This article describes some thoughts about Corona and why this virus could be a blessing in disguise in the long term.

Corona: a blessing in disguise?

The corona virus… Let me tell you something about it. I don’t need to investigate anything anymore, to know that the news and fear porn you get from the media every day is complete nonsense. And yet I did precisely that today: investigating this virus. And then you see how much is being lied about, how unreliable the mortality rates are, how stories are being made up, how some real stories are being magnified, and how all governments are eager to take measures that happen to advance their agenda gigantically. Create a fictitious or real problem. Let the people anxiously scream and desperately beg for a solution. And then offer the solution that you wanted anyway, and that will advance your agenda. Who benefits by creating these problems? Above all, let’s ask ourselves that. And the people who just accept it uncritically and post memes like “Stay at home, it could save lives!” And more of that predictable “see how good I am” bullshit. They are so misguided. The agenda behind it is going to be very sinister in the future when it comes to the behavior of mankind. People already look at each other with suspicion. But this is just the beginning.

I really don’t deny that people are getting sick and that there are people with respiratory problems. There always are. And it’s precisely these people who get the corona tests, of which the recipe is kept secret. How convenient. And yes, they get the positive test result, and think they have something different than a plain old but severe pneumonia. It seems to me that the people who get sick are the people who are most afraid of the virus. Breathing has an intimate connection with your mental state. And there is a huge awakening taking place in the world and people clearly can’t handle these energies. And they devour themselves and others and project out the parts they don’t recognize within themselves. It seems as if everyone is just joining in with this madness. It’s a collective delusion. People are particularly afraid of getting sick, and advise each other to distance themselves from each other as much as possible, because the virus is a creature that jumps from one to the other. That’s what the experts are telling. But I think that’s complete bullshit. The real virus is that one human being infects another in fear. That’s corona. It’s a psychological virus. It’s just an encoded message of people’s behaviour. And the consequences are all around us now, and it’s indeed jumping from one human being to another. That’s the virus, nothing else. Corona virus is an anagram of the word ‘carnivorous’. And that’s what this virus does. People are literally consumed by the fear of the virus and eat others alive if they don’t believe the same about the virus as they do, and this IS the virus. We all have to be afraid, they say. But I’m not afraid. I embrace the things I get on my life path. If that’s what I have to experience in this life, then I will try to learn from it. Because all the suffering you go through in your life has a purpose. And the purpose is to bring you back or closer to God. I’ve been very hypochondric for a long time. And I had all sorts of illnesses, but the real illness was “the fear of sickness and suffering”. I was searching for my identity cause I had lost it due to traumatic experiences. And by embracing my shadow, I lost this fear of sickness, and I learned to know myself. 

Of course, we all know the movies that are about big pandemics that break out, where people turn into monsters and devour each other. There has been a lot of predictive programming in the years leading up to the corona crisis. These are all encoded messages, just like everything in this matrix. And it doesn’t stop with these films alone. Because in different places one can find predictions about the arrival of this virus. Dean Koontz in his book The Eyes of Darkness predicted a respiratory disease that will spread in the near future, and that disease is spread by the Wuhan-400 virus, which supposedly is a biological weapon, created by humans. And let Wuhan just be the city in China where the Corona virus started. Of course, people are not allowed to know the truth about this, and now reports are popping up all over the place of it being incorrect, and this not being true, and that something like this can of course not be predicted either. Very predictable. But it is indeed possible, because the future of this world is by and large not a secret for the illuminated people. It’s on the one hand, to feed the idea that there is an evil elite that is letting the biological weapon Corona loose on its population, and, on the other hand, to disprove it completely. Again (for those who have read my earlier articles) ‘good’ is set against ‘evil’. But they are both wrong. The real truth is found by integrating both polarities in the centre of your body, your heart. And this can be achieved by first becoming as good as possible, and then working towards the middle path by embracing your evil feelings as well. Or by first becoming as evil as possible and then allowing positive feelings as well in yourself. Then you’ve got to know the world and yourself in all its extremes. The secret is that these extreme polarities of super good and super evil are both ‘evil’ in some sense. And mankind is busy learning to integrate them both. And then you will see that there is nothing to be afraid of. And then you will find the behavior of your fellow human beings curious. Keeping a distance from each other, what a joke. Giving each other an elbow when you’ve just sneezed into it! The irony!

I call for a strong kind of love for your fellow human beings. And just give each other a hug, because the lack of these forms of contact, while the need is there, causes problems with your immune system. Anyone who has a psychologically good immune system for what he has experienced in life, also has a good immune system physically. And it hurts me that I am not allowed to visit my dear grandmother of 104. How will she feel about that? It’s madness. This is because of people’s fictitious belief that the body is separated from the mind and that the mind has no influence on the body or matter. This is wrong, and if people would dare to look a little more inside themselves, they would know that this is wrong, but for most people these are almost extraterrestrial ideas. 

Corona hysteria (“How dare you not wash your hands and put other people in danger?”) is just like climate hysteria (“think about the climate like we do, otherwise we’ll all die”), vaccination hysteria (“everyone has to vaccinate, otherwise you’ll endanger someone else, and don’t you dare think otherwise”), and language hysteria (“don’t use words like ‘nigger’ because they can hurt and even destroy people”) about criminalizing NORMAL behaviour and that’s all part of the satanic impulse. If you want to read more about that, read my first article Conclusion of…. Those who don’t feel anger in themselves from all that hysteria, don’t feel their ascending energies, or are terribly afraid of the ascending energies in themselves. While it’s nothing to be afraid of. In therapy I have embraced these ascending energies to the fullest, and the irrealistic fear of harming someone else has disappeared completely. The question is whether this corona-crisis is realistic at all, or whether it is a way to confront the people en masse with their greatest fears, so that it serves as a catalyst for development and one learns to integrate one’s shadow. Because do you really believe that you are guilty when someone in your environment gets corona, and you haven’t washed your hands. It’s quite normal for there to be illnesses. Diseases have the purpose of bringing you back to God. As far as that’s concerned, they’re a gift! And if that’s what you have to experience in this life, then there must be a reason. And if you’re wondering why strict believers in God get sicknesses, then I say: these believers we see in this day and age mainly TALK a lot about God, with their dogmas and rules and their failure to discover the world around them, because in their eyes everything is evil, and you must stay away from evil. Sadly they are completely lost, just like the main part of mankind, what the concept of God really means. Blindly believing in religious nonsense and dogmatic rules is just as stupid as blindly believing in the scientific Gods, who in this day and age are the ones getting air time in the average TV show. If you want to become a man of God, try to take in everything you see, hear, and feel, and explore it. How difficult it is to be critical of the things you believe yourself. No, most people are only critical of what is outside of themselves, of what they don’t agree with, and let that be what they deny within themselves, but what is an essential part of themselves and the world.

This corona-‘pandemic’ will probably take on ever-increasing proportions in the near future. People who don’t believe in the ‘corona god’ will be demonized, excluded, abhorred, because according to the ‘experts’ and the blind slave people they are the reason that the virus still has a chance to spread. And the people will en masse follow the guidelines of the increasingly technocratic elite. The people will believe en masse what these so-called experts say. Eventually there will be a vaccine that everyone will have to take. And with the next mutation, we all get another vaccine, and with the next one, another one. And another one. This is typically western medicine. The human body as a machine. It’s disgusting. Because it totally ignores the real spiritual cause of most illnesses. In addition to the vaccines, one will eventually get a digital ID, which will give them permission to enter the public domain and use services. These things are an example of ‘the mark of the beast’, although we all have this mark, in lesser or greater extend. And it’s all under the guise of ‘safety’. “It is for your own safety, people, that we take from you the freedoms your ancestors fought so hard for. And so, man is, without protesting, passively led into the satanic age, and the New World Order (read: George Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World) becomes a fact. This is not a conspiracy theory, the gentlemen and ladies in power do not even deny it. Until mankind realizes that they have allowed what is going to happen as slaves by listening to their daddy and mommy, or ‘the State’, they will have to bear the deadly consequences of this stupid consenting behaviour, and believe me: they will be much more serious than the consequences of the virus… 

It is also essential that mankind learns to deal with the phenomenon of ‘death’. Unfortunately mankind is completely in the dark thanks to years of brainwashing there is no afterlife, that she becomes anxious when death appears into the picture. And that will lead people en masse to the slaughterhouse. And that will also be the basis on which people will lead their innocent fellow human beings to the slaughterhouse. The function of the elite is only to provide the world with the right ‘evil’ impulse (mostly total lies), so that people can learn what the deadly consequences will be of their own stupid herd behaviour in consenting to this so-called ‘monstrous’ behaviour. In this way one learns to integrate one’s own shadow, and let that be precisely what transforms monstrous behaviour into real good and divine behaviour, which by the way is not to be confused with the fake goodness one sees in people who especially want to show others that they really are a good person, the so called virtue signallers. Yuck.

Satanic consciousness is distancing oneself from others, feeling guilty even though it isn’t your fault, slave thinking, blind obedience to authority, materialistic thinking, and putting your fellow man in a prison. Many similarities with what is happening now, don’t you think? But I’m convinced these scary developments can be transformed into good developments. In the end, it will teach people to develop their own authority instead of listening to some external one, and it will teach people to be free, independent of circumstances. This is a massive gift. It will also ensure that people take responsibility for their behaviour, and that’s what this world deperately needs. But the elite will play it in such a way that it is the world turned upside down. Precisely the healthy awareness of responsibility, which also means that you are NOT responsible for some things, will be criminalized, and the disturbed behaviour of accusing and excluding each other, because of not participating in the ‘corona church’, will be encouraged. And that is only going to get worse in the time to come, and that will cause massive fights, ’cause the part of the public who won’t accept this will become violent as well. I don’t approve violence from either side. But notice how the corona virus is the perfect and very convenient way to fuel this fight.

So I embrace the current developments, although it is going to be hard. The necessary remedy for these fights is ‘knowledge’ and ‘understanding’, and I hope a can contribute to this. So people, try to work through your emotions, connect with your opposition, share your knowledge and work towards a state of understanding, no matter how much you disagree, no matter how scared you are (investigate your own fears), and no matter how many tears it takes. That will be the way out of the crisis in the following years. Corona is only the beginning…

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posted on Apr 30, 2020 by Jesse Musson

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