This article addresses the question of where we may be in the timeline relative to Christ's Millennial Kingdom, and asks how the Antichrist will be revealed.
The Millennial Reign of Christ & the Revealing of the Antichrist

A subject I hadn’t really delved into yet, but which is very popular is the ‘mud flood’ research, the insight that probably in the first half of the 19th century, a global mud flood occurred, by which the so-called global ‘Tartarian’ civilization was reset at that time, after which the traces of this civilization were erased with a false history. (The reason for this, I will describe later in this article). The buildings of this civilization are mostly still intact, but the lower floors of these buildings are buried under thick layers of mud. In many buildings, you can see this by the road that runs right through a floor. The so-called basements that appear then, are mostly only part of what is still underneath in some cases. Of course, critics see this as weak evidence, but there are more rumours that something strange happened in the early 19th century, and that the people who were walking in the cities in those times didn’t really belong in those cities. In other words, they rediscovered these cities (which were built in earlier times! Also, the fact that there were many orphan trains in those times and those orphans found new parents with whom they then mostly went to work, lays the suspicion that in this way children were deliberately cut off from their origins, to hide the real history. Also the many emerging “madhouses” creates the suspicion that the people who knew their origins very well and refused to deny it, were put in these madhouses, where they often received inhumane treatment, and which was the beginning of the demonization of these so-called “psychotic” people, who actually saw the truth. That is how they probably dealt with people who knew too much of the truth.

Next, there is evidence that ‘the controllers’ (the Satanic elite) have added approximately 1000 years to our timeline. We commonly see coins and maps with a year like for example I621 on them, where the first character (I) is different from the last character (1). The first character is probably an I followed by the actual year 621. The I would stand for Iesous or Iesu, since the I replaces the J. The years on coins would then be the years in the Millennium of Christ, which dismisses the many flavors in amillennialism, premillennialism, and the rapture (whether it occurs pre-tribular/post-tribular, or mid-tribular) all at once. A pre-Millennial preterism would then be the correct view, meaning that the tribulation and end-time prophecies that emerge in the Bible book of Revelation have already taken place in the past, before the beginning of Christ’s Millennium, as well as the Second Coming of Christ. The absolute wealth of cathedrals and other architecture in this world would be evidence of this Millennial Reign of Christ, which ended in the early 19th century after 1,000 years, with a great catastrophe, a kind of reset. There is much evidence that the quality of the structures/building materials in those days was much better than today’s construction, and it is often impossible to understand how people who were more primitive than we are (according to so-called science) manufactured such beautiful and intricate architecture. Of course in my other articles I argue that we are in a spiritual development, not a Darwinian development. So calling people who lived before more primitive is a big mistake in that regard. I have talked about linear development at times, but I rather think that all the evil forces that catalyze our development are always present, and so it is all about how you used these forces for your development.

Also, the many Saints depicted in ancient images may be evidence of this Millennium Reign of Christ. The Saints are then those who received improved bodies at the beginning of these 1000 years, because they remained faithful to Christ in the years following his death. These bodies probably did not need to defecate and urinate and this explains the total lack of sanitation in the buildings of that time. Because having such intricate architecture, and then no sanitation, is curious, to say the least. During these 1000 years, the evil forces were then temporarily locked away.

What we know as history would have been completely falsified, and the Middle Ages would have been artificially added, serving to mask this Millennium Reign. I must honestly say that I am not surprised by anything anymore, because we are definitely living in a time of lies only! We would now be in the time period, after the Millennial Reign of Christ, in which Satan is let loose for a ‘little season’, before the Last Judgment takes place, which explains the rise of materialism in the world, and the huge amount of lies, because Satan is the father of lies! These are Christ’s words.

It also means that we probably are “the rest of the dead” (Revelation 20:4-5). This means that we are the souls who did not choose Christ during the tribulation. And we all participated in the ‘second resurrection’ after the Millennial Kingdom, where we were very likely put into new (imperfect) bodies (using advanced technology) and we now have another chance to purify ourselves of evil in this short while (about 220 years), and still choose Christ until the Last Judgment occurs. A cycle then consists of 2000 years of the Father, 2000 years of the Son, 2000 years of the Holy Spirit + the Millennium of Christ + this short while (Satan’s little season (220 years), and so the Last Judgment can occur any moment now.
Here is a clip from a Bible from 1814, which says that the Seventh Millennium, that is, the Millennium of Christ, has already taken place and began with the birth of Jesus, some 1220 years ago.

The Last Judgment would then, in my opinion, be the splitting I foresee, which I described in my article End of a Cycle and Be Prepared!, whereby the part of humanity that has not yet learned is moved to a negative world (which may stand for the New World Order), the part that is lukewarm enters a new cycle to try again, and the part that has learned and is in Christ is moved to a positive world, where they live eternally in the spirit of Christ. What is meant by this generally has nothing to do with how many Christians live, but rather involves the challenge of keeping your thoughts, feelings, and actions aligned for most of the time!

In this video by Godgevlamste, he states the annual count of time has been tampered with. The video is incomprehensible to those who have not seen Godgevlamste’s previous work, so I recommend you start from scratch with his videos, and then work your way up to the last video.
Another good YouTube channel is that of Exploring Tartaria, especially the following three videos: “Exploring Tartaria, Old World Secrets Revealed!”, “The Timeline Deception”, and “The Timeline Deception Part II”. This lady has a very clear explanation of what happened, and if you have taken note of all the information surrounding the falsification of history and the many other lies, it sounds like a believable story as this YouTube channel describes it. Above all, they are really wonderful videos, so enjoy!
And a final suggestion is the CONSPIRACY-R-US channel and the following video, on the Millennial Kingdom of Christ and the Second Resurrection!

Still, I have some doubt in my heart if this is the truth. It is a possibility, but the Bible also says that Jesus will not return (not in the flesh, but spiritually, that’s my opinion) until the Antichrist is reveiled. And since I think I know the phenomenon of the Antichrist very well, I still have doubts that we are right before the Last Judgment. Maybe we are still in the tribulation after all. What I know about these Antichrist entities that I write about, not many people know yet. And it is my job and the job of many others, to expose this and bring it to the public. Because this message is very important. First these entities kill a lot of people, so that their souls leave their bodies. Then they take their place in the bodies, and then they can end their lives on their own initiative, when it suits them best (this is really true!). They are really playing God!!! It is beyond outrageous! It is murderous! And blasphemy at its worst! Perhaps the message I have for humanity is more likely to reach the mainstream through the work of other Christians, but I was also thinking the other day about whether it might not go in some other way… That these Antichrist entities might reveal themselves, for example, by all dropping dead at the same time!!! Because they are able to do that! Mankind would be absolutely amazed by the masses of seemingly ‘normal’ people, who would all drop dead at the same time, and would share my message a lot faster when they read the explanation in my texts! For most people have no experiences in or context for this at all in their own lives. It’s just an idea! But I don’t know how I would react to this! Because even though I know they are no longer who they originally were, I am attached to the mannerisms of my family members that they act out (my family members have been taken over), and the companionship and help they give me. I have already lost them spiritually, but then I lose them physically as well, i.e. their appearance. I wonder if I would have the courage to really step out then. The will is certainly there, but the strength and confidence is lacking, shall we say. And that really worries me! So I hope that my brothers and sisters in Christ will also make a contribution! Because I feel like I am falling way short! And I really can’t do it all alone!

posted on Mar 13, 2021
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