This chapter describes that becoming famous isn't attractive. I'm convinced that we should give children another ideal to strive for.

Unattractive fame

It is the dream of many: to become famous for something you do well. Winning awards, becoming financially rich, wielding power, and most importantly, getting unlimited attention. On TV, every show has a bunch of these kinds of people. Shows like The Voice of…, … Next Top Model, and … Got Talent, show these often very naive people to the public for the first time. Especially when it’s about children, I have a great problem with it, because it is very dumb behavior. And it is time that it is talked out of everyone’s head, if your life is dear to you. Many people have an idealized image of becoming famous, and of their favorite celebrities, and are unaware that as soon as they make it to the mainstream, their lives are terminated, and replacement souls take over their bodies, so that the ruling powers can be sure, that the people in question are controlled, and don’t reveal things to their audiences, that may jeopardize the Great Plan that is working towards Love and Freedom.

These taken over stars then maintain a fake world, in which outward appearance seems more important than it is, a world in which one does everything for attention and wants to be endlessly applauded (“Do you know who I am?”), in which getting rich is the most important thing, a world in which one spreads perversions and immorality and in which, above all, one does not want to be criticized for all this, no, indeed: where one proudly flaunts one’s own qualities, or even obnoxious behavior. Most people applaud when you are able to do something very well, or when you do something obnoxious. They even stand up for you immediately, even though you have barely done anything because if someone can do something well and is obnoxious at the same time, he should be applauded. Yet fortunately, you see more and more celebrities fall off their pedestal at some point due to revelations. And it becomes clear that all this supposedly attractive showbiz world is completely FAKE! It’s all taken over people, who protect and fake attack each other.

And the people at home, who believe so much in the world as it is presented, will then be surprised that the fantasy image they have of their favorite artists is based on loose sand and that the real image of these people does not match the image of these artists portrayed in the media. Come on people, seriously? Are you surprised by this? All these artists are glorified in the media, release beautiful music, look fantastic, are incredibly nice and have been in a monogamous relationship with their partner for years. In short, they are as trustworthy as your own daddy and mommy and would never do anything to scare you. Yeah right! The generally materialistic people do not make contact with the invisible part of reality (no, that is called psychotic), and therefore blindly believe in the image that the media portrays of these celebrities. That is all they know about these people, and the rest they do not know and therefore does not exist in their eyes. These people are the gods of our time, the idols of children. They have no problems, no weaknesses, no shadow, never a bad hair day, they don’t have bad breath, have their pubic hair neatly trimmed, never sing off-key, are always very funny, and they deserve your attention! Why? Because they are successful, make beautiful music, can act well, have lots of money, look good, and are perfect participants in the great game of maintaining the best overall image. The game in which the external or outside is more important than the internal or inside. The game in which the biggest fakes and the biggest perverts, get the biggest awards. It’s those people, from which a large part of the nation gets wet panties, because they seem so perfect. Proudly these people tell you that they have seen famous people ‘in real life’ (I immediately think of the screaming and fainting girls at Beatles concerts, how ridiculous is that?), that they have shaken the hand of a famous person (you don’t want to know where those hands have been) or that they have had a brief chat with such a famous person, which meant a lot to you, but to that famous person, absolutely nothing! Come on people! Stop with this idol glorification. People can seem so perfect, but they are all people, who also have their negative sides. And whoever gets the power in this world, is thoroughly rotten in many cases, and gets the most awards and protection. All these famous people are ambassadors for charities, participate in TV programs that can give them even more fame, of course participate in TV promotions for charities, don’t forget the disabled people, and are the first to speak up when it comes to topics like #metoo and racism, and all because you appreciate them so much doing this. They enjoy the admiration, the amount of attention from naive fans, the power they are given, the amount of money they make and most of all, that people massively buy the image they have created of themselves, with the help of ridiculous media propaganda or advertising. If your only motivation in life revolves around your need for sex, money and power, then you are in a pretty bad state. These people see the world as a place where they can satisfy their needs unrestrainedly. Where unlimited passions are stirred up and you keep looking for that new kick, or fix. How empty must you be inside then? Guided entirely by lower needs, you then forget to ask yourself if what you are doing is really the right thing to do. It is purely designed to distract people from what they are really here for: spreading the truth.

If you want to be famous, know that sexual transgressive behavior is lurking. Because it happens all the time in that world. Many young people (especially girls) are not taught to speak up or to stand up for themselves at all. The first relationships in which they can learn this, the relationships with their parents, are often only focused on obedience, and a child is often not encouraged to speak up in a constructive way or to even come loose at all. Parents do not want to hear from children what they are doing wrong. The child may be wiser than the parent on this, sometimes at a very young age, and have a clear opinion on this. It is good to ask about this. In this way you get to know each other, including the negative points. Also, there is often no real concern for what is going on in the child and many children are not really seen and acknowledged. And yes, then it can happen that they start dreaming of eternal fame just to fill their need for attention, and do crazy things to achieve that. Many young people want to be seen for their talents and dream of all that attention and fame, but it is absolute lies that this would make you happy. First, it can instantly become your death (in case you are taken over). And second, it also just corrupts, when you have these yes-men and fans around you, and no one to say “get a grip!” to you anymore.

I don’t understand it at all. I don’t like the idea of having a horde of eager fans around me. I find it absolutely awful. If people start following you, they’re going to make you more important than you are. They’re going to listen to you, especially at times when they’re better off going their own way. They are going to idealize you, while I don’t want that, and if you’re not quite right just once or twice, then they dump a pile of shit on top of you. Yuck! I don’t understand what people find attractive about that. I see some artists during their performance folding their hands together, looking at the sky, and lipsync the word “Thankyou” to God, because they have a stadium full of fans all to themselves. It’s so terribly misplaced! Soccer players also do it before they go on the field: they make the sign of a cross. As if God is going to provide for them in their selfish need for success. Well, that’s not my God, to be honest.

When you grow up and you’re about to let go of your parents, you’re often in a period where you still look up to people very much. You don’t know the world very well yet! And you become aware of the things you like. You can then be a fan of certain famous and successful people. I have had this myself. You then make them your idols, because you admire them, and you might want to be like them. But this is actually all based on fantasy. And the older you get and the more you get to know the world, the more you are also confronted with your own mistakes, the more your personality develops, and the more you start to become ‘real’ and let go of the fantasy image of how you wanted to be, and how you want the other person to be, but start to replace it with who you really are and an image of the other person how he or she really is. Reality is shattering fantasies. And you let go of your need for attention. Self-confidence should not depend on whether you are applauded. Even in the face of the greatest opposition, you should be able to stand your ground and have your say or continue to create what you want. Above all, let’s take that as an ideal for children to strive for! By creating works exposing the deeds of the Antichrist entities that take over famous people, you can become famous without being taken over. That is unattractive fame, the only fame, which a person should aspire to. Because if becoming famous or infamous is fun, then you’re really doing something wrong!

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