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Hello everyone,

First of all, a quick warning: some people are not ready for this information yet! So if you get scared of things quickly, I advise you to not proceed watching this video.

Well, what I’m going to tell you is described in more detail on my website www.jessemusson.com, but I also want to discuss it on video.

Whoever has seen the movie ‘They Live’ (1988) will recognize what I mean. Among us are some sort of entities that pretend to be human, but are not entirely human inside. When a person is waking up and actively confronts evil, and as a result speaks too much truth and takes action against the lies, they target that person by taking over people around him. This happens on a large scale, among all sections of the population, even among psychiatric patients. I am such a psychiatric patient, but I ask you to suspend your opinion of me until you have done the necessary research yourself. Sometimes you think that someone is completely lost, because he seems so alienated from the world, or you feel that he is on drugs, or it seems incoherent what he is talking about, but nevertheless he is telling you the truth. The truth is pretty complicated, and if you think the truth is the same as the opinion of the masses, then I advise you to stop watching right away, and engage in one of the many sources of mass entertainment, which can be found on the internet.

I’ve read an awful lot in recent years. A lot has ebbed away, but I’ve constantly updated my opinion about the world when encountering new information. What you often see is that people defend their old worldview when they see new information and then reject the information or the messenger of the information, for whatever reason, while someone does speak the truth, but the listener simply fails to understand everything. What you often see in people who are or have been psychotic or schizophrenic is that the information they have taken in is so compressed and there is so much reluctance to talk that they are unable to get their message across effectively. That may happen to me now, but as I said, I’m not fooling anyone, and I’m telling the truth. What I’m not sure of, I leave aside. Or I explicitly mention that I’m not entirely sure.

So, like I said, there are some kind of alien entities among us that pretend to be people. I don’t know if they’re doing this with technology or if it’s a biological thing. The fact is that the human body was genetically engineered by these aliens years ago and put here on Earth, while parts of God’s soul are fragmented and end up in these bodies before birth. It’s all a gigantic cosmic game, in which the idea is that we are all going to wake up so that we can take action against the evil in the world. This is only possible if we suffer and work through these feelings, so that we end up being led by love in thoughts, feelings and actions. This is the essence of the Christ figure.

The aliens, who have infiltrated all governments and organizations, have the function to show people how they are not and how they should not behave. They also use the political elite for this purpose and have bought up and bribed the entire media! Through this inversion, people can then learn to remember who they are, and they can feel how people actually should behave. So the aliens help us to develop ourselves. For this they sometimes have to be very negative, and it is up to humans to feel the consequences and choose for what’s right.

Rudolf Steiner describes the 3 groups in which the aliens can be classified in his lectures on Lucifer and Ahriman and the Asuras. I call them: Lucifer, Satan and the Antichrist. Because those are actually the 3 names that are most recognizable by people, and it covers their function well.

I can tell you a lot about the functions and effects of the three groups, but in this video I want to talk mainly about the really evil group, the Antichrist group or the Asuras. I am being targeted by this group right now! This means that they have launched an attack on my friends, family and acquaintances. They started with old acquaintances and then try to get closer and closer depending on what you allow. I did too little in the beginning to stop them, and because of this they have taken over a lot of people in my surroundings. But they’re getting closer and closer, and now I think they’ve taken over my family, too. I don’t care what other people think of me anymore and that’s why I’m coming up with this video.

I feel that these Antichrist entities can pretend to be whoever they want. They joke on Facebook inconspicuously that they have pretended to be someone else again. And there are also profiles to be discovered, where the original persons (before the takeover) clearly rang the bell, just like I do now! I have also received triggers from several people in my environment with one-eye symbolism, where one eye is covered, or one eye is damaged. They also joke about this among each other with smileys with one eye covered or closed or pictures in which one of their eyes is damaged and scare the people who have taken the information from, for example, Donald Marshall, donaldmarshallrevolution.com .

It all began when I first started sharing this kind of information with my mental health practicioner at the mental health facility. It is also clear to me that they have infiltrated this mental health facility as well. And keep an eye on people from there. Especially psychotic or schizofrenic people, who are attracted to that kind of information because of their traumatic past.

They have also droned or taken over well-known people. On my site you can find some examples in the article Drones in the media. One of the groups calls itself Dragons. They are the Reptilians that David Icke has written so much about. I think that’s the Orion group. But there is also a group that listens to the name Wolves, probably the Sirius group, for those who are familiar with the work of Wes Penre or Robert Morningsky. They would be the Lucifer and Satan groups, the left and right hands of the Antichrist group.

In the human brain we also have a reptile brain, the part of the brain needed for the instinctive tasks and the survival tasks. This is where the dangerous beast reigns. Suppression of this is counterproductive. And you need to integrate this area and the associated feelings of aggression into your personality. Sometimes there can be fears in your personality that can prevent you from integrating your aggression, for example the fear of developing apart from your twin sister, as was the case with me. I was afraid that she would break down, when I would do that. By allowing my aggression all the way, I finally managed to get better, only then I moved on to the other side, where I needed another therapy, to go walk the middle path. Unfortunately there was also another fear, a fear of being destroyed, which was actually overlooked. As a result of which the following therapy turned out to be disastrous, and brought me back to the starting point. Since then I slowly deteriorated, and now, after all these years of decline, it turns out how disastrous the end is for me. But I will continue to fight to the end for myself and my family and friends who are in my heart.

I’m still seeing my family, but from time to time I’m sure they’ve been taken over. They mimic very convincingly, because they capture the memories of the personality in question. They hang in the aether around the body, and the brain works like keyholes where these memories or ‘keys’ fit in. In the course of time the memories fade away, and then they start to feel different. For the brain as a radio receiver, I refer to Pim van Lommel’s book Consciousness Beyond Life. In people who have been taken over, the fear is often written on the face afterwards. These drones can also be recognized by that, especially when it has just happened. It takes a while before this disappears. The new entity also has these memories of the original person, of course, but deals with this through its aggression, which mutes the pain. They try to hide their agression, but it often seeps through into statements and behaviour that are not in line with each other. And a kind of exclusionary mentality towards you, especially when they are with their alien brothers and sisters and you are there with them.

My family feels very different now. My sister no longer feels like my twin sister, and the relationship with my family has changed as well. This is terrifying! They behave like my family most of the time, very convincingly, but some things have happened and let me to the conclusion I don’t believe them anymore. They feel completely different. I’ve had the same thing with other people around me, who behaved like total psychopaths. I thought at first that the mental health facility instructed them as part of the therapy, but probably they are instructed from above and so is the mental health facility, although the people in the lower positions don’t know or realize this. And I am constantly discouraged to share this information. No matter where I am! But I still think it is my responsibility, whether I am wrong or not. But I don’t think I’m wrong. I think dozens of people in my surroundings have been taken over. And I’m certainly not the only one which this is happening to! If you pay close attention, you will regularly see desperate clips on Youtube or desperate messages in the comments, which you would soon reject if you are not familiar with the information. So I hope I can plant a seed with anyone who sees this to investigate it. I also hope I can encourage people to share your story as soon as you think it’s happening to you. Don’t wait! Just go all-in! But most of the time you have to feel like you have nothing left to lose anymore!

These assholes have taken everything from me, and now, by playing sweet and nice and supportive, they’re trying to put me to sleep, so that I pretend to forget what happened. All the lies. All the deception. All self-doubt and all fear! But I don’t care what anyone else thinks about this anymore! This is my story. Take it or leave it. And I always say, you don’t have to believe me, but at least do your research. On my site I will post several links with information and book tips and in the articles you can also find some things.

If you have listened seriously until the end, I thank you very much. Remember that we are all aspects of the Divine, even the drug addicted hobo who sits on the street corner, or the desperate psychiatric patient. If you realize that, then you’re my type of person. Then subscribe to my channel. Thank you.

posted on Feb 10, 2021
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