This chapter provides a critical view of what HIV infection and the disease AIDS mean. People really do get sick, but blaming the HIV virus is unscientific.

The HIV/AIDS hoax

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Disease definition
The tests: a guessing game
Even more reasons that point to a hoax
Lethal medication
The COVID vaccine and possible HIV


The documentary HIV/AIDS: Fact or Fraud provides a good view on HIV/AIDS. Even though the documentary is outdated, it does show how something that is not true can explode when people parrot authority and money is involved, which only reinforces the lie. So it’s actually an advantage that the documentary is outdated, because then the big picture is still in view, instead of lie reinforcing details, that only make the whole thing more complex. In this chapter I will describe the ridiculousness of the whole HIV/AIDS-thing.


A summary of a bit of history, seen in the above documentary:

When the birth control pill was invented in the 1960s, a sexual liberation took place among the youth of the time. Gays are also slowly coming out of the closet more and more. There is a lot of drug use among the youth. Years later, one discovers a high rate of immunodeficiency among homosexuals in Los Angeles. But one saw the same picture among hemophiliacs, people who had undergone blood transfusions, drug users, and tuberculosis patients. AIDS was born. There is sensationalism in the media, because it is widely claimed that behavioral causes (e.g., risky behavior) are the basis for this immunodeficiency. But that isn’t politically correct. And the victims in question do not accept this as a probable cause. The victims do not want to take responsibility. So everything is focused on finding the culprit. And they beg the government for a solution. And well, what you massively beg for from the government, you will always get…

Therefore, on April 23, 1984, the U.S. government held a press conference at which Dr. Robert Gallo, a biomedical researcher, was put forward, who believed he had found the cause of AIDS. He first thought that retroviruses caused cancer. That turned out not to be the case. But when AIDS emerged, Gallo seized his opportunity and suggested that the HTLV-III virus (that’s what the HIV virus was called then) was the cause of AIDS. You have to blame something if patients don’t want to accept responsibility for their own risky behavior. Gallo patented the blood test which made him a lot of money. Billions were also given in funds. And he had not submitted his test results for peer-review. Nor had they appeared in journals. Yet a press conference was held stating the “probable cause” of AIDS. The victims were pleased. Even if it wasn’t the truth. At least the blame does not lie with the victims. After this press conference, the test results suddenly appeared in the scientific journals. A dangerous violation of scientific protocol.

Luc Montagnier of Institute Pasteur in Paris then claimed that Gallo had stolen their discovery of exactly the same virus, the LAV virus, that Montagnier had sent to Gallo six months earlier. The French government mounted a lawsuit against the U.S. Health Department. A solution was chosen to split the profits for the blood tests. The virus was given a new name: HIV. It was immediately accepted internationally, even though Gallo’s behavior was questionable.

In the documentary HIV/AIDS: Fact or Fraud, Dr. Peter Duesberg (University Cal. Berkeley) explains that he was skeptical from the start of the claim that Gallo had found the cause of AIDS. After all, Gallo had repeatedly claimed that viruses were the cause of all sorts of diseases. Duesburg investigated and published his results March 1, 1987, that the HIV virus was harmless, and that probably the victims’ frequent drug use was responsible for the diseases. A group of physicians (including several well-known doctors and researchers, including the inventor of the PCR Test Kary Mullis) then proposed a re-appraisal of whether HIV causes AIDS, to be conducted by an independent group, and they were rejected by the journal Nature. As a result, the number of signatures for this reappraisal rose to 600 (doctors and researchers). Luc Montagnier even revisited his earlier position on the virus he had discovered, making a statement that HIV probably does no harm. But unfortunately, so much money was already being made from this industry that it was too late, and the truth disappeared into obscurity.

Disease definition

The number of T helper cells in the blood is too low in AIDS patients. These are white blood cells that play a role in the immune system. However, a low number of T helper cells can also occur as a result of drug use, poor eating, recurring infections, too many antibiotics, and too much stress (and I myself would add emotional causes). It has not been proven that this low number of T helper cells is due to the HIV virus. AIDS also occurs without HIV infection, only then it is not called AIDS. And most people with HIV, do not develop AIDS. The evidence for HIV as a pathogen is based only on correlation, because the virus is mostly found in AIDS patients. In Africa, millions of people have the HIV virus. 97% do not develop AIDS. In the US, 1 to 1.5 million people have the HIV virus from 1984-1996. But only half a million AIDS cases have been reported.

Those who want to know where the high correlation between AIDS and HIV comes from need only look at the CDC’s definition of AIDS: A person, in addition to being “infected” by the HIV virus, must have a low number or percentage of T-cells in their blood. Or any of the diseases commonly found in victims. Doesn’t matter what causes any of those diseases. If you get one of those common diseases and you have antibodies for the HIV virus in your blood, you have AIDS. So that means that if someone has Kaposi’s Sarcoma (one of the common diseases in those people) + HIV, then that is AIDS. If you don’t have HIV, but you do have Kaposi’s Sarcoma, then the diagnosis is Kaposi’s Sarcoma. Pneumonia + HIV = AIDS. But Pneumonia without HIV = Pneumonia. Dementia + HIV = AIDS. But Dementia without HIV = Dementia. There is no disease that is specific to HIV. This gives you a 100% correlation between HIV and AIDS, because cases where there is no correlation are ignored. That is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When AIDS was just discovered, test results said that about 50% of AIDS patients had the HIV virus. Later studies found correlations of over 90%. It was then concluded that the correlation was very high, and therefore the HIV virus had to be involved. But correlation is of course not necessarily causation, and certainly not if the disease definition ignores all non-correlating results.

The tests: a guessing game

If you then watch this video, titled: House of Numbers - HIV Testing (From the Deluxe Edition DVD), you immediately notice that the tests are just a guessing game. First of all, it does not test for the HIV virus itself, but for antibodies that are in the body in response to so-called infection with the HIV virus. You would think then, that that means you are immune to HIV. Getting sick would not be possible after that! But no, still it is said that the virus does harm and that it has to be “destroyed by your immune system”, which apparently does not work, but at the same time, it still does, because there are antibodies in the blood, the HIV test shows.

Furthermore, in House of Numbers, they tell us that there are about 70 different reasons why false positives can result on this HIV test, and some of these 70 reasons are very common, such as a flu shot you took, or drug abuse, or other viruses, pregnancy, blood transfusions, other diseases like malaria, MS, or liver disease. How all these smart doctors then determine whether it’s a false positive or a true positive: they check if you’re in a risk group for AIDS. If you are in a risk group, then it is most likely a true positive. (!!!) Such brilliant logic. But not really! (This is yet another proof that statistics are nothing without an understanding of the underlying mechanisms. You can prove anything with statistics. Mathematics is nothing without philosophy, so don’t fall for the “What’s your source for that?” and the “Show me the maths!” people. In other words, try to put these statements in perspective and see their limited value).

Above that, there are an awful lot of people who have taken HIV tests several times (exactly the same for COVID) and one time they test positive, the second time they test negative. Then you test negative one more time, and then you are supposedly sure that you are not sick. But woe, if you test positive twice in a row, you are sure to be fatally ill. But not really! Not to mention that some lunatics want mandatory testing of the people for all these so-called diseases.

The criteria for determining if you have HIV also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and country to country with the different tests. So in one country you have HIV (+AIDS) and a deadly diagnosis, while in another you don’t. And in one test you do have HIV (+AIDS) and a deadly diagnosis, while in another you don’t. As soon as the number of AIDS cases drops, as it did in 1993, the definition is changed again to include even more diseases, and the number of AIDS cases artificially skyrockets, which is then widely reported in the news with much panic and sensation. It is ridiculous.

Even more reasons that point to a hoax

HIV is virtually identical to other retroviruses. People have about 50 to 100 different retroviruses in the body, many thousands of them. Why would HIV cause disease when other retroviruses don’t cause disease at all? And why would the virus only cause disease after 10 years? Why are you first seropositive for 10 years, and only then do you get diseases, none of which are specific to AIDS? There is no such thing as a slow virus.

HIV also fails Koch’s postulates on multiple criteria. Same problem as with COVID, which I also believe is absolutely not responsible for all the diseases that can be observed in people who happen to test positive for the virus. Here again, it is easy to blame it on a physical thing, while the causes are often diverse, and often have to do with the emotional state of people or the behavior they exhibit. But people don’t want to believe that, because then you will have to take full responsibility for your condition.

Moreover, the reactions in the body are far too complicated to reduce it to the simplified view used by virologists and immunologists. A lot of antibodies react with a lot of antigens and you can’t identify them among themselves. So tests to detect HIV are always a guessing game. The only test that is proof of you having the virus is an isolated virus taken directly from the human body. And that has never been successful. People do say they’ve succeeded, but that was done in vitro in a lab, without actually getting the viruses from the blood. That is explained in this documentary titled The other side of AIDS at 16:11 by AIDS researcher and chemist David Rasnick, PhD.

AIDS has remained in its original risk group for many years. According to the documentary HIV/AIDS: Fact or Fraud, 62% of AIDS patients in the high-risk groups are gay men. If a disease does not spread, it means it is not contagious. If AIDS were really caused by a virus, the percentage of AIDS patients in the U.S. who are outside the risk groups would be much higher, while it is only 3%. HIV also divides equally between both sexes, 50% of patients are male and 50% female, but 90% of AIDS patients turn out to be male. Drug use is more correlated with AIDS than the HIV virus itself. Drug use among men is also much more common than among women. 60% of women who have AIDS also use drugs. 62% of AIDS cases in the U.S. are germ-related according to the statistics; in Africa, it is 90%. Also, in Africa, 50% of AIDS cases are male, and 50% are female, and there are no risk groups, as there are in the US.

Thus, the international profile of AIDS patients varies greatly. Dr. Peter Duesberg, quoted earlier, thinks that the epidemic in Africa is therefore a different epidemic from the one in the US. The diseases that people in Africa suffer from with so-called AIDS are exactly the same as everyone else in Africa suffers from, so AIDS is probably a made-up disease. Only when you say it is AIDS that someone is suffering from in Africa, you get masses of money sent to you by the WHO and the UN. Absolute stupidity. Especially as a lot of people in Africa don’t even have clean water to drink, which is the biggest cause for disease.

Lethal medication

There is no evidence that HIV causes AIDS. And if this is true, then millions of people have been wrongly diagnosed with a “lethal” condition, which also via your emotional state can have a clearly noticeable effect on your physical condition. Then hundreds of thousands of people have wrongly taken AIDS medication (AZT), which is pure poison, and causes many diseases (including AIDS) and in many cases leads to death. It is severe chemotherapy. And that for viruses naturally occuring in your body, which do absolutely no harm and have not been shown to cause disease. Of course, I don’t deny that people get sick, but again: blaming a virus when there is absolutely no evidence for this, is ridiculous. Furthermore, parents who don’t want to give their HIV-infected children deadly AIDS medication, are sometimes being stripped of parental rights because they are said to be neglectful towards their child, thanks to assholes of doctors reporting these cases to the authorities and the authorities blindly obeying these so-called “experts”. We see the same thing in recent years with parents who don’t want to vaccinate their children against COVID. This revolves around the same base of lies. The biggest blunders ever.

But in my opinion, this is not a blunder at all. This is done willy-nilly. At the top, they are viewing the gullibility of the people, and the researchers and doctors who are perpetuating the lie, approvingly. This was probably exactly the intention, and perhaps we will see in the near future, where this big lie will lead us.

The COVID vaccine and possible HIV

Prince Harry of England was calling in this news item (PDF) for everyone to be tested for HIV. This came at about the same time as the news of a certain form of AIDS (PDF) that has been discovered, which some believe is linked to the COVID vaccine. That the COVID vaccine has a negative effect on your immune system may well be true. There are so many reports online that the vaccine causes all kinds of diseases. I have seen so many pictures of skin rashes, blood clots, reports of heart problems, many deaths and so on. And all because of a virus that has not been proven to cause the respiratory problems that people regularly suffer from. Again, there is only correlation, not causation. So I wouldn’t be surprised either if it turns out that people’s immune systems are going to hell by taking these vaccines. Some Twitter posts even say that the vaccine will infect you with the HIV virus. Luc Montagnier, who died last week, also called just before his death for people to get tested for HIV, and then sue their government. But this is all scaremongering. The HIV virus can do absolutely no harm, just like other retroviruses can’t. Who knows, a large portion of the people will test positive for HIV, which therefore does not mean that real HIV viruses have been found in your body, and which can do no harm at all. And one then gets the death diagnosis, upon which one again starts desperately begging for a solution from the government, upon which Big Pharma again comes up with a fantastic new drug or vaccine, which only makes people even sicker and even leads to death. So it went with COVID, so it goes with HIV. And so it goes with any virus that is deemed dangerous.


Viruses are not dangerous, but have function in the body to clear poisonous tissue. If a fish is in a dirty tank and gets sick, Image, today’s doctors would vaccinate the fish, instead of cleaning the tank. This is the terrain theory of Bernard and later Bechamp versus the germ theory of Pasteur. Read this web page (PDF) for more info. The germ theory is what a big part of western medicine is based on. This happened because at the beginning of the 20th century the Rockefellers (one of the richest families in the world) bribed the universities to start proclaiming this theory. This had a clear purpose in the future: to instill total fear of germs in humanity, as we see with COVID and HIV/AIDS, so it can be used to administer Satanic measures to people, that criminalize normal behaviour. It is easy for many doctors to assign the blame for diseases to viruses because other than that one has no idea why diseases arise. Always, viruses are blamed, as if there is no other reason why people get sick. Furthermore, the behavior that viruses show in laboratories under all kinds of strange and induced conditions has nothing to do with what role they assume in the human body. All this theory is based on models that are a simplification of reality. It is a reflection of the limited understanding that AIDS doctors have (despite the detailed nature of their knowledge) and an inability to ask the right questions. And sure enough, there is malice involved as well. At the top, that is. Everything below just needs to be conditioned with the right rewards and punishments to believe the lie, which is different at every level. The ruling powers have perfected themselves in this game.

I now conclude this article with a few pieces of advice: don’t get tested for any virus, it’s all a guessing game. Don’t let doctors scare you that you’re going to die when you have no symptoms. And never take lethal drugs, certainly don’t do it if you have no symptoms. And further: do not engage in risky behavior, but take responsibility for your behavior. Many diseases can be eradicated by doing exactly that!

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