This article describes why I'm bringing up this information about these so called 'aliens'.

Why bringing up this information?

What motivated me to go public with all this strange information about aliens, I’ve already described in other articles, but I’ll briefly list it here.

Some of you know that in 2005 I finished a therapy that went completely wrong because my therapists had overlooked a severe trauma I had. And since then, I was actually slowly being eaten by the vulnerability I had. Every time I showed my anger, there was a reaction that I couldn’t cope with, because of the trauma in my past that I couldn’t escape anymore internally. This caused my condition to deteriorate and my core to be peeled off layer by layer until my most vulnerable feelings were completely exposed. This took at least 12 years. I couldn’t deteriorate any further at that point, so then I worked towards some kind of recovery, and because of what happened in my life at that point, I became a lot stronger. And now, I don’t really care about what other people think in that respect anymore. 

Furthermore, during the time I was in therapy, I learned a lot, but it was actually knowledge that you don’t hear very often in education or media. Because of this I couldn’t recognize myself anymore in the usual information in media and education. I then started asking critical questions about everything I had learned, in other words, whether the things I believed were in fact really true? The bottom line was that I noticed that in many things I was just parrotting other people. I resented that. I started reading more and more about the things that could explain my experiences in therapy. And I went further and further in that search for the truth, and saw that a lot of lies were held up high. And no one seem to notice. I started reading about physics, psychology (not the popular magazines) and esoteric subjects and became aware that many newer insights have not yet penetrated the mainstream at all, or even that consciously information is being kept away from the mainstream. In a lot of disciplines you have suppressed information! And there is forbidden religion, forbidden science, forbidden political views and so on. I began to see that this is a coordinated attempt to keep real knowledge away from the mainstream. Then I started reading about conspiracies and shadow governments. Then I found out that there is a non-human intelligence on this planet, leading things behind the scenes. Then I started looking at Dan Winter’s videos, like this one, about the ET origins of DNA. And a whole world opened up. The real history of mankind is also kept secret. In short, it was quite a voyage of discovery, and I really enjoyed it. And I always kept all this information and the things I’d learned to myself. Until my psychiatrist said that I no longer had any psychotic vulnerability, and that made me feel strengthened to speak my mind. I spoke my mind for the first time with my counselor. Almost immediately after that, a first trigger followed from someone I knew from the mental health facility, but whom I hadn’t seen for a long time. I was sick with fear, because why did she post a picture of herself as a dragon-alien (it seems to have been a projector which projects this image), right after I was talking about that for the first time. This started a whole series of triggers, with different people, who all came up with dragon references, and then I knew that they were taking all these people over. To dismiss everything as coincidence is impossible. And I don’t see the mental health facility instructing those people either, because they were also other people, and not just the people from the mental health facility, so they shouldn’t know them. The attack on me had begun. But from every trigger I became stronger, until now I can stand up for the information, without fear.

I still believe: if you don’t want to know the truth and take the blue pill (The Matrix). Then read all the bestsellers and all the popular crap. Do you want to know the truth and take the red pill: read all the suppressed or ridiculed information. The latter is a lot more exciting, but you have to have the personality for it. Confronting your fears and looking where you least want to look is a trait of the dragon consciousness. A very beautiful trait! Because even though dragons are sometimes presented as terrible monsters… they CAN be tamed… Look at Monsters Inc. in which Boo, in her childlike (and divine) uninhibitedness, gives her love to the monsters who suddenly don’t seem so angry anymore. This is the other side of what I feel about the dragons. I hate them for what they do and have done (after all, they have taken over almost everyone in my immediate environment), but they are also part of me and in that sense I love them too. And that feels awfully ambivalent… In a way I have loved every single being they took over, and to then love the perpetrators as well seems kinda strange. And quite disgusting… But I’ve allowed them too long to do these horrible things, so by sharing this, which is my responsibility, I hope to make it right again.

posted on May 14, 2020 by Jesse Musson

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