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The 3 evil forces (Lucifer/Satan/Antichrist)

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There are several kinds of benign aliens on Earth, but they don’t interfere and leave humans alone for the most part. The evil aliens that control the development of mankind do intervene, but only within what man allows! Earth is a kind of purgatory, where the goal is to learn and purge of mistakes by suffering. Because we are all tempted to make mistakes and these mistakes can have major consequences, Earth has degenerated into a kind of extraction matrix, in which the negative aliens extract energy from people with the help of people who are under the influence of these entities because of their past. This is a vicious circle, but it can be transcended. We can all choose to add something of ourselves to the collective consciousness, and break free, or encourage others to break free. This is where the expression Prison Planet comes from. In this phase of the development of mankind, the vast majority of mankind can be corrupted so quickly that it is a good thing that we are imprisoned. But as I describe in my first article: Conclusion of my metaphysical search for truth, the 3 evil forces balance eachother out perfectly. The reason the 3 evil forces are needed is because the Gods wanted to make mankind independent of his creator Yahweh/Jehova, who kept mankind in a kind of ennobled zoo where they obeyed him, always! Through the influence of the Lucifer group, man himself can become an independent creator of worlds, but for this she first had to disobey! Yahweh was disappointed that his creation no longer listened to him, and with the help of a second evil force, Satan, which is the karmic consequence of the presence of the Luciferic Force, he tried to restore the balance, so that anyone who through the influence of the expansive Luciferic Force turns into blind disobedience can take the way back to Yahweh, with the help of the Compressive Satan Force. Of course you shouldn’t turn to that side in blind obedience either. It’s actually knowing when to obey and knowing when to disobey. So that’s making up your own mind and making a decision about it yourself. And walk a middle path between the extremes! Don’t make yourself as big as Lucifer wants, but don’t make yourself as small as Satan wants. If you want to neutralize Satan, you need Lucifer. If you want to neutralize Lucifer, you need Satan. This stands for the cooperation between both hemispheres of the brain and the ultimate balance as in the Yin-Yang sign. Whats striking in the Yin-Yang sign is that the white part (Yang) is sometimes shown with a black dot and the black part (Yin) with a white dot in it. You could think of this as evil in good, and good in evil. Because only when you have integrated your opposition, do you neutralize the evil in yourself. Those who only want to be unbalanced good create unbalanced evil. And those who only want to be unbalanced evil create unbalanced good, and they sustain each other. Anyone who wants to transcend that will have to take in the opposite pole by looking for what you don’t usually receive. You can learn the most from people who are total opposites of you.

Many people claim that a human being only needs unconditional love in his development. But while they say that, they do set limits and are sometimes angry. No, a human being does not only need unconditional love! Unconditional love is unbalanced good, and can only work up to a certain point. It creates the Lucifer consciousness, which in a negative sense is a consciousness of hypersensitivity, arrogance, overconfidence and impulsiveness, as you often see in young people. This can easily turn to evil and boundlessness. If you want to go a step further in your development, you will have to learn to compress and that does not require love, but ‘fear’ (or better said: ‘to be in awe of another being’). Learning to listen to someone else’s anger is an example of that. I don’t mean destructive anger, or aggression, but ordinary anger, for instance your dad preaching to you. This allows your puffed-up (inflated) feelings to sink (compress) into your body without them disappearing, reaching a middle path. Whoever has never taken this step in his life may encounter the police in his later life, which is actually the Satanic consequence of not integrating the gifts of Satanic consciousness. The reverse also exists. He who allows only Satan to act on himself, and does not integrate Lucifer, shrinks himself in his obedience, so bad that he no longer can think for himself. This is a slave consciousness, as we see so much in this day and age, especially in the police, the state, and the army and about half of the normal people. These people will sure be confronted. This is the task for the people with mainly Luciferic consciousness. Through the confrontation between these two poles, one can learn from the other! Though the lives of people who refuse to learn will be lost, on both sides. The Luciferic people will have to learn to understand the anger of their opposites. And the Satanic people will have to learn how to maintain proper morals.

But also on subjects such as corona, climate change and multiculturalism, Lucifer and Satan face each other.

With Corona, the satanic part of the people obey the government as blind slaves, and the Luciferic part denies the whole problem and rebels with ‘Stop the lockdown’.
In climate change, the climate change deniers are the Luciferic part of the people, and the Extinction Rebellion people who elevate the very earthly climate to a new kind of spirituality are the satanic part.
Multiculturalism has the Luciferian part that wants different cultures side by side. And the Satanic part that is globalisitic and wants to work towards a world government or E.U., in which all cultures are put together, causing a dilution of the different cultures, in which the dominant culture takes over.
The characteristic of these dualistically opposed groups is that there is no real contact with their opposition. No, instead they destroy their opposition, or allow themselves to be destroyed by their opposition. It’s the one perpetuating the other and reversed, and it always will lead to violence, and perpetrator-victim dynamics, which is the hallmark of these groups. The Satan-groups often get the support of the media and the government at this time. These are the victims and minority groups, which does not mean that they cannot resort to violence. They receive support from the media and government, as part of the satanic impulse, which is the current phase of man’s development, which is not a Darwinian development, but a spiritual development. Lucifer is strong. Satan is even stronger. And the Antichrist is the strongest of men’s opposition. Lucifer is expansion. Satan is compression. And the Antichrist wants to compress you even more than Satan.

The layout I make is not very precise because most people have a combination of Lucifer and Satan properties. Lucifer working in the spiritual field is benign, but if Lucifer is working in the material field (Satan’s area) (as in extreme expansion), then it is evil. I have experienced this state in my life. Satan who works in the material field is benign, but when he works in the spiritual field (Lucifer’s area), he is evil. The people with a benign consciousness can be a soft teacher for others. The people with an evil consciousness can be a hard teacher for others. Really, this divide in good and evil can be looked upon differently. In fact you can call them both benign. And the real evil would then be when somebody administers his good or evil to someone at the wrong time at the wrong place. So you must care about in which developmental fase somebody is, and what he condones with his free will.

So the aliens active in the development of mankind can be seen as a kind of catalyst for change, but they always make sure that you don’t get too traumatized by it. If they’d really wanted evil, they would have slaughtered us all long ago. No, they are our teachers. They play their role to show us what we aren’t. Let us take responsibility for our own role and show each other what we ARE.

Those who have integrated both Lucifer (expansion) and Satan (compression/contraction) into themselves, and thus walk the middle path, the path of the Christ figure, attract the Antichrist, who really ends lives. The Lucifer and Satan entities (whether real people influenced from the spiritual dimension, or people who are taken over) should in principle be approached with love. But the Antichrist entities that really actively end lives must be approached with the sword of Michael/Christ and actively kept at a distance, otherwise you will lose everything you love.

On my site you can find a link to an article titled Organic Portals – Soulless Humans. The article describes what is happening in my life now. It says the following:

 “A : If you consider that the population is equally distributed, then you will understand that in an ordinary “souled” person’s life, that person will encounter half as many organic portals as souled individuals.” (These would be the Satanic people, I think, who can develop into souled beings when they get the right treatment in the future). “BUT, when someone is in the process of “growing” and strengthening the soul, the Control System will seek to insert even more “units” into that person’s life.” (These would, I guess, be he Antichrist aliens taking over the consciousness of the people in your surroundings).

This phenomenon ensures that you get the right treatment so that you can continue to develop without stagnation, and stagnation is possible when people around you treat you with too much love. The truth is very harsh! And you can easily see it very negatively. Other than that, I absolutely do not approve of this phenomenon. I don’t feel at home with people anymore, because I’m always wary if they’re still who they say they are. And if I have to believe what’s written on the internet about how these take-overs happen, I’m devastated with grief thinking about my friends and family going through that. And who knows, me in the future…

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posted on Feb 10, 2021
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