be taken over (by droning), so that he becomes completely controlled. Which has probably already happened!

Also the anarchist Larken Rose, who appeared in many Youtube video’s and made a fierce plea for real anarchy, not the chaos anarchy that the media always misrepresents, but real anarchy, self-governance, in which people take responsibility for their own behaviour, and decide for themselves what to spend their money on instead of being robbed by a coercive government, he too has been seized by these alien entities, although I can’t find out when that happened. What I do know is that he felt that his wife had to love him so unconditionally that she had to accept he was cheating on her with Amanda Rachwitz, who, after being droned by him, suddenly called herself ‘The Dragon Anarchist’. Her former husband explains on Youtube what happened (link can’t be found anymore), not at all understanding her suddenly behaving completely different and wanting to leave him, while there really wasn’t anything going on before that. In several now offline video’s, Larken Rose and Amanda Rachwitz are intimately entangled in their chairs and again you can see from their spiritually charged predator-like appearance that they are dragons, energy vampires, who take over each other with a poisonous bite in their necks (in real life it probably happens just a bit differently), and who feel no regrets at all about these actions, and think that they should only be loved unconditionally, like little toddlers would like to be.

I myself behaved like such a little toddler, when I was 21 and did a fantastic therapy against the trauma I have. They put a lot of pressure on me, so that my agression ascended in my body (I pumped myself up psychologically to handle the pressure), in order to finally learn to fight against others, which is one step of identity development (cause I had an identity problem), cause those feelings were violently disapproved of in my childhood. I was as much a predator inside as the Dragons are (it’s one tenet of Dragonhood, they call it), although they had taught me to handle it with rigorous behavioral therapy. So I only hurt people in fantasy, and thank God not in real life. In those times, I also wanted people to love me unconditionally, as a counterbalance to all the rottenness I had been through in my childhood. But I see now that that was weak, even if it was a necessary step in my emotional development. Cause no one should be free of criticism! And it is immensely weak and unacceptable to attack someone when being criticized or confronted. I hope I make myself very clear!!! 

If you really want to let go of pain, you have to stop fighting it. Then you will have to live it through, the way God intended for you. You then work through the pain through controlled anger and grief, little by little, so that you can continue your life free of this pain, without wanting to retaliate against others for what has been done to you. It is precisely by letting go of control that you can gain control. Unfortunately, sometimes traumas can be so severe that you cannot recover from them when embracing the pain. In that case (and my case), you will always go through life somewhat disabled, i.e. in a way you no longer have all your emotions/tools at your disposal to achieve your future goals. In that case it is better to let someone in fantasy just rage and give the Free Child space, i.e. fighting against the pain, with of course a strict behavioural therapy that balances the behaviour. Because everything has to be balanced. 

So in that sense the Dragons also deserve our compassion, although I do disapprove of their actions. Droning people is a disgusting action, but what we have to take into account is that if you immediately seek publicity when you think you see it happening, many victims can be spared! I haven’t done anything for too long, because the damage to my personality is just too big, and I don’t feel my anger enough, so they are taking over more and more people around me, probably also my family now. And that hurts immensely. At such moments I long to go back to the Free Child that was awakened in my therapy. Unfortunately I have not been able to retain the experience of that inner Free Child, when my pain was confronted in a later therapy. And that could very well be disastrous for me in the future! Still, I raise the alarm and try to make my point, because I feel it’s my responsibility!

If you want more information about the Dragons, read Children of the Matrix by David Icke. The pdf can be downloaded here.

gepost op May 12, 2020
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