In this chapter I describe how through social media my work is criticized, and I get to endure scary attacks.

Enduring criticism and scary attacks 2022

From the beginning of the attacks of the Antichrist entities, I worked through my feelings, something I had learned in therapy, of course. Mostly, these entities supported me very well, but at the same time they tightened the reigns further and further in the process, so that I became less aggressive in how I presented myself and less aggressive in how I wrote about these entities. I no longer crawled into my shell and now said openly to these entities when I found something annoying or when I had distrust of them, but I still did so in a crude way. This once again made me face the Satanic, exactly as I got when all those taken over ladies at the activity center of the mental health facility rejected me, as you can read at the end of Section 1. But this time it was “Satan in Antichrist,” which is different from the ordinary Satanic influence of those ladies I got over me. Them you should embrace with love, but “Satan in Antichrist” should always be embraced by continuing to post articles or make videos. The clearest example was my case manager who wanted to report libel along with the mental health facility, as you can read in the previous chapter. When the state gets involved, it is always Satan’s influence. In this case, “Satan in Antichrist,” because it involves taken over people, who make the attacks. There followed a time when I was very discouraged, and I really had to make an effort to still create articles. On top of that, on Facebook, I suddenly started getting “inspirational” quotes and other texts in my feed, and all those quotes related to me. I found out that I could even respond to those quotes, to which I then got quotes that applied to that response I had made. So there was a kind of Artifical Intelligence component to Facebook that was directly connected to my mind, as well as anybody’s minds. And I still believe that. How they do it, I don’t know exactly, but those who don’t repress external things will notice. Just keep an eye on what’s being said about it in the news. I’ve come across news stories in the past about supposedly psychotic people who were convinced they were getting orders through social media. And depending on how you are, I can well imagine that. To say it’s just in those people’s heads is ridiculous. No, there is a kind of interface between the minds of the users of this social media and this social media. And the quotes you get in those cases are a response to your behavior and serve to teach you something.

I got a lot of criticism on my work through these quotes and texts for a while. (See my articles Resisting discouragement and More freaky posts on Facebook). They want you to correct your mistakes and they suggested that I should start my work all over again, which did shock me. This summary in three sections with the important information from my articles is an attempt to take responsibility for my mistakes. In my articles, however, you will still be able to read everything unfiltered, as I wrote it down at those particular moments. It doesn’t always paint a pretty picture of my condition and how I dealt with things, but I still think it’s important that that remains online. Besides, it also contains good information.

When I did get over most of the criticism, more happened. I had my taken over neighbor at the door again, and while we were talking, I felt inside that an attack was being made on me. (See my article I am not a play toy! for more details). There was nothing in the outside world that prompted this, other than the fact that I was standing talking to the taken over neighbor, yet all of a sudden I felt my heart racing like crazy, and I felt like I was in danger of losing control. This was just more evidence for that these entities had an invisible connection to people and that they could make attacks on you without touching you, something I had already expressed in my article Logging on to Jesse Musson. So all the people on the Internet who pretended that these entities were doing physical attacks on you were most likely wrong. There was no need for this at all. They could just attack you without touching you, thus internally. At that point, after months of not hearing from someone with whom I had previously been in contact, I received an email in which she stated that it was now “Do or die”. (See my article And suddenly, the pressure increases…). Instead of confronting it, I took this indirect threat very seriously, and threw myself into writing articles and making audio tracks. Every moment I was doing other things, I got a very strange feeling. My heart would start beating faster. As if the neighbor was at the door again and attacked me. Very strange. When I was finally demolished after a week of hard work, I cried everything out. And then the attacks stopped again. It was clear that once again my life had been threatened, and if I had done nothing, these attacks would have continued so that I was taken over, but fortunately I wrote everything off me, and that protected me.

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Section 1: 1984-2017

Section 1


A brief overview of my childhood, how my treatment for severe anxiety and identity issues went all wrong, and how I deal with the disastrous consequences.

Section 2: 2018-2023

Section 2


How I discover information about entities taking over bodies and how these entities eventually open the attack on me and those around me.

Section 3: various topics

Section 3

various topics

An explanation for my experiences in therapy, multiple other things I have discovered in my quest for truth, and my opinion on additional matters.




These are some of the articles I have written over time. Some are offline now, but have reappeared in the three sections of my story, displayed in the Introduction.