This article describes some new observations around the giant Corona virus hoax.
Face mask mandate

Since December 1st, there is a national face mask mandate here in the Netherlands. Everybody is now wearing those damn face diapers. And why? Because the rest of the world does it too! Is it effective? No, after all, a fart goes right through your pants as well. Apart from this highly intelligent observation on my part, it has not been proven to be effective in any way. But still, we have to do it, like a bunch of idiots! As usual, mankind, curious as she is, wants to experience what it is like to just do it; an attempt to see whether the government reacts as positively to their virtuous behaviour as their daddy and mommy used to do, an ultimate attempt to get to know authority, at the expense of their opposition: the people who don’t feel comfortable with such a thing. On TV you especially see a lot of people who are somewhat laughing about following all the rules like ‘6 feet” and ‘don’t shake hands’ and ‘put on face masks’. People seriously act like little kids as if it’s all a game. It’s absurd to see this. But the ruling powers must love it and laugh their asses off. My mother who has been taken over (see my first article Conclusion of… or the Introduction, for the history of that) is enthusiastically sewing face masks and gets all excited about that much masochism among the people, and she very much encourages me to wear them as well. This very superficial virtue-signalling fascism is evil as hell. And yet everyone accepts it, because…: “the virus!!!!” Not to mention the dozens of people who emotionally manipulate you with the words: “You don’t wear a face mask for your own good, you do it for other people’s good! Don’t you have the required empathy, to wear that for someone else?” Hell, if I had behaved like this in therapy, I would have been corrected right away with a sneer by my therapist.

In the first Covid wave, they talked about hospitalizations and deaths, in the second wave they only talked about infections, because there are hardly any deaths and hospitalizations. Diederik Gommers is head of Intensive Care at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Holland. In an interview (sorry, video is only in Dutch), he was asked whether the capacity of the hospitals shouldn’t be drastically increased? Diederik Gommers replied: “No, because it’s bad having Intensive Care beds and all kinds of personnel trained, and not having any patients; then you get bored to death; you won’t last long”. In short: the need wasn’t exactly so great. Most people don’t get sick of Covid. You have probably heard of all those people who simply have a good immune system and no symptoms at all, but who do have a positive PCR test. The inventor of the PCR test, biochemist Kary Mullis, says that it should absolutely not be used as a diagnostic tool, and yet it is used by the mass of indoctrinated doctors, who have never isolated a virus, but are convinced that it exists and is very dangerous. Also Koch’s Postulates aren’t met. Then instead of adjusting the virus theory, they adjust Koch’s postulates! Hilarious! But maybe I misunderstand. In my opinion, a positive PCR test says nothing at all. It is an extreme magnification of a piece of genetic material that we probably all have or have had in our bodies. We all have many viruses in our bodies. That doesn’t mean that they jump from one to the other. A virus is absolutely not a living creature. Nor does it mean that the presence of such a virus, for example, means that you immediately become ill. Come on, what kind of mysophobia is this? It’s really a misunderstanding of how the human body works. Viruses are a kind of solutions that have the function of cleaning up toxic tissues that ordinary bacteria and fungi can’t clean up. They are exosomes. We all have them, in large quantities, depending on the condition of your body (and mind!). So they help you to get healthy again. They are made by your own body as a last resort to detoxify. And they can’t jump over to someone else at all! It is hilarious how serious panic-stricken doctors believe in this nonsense and adjust their policies accordingly, they themselves walking around with the biggest face masks of them all. Which is tragic! And then talking about ‘infections’, as if you’re dirty and weird if you have ‘it’, and you have to be shunned like a real leper. In some countries it is even worse: they walk around with moon suits and you will be kidnapped by the authorities if you have Covid. Earth is definitely a lunatic asylum! It is so far removed from the loving reality that I long for, that I get very sick and tired of it all! You have to see those looks in the supermarket when they see me walking without a face mask. Of course, there will be a young guy who feels like the boss of the supermarket, and appeals to everyone in a very direct tone to follow the rules. “Sir, you can only shop here if you use a cart!” and to me: “Sir, you have to wear a face mask to shop here!” Dear God, forgive me for not telling such a boy the truth and letting myself to be shut up like a little child getting beaten up.

Back to the germ theory. Why would it be incorrect? Surely it is the prevailing theory in medicine for a reason? But at the beginning of the 20th century, one of the richest families in the world, the Rockefellers, bribed all universities (at least, those in the U.S.A.) to proclaim the germ theory. And the universities did a good job complying with it; the reward must have been high. Those Rockefellers are frequently mentioned in the conspiracy research as the ruling powers behind the workings towards a globalist world government (the E.U. is the European part of that). It was David Rockefeller who said at a U.N. dinner in 1994: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order!” The Rockefellers had already laid the foundation for something that would be deliberately orchestrated a century later: a hoax pandemic based on false information, forcing people to surrender their freedoms so that eventually a tyrannical world government could be established, which would allow the force of fear to be rolled out over the people. I am immediately reminded of the scene in V for Vendetta, where Evey is locked up in a prison, which is actually quite apt for people under a tyrannical regime. And later it turns out that everything was staged, and the intention was to strengthen her core in such a way that she herself would discover the way to freedom, by stopping cooperating even longer and accepting her fate (death). Only then she was set free and it turned out that she had been at V’s house all this time. I can only dream of such freedom to say Fuck You!

Furthermore, face masks are in the elites opinion a symbol of slavery or subordination to others. Picture #1, Picture #2. The slaves used to have face masks as a symbol for their silence and non-assertiveness. In this way the ruling powers can see right away which people are compliant and adapt to the (sick and twisted) system, and which people think for themselves, i.e. on whom they have to put a little more pressure. All this in order to bring as many people as possible into a Satanic state, so that they, as I stated in the previous paragraph, have a challenge to find freedom on their own accord. But beware: most people don’t yet realize that they are being curtailed, but if the pressure increases, these people will certainly wake up as well.

Dutch virologist Ab Osterhaus was at a Dutch TV show a couple of years ago (2009) telling about the Mexican flu, it being disastrous and that we were all going to die. In the end there were only 63 deaths in the Netherlands. And years later that whiskey-swilling lunatic is invited again to frighten people. Of course he’s not just crazy, and his role offers the ultimate challenge for the people to start trusting their own thoughts. By constantly hearing how the world doesn’t work, you eventually learn how the world does work! So this inversion is necessary, and it is up to humanity to overcome it. Fighting is not even necessary. An alternative understanding is enough! Would the corona-scientists actually know that this inverted role has a higher purpose? Or would they be completely unaware of it, and are they just useful idiots who, for the obscure reason I mention have been promoted to their present positions? Would they really be so idiotic that they think we have to inject a new vaccine with every mutation of a virus? As if it has anything to do with normal behavior? I can hardly imagine. We should every time inject a new vaccine, since our bodies presumably can’t handle it on their own. They probably just want to make money; that’s what it often comes down to. And a lot of them must be blackmailed as well. I explained this earlier in my article Gruesome truths. Our health minister Hugo de Jonge seems to me like (I let my imagination run wild) he has escaped from a gruesome secret underground MK-ultra institution. There isn’t anybody home behind his eyes, in which you can see a lifeless gaze, sometimes staring unperturbed into the distance, waiting for the next trigger word. His connection to Lady Gaga is also strange! He probably met her in the cloning center at night where they indulge their satanic lusts and horrors! (For the truth about such things, visit Donald Marshall‘s web site).

Dear people, take a look at as many different sources as possible about this Covid-hoax. The deception in the media is immense. It’s for example in the number of infections constantly being repeated, as if that means something; a picture of an infirmary above which one day it says it is in Italy, and a few days later in another newspaper the same picture above which it says it is in New York. Even dummies are used to create convincing pictures of victims and so on. Then there is the fact that the majority of deaths from other diseases are attributed to Covid if they happen to be infected with it; the fact that the flu figures for this year have disappeared; and, as I mentioned earlier, the problem that in the so-called second wave there are mainly many positive tests, but as I said, that means nothing at all, because there is no correlation with the number of deaths or hospitalizations.

Furthermore, an Austrian MP did a PCR test on cola, which was positive, and someone else did a PCR test on applesauce, which was also positive, so either they put coronaviruses in the food, or the test is just not good. The best way to deal with this nonsense is simply to stop testing! And move on to the order of the day! But the pedos in the government will try anything to go further and further! And remember, if the people winingly ask for something, they will get it (and I don’t mean that in a positive way). Be very careful what you wish for! RIVM (Dutch CDC) director Jaap van Dissel and minister Hugo De Jonge were not in favour of the face mask mandate at all, because it is false security and because it has not been demonstrated at all to work, but the people and media kept nagging, and so in the end a face mask mandate came, forcing the men in question to turn 180 degrees in their opinions. The face mask mandate in the Emergency Act, by the way, directly contravenes article 10 of the Dutch Constitution, and that should absolutely never happen, not even as an experiment (as they call it), but don’t think that in the thoroughly corrupt Dutch judiciary you can be proved right using that logic, so the best thing is to just try to see the gifts in what this opposition brings you, so that the opposition dissolves. As I said, there is no need to fight! We just have to peacefully non-cooperate. As I said in my article Bad Loser?, the chaotic aspect of free will is opposing the orderly aspect of natural laws, as two sides of a medal that are ultimately one! This is inherent to our world. If we do not honor free will, it has consequences. And if we do not honor the natural laws, it also has consequences. In the end it is we ourselves who will judge our own behaviour, when we see the film of life when we die, because we will feel exactly what other people with whom we had contact have felt. This will come as a surprise to many people. We will see exactly when our actions damaged someone else. But we will also see exactly when we didn’t act when we should have acted. In short: we will take stock of our lives! A good motivation to keep improving ourselves! Let it be an opportunity for the many absolute idiots walking around to finally learn. May they seize that opportunity with both disinfected hands…

If you want to know more about natural law, take a look at Mark Passio‘s extensive Youtube channel. Passio knows a lot about the objective part of this world.

posted on Dec 3, 2020
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