In this chapter I describe how I feel unsafe at the supermarket, how I break my kneecap, how I go back to basics, and how I run into my own limitations.

Back to my roots 2022-2023

At some point in 2022, even my trips (twice a week) to the supermarket became unsafe, when certain cashiers became very interested in me. I voice my suspicions in an article and a short while later I get confirmation by a Facebook text, that they have indeed been taken over. The text says something like, “Those suspicions you have, they are, of course, completely true!” More texts followed, all referring to the fact that I would have a crush on those cashiers, and that the road to a relationship would be open now that they had been taken over. Like I’m going to take advantage of that! It’s disgusting! These entities had first ended the lives of these girls, then they took them over, and then they tried to seduce me, but I am absolutely not going to take advantage of that. I know I shouldn’t avoid the supermarket, but I went to the supermarket at this time with lead in my legs. (See my articles November, the hardest time of the year and I’m slowly recovering! for more details). What happened then is apt. I was riding up an incline to get past a broken road, and fell off my bike! Right on my knee. When I got up, I cracked through my leg with a lot of noise. (See my article Fate intervenes destructively for more details). Kneecap broken. At the hospital, they operated me after a few weeks and I walked with casts and crutches. See my artice Events after breaking my kneecap for more details). Eight weeks I stayed with my parents, since I live on the second floor and there is no elevator, so I couldn’t live at home. I went back to my roots, where it all started. The only difference being that my parents had been taken over, which made it extra difficult. I had several clashes with them during my stay with them, but there was room for that. My real father always got aggressive when I was angry, especially in the first years of my life, but my taken over father doesn’t do that, and in this way I actually laid some kind of foundation again, just when I needed it. (See my article Rediscovering my roots for more details). Until I could stand on my own two feet again. Literally. Me breaking my kneecap at that time was no coincedence. I needed it. Needed it to rebuild myself. When I was back home after eight weeks, in early 2023, it takes me to get back on my feet independently. Being alone caused me to let go of all my proper daily rhythm from being with my parents. Purely because I was alone, I couldn’t maintain that, and got bogged down again in bad habits like reversing my day-and-night rhythm, and eating too many bad things. But I would have to deal with it anyway, that was certain.

Finally, I had physical therapy, which I really hated. At the last session, the physical therapist pointed at my eye (“What’s with your eye?”), exactly as the taken over neighbor did regularly to scare me, hinting at Donald Marshall’s information about Vril aliens drilling into your eye and taking you over that way. (See my article An alleged attack on me and some background info for more details). So they had taken over the physical therapist as well, and in the meantime I got a text on Facebook that said something like, “Yeah, we had to make you uncomfortable for a moment or you wouldn’t have moved at all!” because I hadn’t posted anything at all on my site for weeks and they want you to go ahead and move forward.

I don’t have much more to say anyway. I resign myself to many things. I can’t do anything about it. Sometimes I have moments in which I suddenly have inspiration to write articles, and I do so in those moments, but really it seems like not much is happening. I know it’s still important to tell my story, so that’s why I’m writing this now. But showing real courage, and proactively putting myself in the public space, I can’t do that. For not doing so, I will also be held accountable when I stand before God. I wish I felt a little more fighting spirit. A little more convinced of myself. I wish that I didn’t have to recover so much time when I would get something negative thrown at me once. I wish I didn’t feel myself forced to play along with these entities’ acting games. I wish I had more courage to stay in my own space and stand for myself. But it’s way easier to deal with less important things and not fight the battle every time. I don’t really feel my boundaries either, and it seems like I’m okay with it all, but actually I keep running into my own limitations. These are due to other people’s boundaries. Enduring the responsibility of an adult is very hard for me, and I don’t like to hear myself talk enough to open my mouth. And I am also too impotent to do so. I’m more of a background person. And let that be exactly what I really shouldn’t be doing! Nevertheless, I hope that I can still make steps forward, but time will tell, how it will turn out…

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Section 1: 1984-2017

Section 1


A brief overview of my childhood, how my treatment for severe anxiety and identity issues went all wrong, and how I deal with the disastrous consequences.

Section 2: 2018-2023

Section 2


How I discover information about entities taking over bodies and how these entities eventually open the attack on me and those around me.

Section 3: various topics

Section 3

various topics

An explanation for my experiences in therapy, multiple other things I have discovered in my quest for truth, and my opinion on additional matters.




These are some of the articles I have written over time. Some are offline now, but have reappeared in the three sections of my story, displayed in the Introduction.