This article describes some evidence why the earth isn't a spinning ball and doesn't revolve around the sun.
The earth doesn't revolve around the sun

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Anyone who dares to look critically at the evidence that the earth is round and revolves around the sun, often does not yet know what the alternative theory might look like. It is often a search for a coherent theory that answers all the questions. But nobody has all the answers yet. If you search for the subject on Google, for example, you could soon see the website of the Flat Earth Society, which is nothing but controlled opposition, which brings all kinds of false information into the world, making the subject completely ridiculous. Few people are really serious about their research and have written books on the subject, but Eric Dubay is the best known. He lives in Thailand and is full-time engaged in ‘fighting the New World Order’, as he says himself. Sounds like he knows what’s going on. When I first read his information, I was a little confused. Because a lot of his evidence is a downright mindfuck because it goes against everything you’ve learned in your early years. In your early years, when you weren’t thinking critically, and blindly accepted what your parents told you! Because that’s the problem! And that’s why people investigating the flat earth are so ridiculed. It is a childish reaction, because the belief in a round earth was put in you as a child without you asking questions about the subject. Luckily, I was already on my way to deprogramming all the things I had accepted without asking questions, and I wouldn’t let this stop me either. Now that I’ve seen the other side, and read all of Eric Dubay’s evidence and thought about it, I don’t understand why I ever believed in a round earth. It’s a pseudo-scientific idea, and the theory is full of holes. It is definitely worthwhile to read his books The Flat Earth ConspiracyThe Atlantean Conspiracy and 200 Proofs the Earth is not a Spinning Ball. And here are 1000 memes

I say it’s pseudo-scientific, for the following reason: Nobody can prove that the people on the other side of the world are actually ‘upside down’ stuck to the sphere by gravity. Nowhere else in the world can this phenomenon be shown in a smaller model. It can only be shown at the far ‘zoomed out’ level of the sphere. So we have to blindly believe the space organizations, because they are the only ones who can confirm it or not. We cannot replicate it ourselves, to see it with our own eyes. Now NASA, for example, is full of Freemasons and Nazis and because of their history of lies, I really don’t take what they preach seriously. Also take a look at the many ‘pictures’ of Earth. They all look different. In the last ‘picture’ of the planet Pluto, the Photoshoppers had Pluto, Mickey Mouse’s dog, hidden in the surface. They’re laughing at you! It’s all Computer Generated Imagery. Also the lunar landings were fake, and were recorded by Stanley Kubrick in a studio. It’s also clear from the attitude of Neil Armstrong, who never did an interview, that they didn’t go to the moon. In the following video, he explains that ‘parrots are the only ones who can talk, and they don’t fly that well’. And that there is much to discover ‘if one removes truth’s protective layers. Link. Many people are inclined to judge others on what they would or would not do themselves, and therefore assume that such a large organization as NASA would never fool them in such a grand way, but still it is true. Many video’s from space show air bubbles, because they often record them in swimming pools. Or in zero-gravity planes. Also rockets that supposedly go into space, often can be seen flying into the nearest water with a giant curve. The launch pads are also always close to water. Link.

Furthermore, I don’t believe that planes, as they fly around the earth, have to steer down every so many miles to stay at the same altitude. That’s ridiculous. No, they just fly over a straight surface. In fact, the document (page 7) they use are describing calculations on a flat stationary model of the Earth. The flight paths in the southern hemisphere can also be called ‘curious’. They often make stops in the northern hemisphere. Which is easy to understand on the map of the flat Earth. But on the Ball-Earth it doesn’t make any sense. Also bridges are never made taking into account the curvature of the Earth. They are also just straight. And we can go on like this! Actually, we all know that the Earth is flat, but we pretend when we drive or fly over the flat surface, that in real life it looks like circling around the sphere. Like some kind of virtual reality. It’s bizarre!

For those who want to know the proof why the Copernican theory is no longer valid, watch the following video: Link. I will summarize what the essence of the proof is: Physics before the end of the nineteenth century, including Maxwell’s electrodynamic equations, assumes that space is filled with an aether through which electromagetic waves propagate. In 1887 the Michelson-Morley experiment was done, to see if there was an aether wind around the Earth, which should occur when the Earth moves through the aether. By projecting a beam of light in the direction of the aether wind, and projecting a beam of light at right angles to the aether wind, and then measuring the speed of light in both directions, one could find out how fast the Earth was moving. The result was that the speed was 0. So in other words: Either the Earth stood still and Copernicus was wrong, or there was no aether. Albert Einstein then developed the theory of relativity and threw the ether in the bin. And this is what the consensus (a consensus in science is not science) in our physics and astronomy of today is still based on. However, in 1913 George Sagnac did an experiment that proved that the aether did exist, and that the Earth actually did not move and the Copernican theory and the theory of relativity were wrong.

What happens next is that the proof of the aether of Sagnac is never mentioned anywhere and that the whole physics community worships Einstein as an idol, or a God. And the worst thing that happens is that they confuse reality with a theory. So when you then say, “I think that’s the way it is,” they say, “No, you don’t understand how it works! You have to learn more of our theory. All I can say then is, “What do you prefer to understand? Reality or a theory? The theory is not reality. But this is what happens when people don’t make a connection with the immaterial. In fact, making a connection with the immaterial in addition to the material enables you to solve the riddles of the universe, because reality IS in a certain way, but you can assume that it hasn’t yet been written down in detail, so you can actually only look at the visible observations and the rest is still invisible. If you can’t then think freely with the subject of ‘yourself’ interacting with the still invisible part of the objects in reality, then you’re going to attach too much value to theories, and you’re going to confuse them with reality. Then it becomes more a belief, the theory equals the truth then, and this is the problem with current physics and astronomy. Although I am convinced that Einstein’s diversion is a deliberate diversion to present people with a ‘false’ reality. For as I already wrote in another article: At this stage of development it is important that man descends into the material, and must have an image of the cosmos that God does not exist, and that everything is coincidence, and that we are at the mercy of the forces of nature! But nothing could be further from the truth.

The accompanying emotional state is one of hardening, and separation, which is a necessary step in man’s development. We are all looking for a worldview that matches our emotional state at that moment in our lives, in short: a worldview that resonates with you. Even people who say they think ‘rationally’ have an emotional state, and you also need your emotions to think rationally, they often don’t realize that. Life on Earth is one big developmental path, where you think and feel different things at different times in your life. And the whole of all the personal paradigms that result from that is embedded in the collective consciousness. What is true on one level does not have to be true on the other. As far as that is concerned, everything is consciousness and matter is a kind of mirror, a way for your Divine Consciousness (which is a small part of a much larger collective Source Consciousness (which you can call God) to get to know yourself and everything around you. As a child and young adult you often get further and further away from the Source with which everything began at birth (which is an indirect result of the Fall of Man projected in Time), but in your later life you take the way back to the Source, the Divine state in which you began your life, the latter differing from the former in that you are independent now, and have learned to know the world and yourself now. A wonderful principle…

posted on May 20, 2020
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