In this chapter I'm going to describe my views on abortion and criticize the one-liners and bad arguments of the pro-abortion clan, which is huge.


In the previous chapter, I talked about euthanasia, an immoral action, which I nevertheless think is justified in some cases, because of the presence of too large extremes in this world, if you look at the suffering through illness, physical and psychological. Keeping morality absolute is only possible if one has grown up in perfect love, and has no blockages in experiencing emotions, nor does one have uncontrolled emotions. Rudolf Steiner defines evil as “the good that is administered at the wrong place and/or at the wrong time.” The 3 evil forces (Lucifer-Satan-Antichrist) are the boundaries of how a healthy human being is put together. What happens when you experience an evil force sooner than you are ready for is that there will be blockages in experiencing emotions. If you experience one of the more evil forces too late, you get an emotional experience that is more out of control. In both cases there can be psychological suffering or physical suffering through the development of disease, and especially in the uncontrolled cases morality then becomes relative, because there is unwillingness or inability (!) to take full responsibility for the situation. In those cases, something like euthanasia or abortion may seem like a solution. Yet I think we should all strive to make this as rare as possible, because I still maintain that both are immoral. In this article, I mainly want to highlight and criticize some of the arguments of the pro-abortion fanatics.

Those who express the objective truth in a moderate manner will have half the world, or sometimes the whole world, on their hands. The general public opinion in the media is that abortion is just a normal thing. But is it really? Watch this video from the YouTube channel TFP Student Action and you’ll see how foul the pro-abortion students can get, and how little they can bear the truth that abortion is immoral. They become wild beasts when you say something like that. Those who argue only on the arguments don’t convince anyone, even if the arguments are all ironclad. Normal people control and express their emotions in the service of reason, but the pro-abortion fanatics don’t control their emotions with their ability to reason, no, they lapse into unhinged rage, and then express absolute untruths. An example of such a falsehood is, “You can’t have an opinion about abortion because you are a man.” You would think that the child these guys want to kill belongs to the father as much as the mother, so surely the father has something to say about that too. These women fail to listen to the benign Father principle, and put themselves in the seat of God, the evil version that is, which is Satan. They cannot fully accept their role as women and point to men as the culprit for this. “You, men, just want to control us!” Yes, indeed, and it’s about time we did, you unhinged twats. They all see themselves as eternally single, and ready to have sex with “white knights” who approve of their desire to use abortion as contraception. No uterus: no opinion, unless you support me. It is absolutely disgusting! They take no responsibility whatsoever. On top of that, if you have a baby growing inside you, you are responsible for this foetus, and you should take good care of it. But apparently you make the baby first these days, and then you start thinking about whether you want it. It’s the world upside down. Often you then hear the words, “My body, my choice!” People get furious when you want to take away their “right” to have an abortion. But there is no right to kill at all. And so it certainly can’t be a free choice either.

In one of the TFP Student Action videos, abortion advocates were ranting and raving. At that, an apt text appeared on screen, “Is this higher education?” Insults are not an argument, but they are all spoiled teenagers who think they will always get their way if they shout loud enough. In addition, you see them seeking support from other supporters of abortion, because they think: The more we are, the more true the things that we shout are. Which, of course, is great nonsense. Women who have already had an abortion in the past want to justify their choice and become enraged when they hear the truth. While this truth is told very calmly and moderately. But no, then the people who are against abortion are apparently the bigots, while they only draw a moral line, which the pro-abortion people cannot bear. Here’s another example.

Then there are the number of people who will work on your emotions by saying that it is impossible for raped women to keep their baby. The women are victims and in those cases the baby has to go because the father (the rapist) made a terrible mistake. Moreover, the cases of rape are no more than 1% of all abortions. The rest are mostly convenience abortions, ‘cause it wasn’t exactly the right time! Maybe we should start encouraging a culture that is a little less focused on sex, instead of that vile hookup culture where everyone is doing it with everyone, and people use each other for pleasure and then dump each other like a piece of trash, while they don’t even mind it. None of these women are ready for a relationship, but they do want to have unlimited sex when it’s convenient. Which again is the world upside down. And then they want to have unlimited abortions. If you’re tough enough to have sex? Then you should also be tough enough to take responsibility for the consequences, is my opinion.

Then there’s the argument of: “It’s just a clump of cells!” But the baby has its own genetic code, its own body, its own heartbeat, and its own brain activity. Here is a picture of a baby’s face at 20 weeks of pregnancy: Image. Almost every little detail is present, and that’s even the case earlier in the process, too. So it’s certainly not just a clump of cells. That’s just used to avoid seeing the horror of abortion. It’s then said, “Are you a doctor? Can you judge when life begins?” Apparently they think that all the pro-abortion women are doctors, because they ARE allowed to judge it. Anyway, it’s again ridiculous nonsense.

Through the videos of TFP Student Action I have been able to see, how backward and corrupted the youth culture is in America, but great chance it is like this all over the world in liberal countries. They throw flyers on the ground. They shout. They curse. They rant. They spit. They insult. Only because they are judged and moderately criticized for their actions. It is absolutely a lost generation of idiots!

In this video, a doctor talks about how he stopped performing abortions overnight. What he says is pretty graphic, but sometimes you have to rub it in and find out exactly how it works, such an abortion. Body part by body part, the baby is removed from the womb with forceps. And these babies feel pain, even though they are still in the womb. And they respond to all kinds of stimuli, they even dance when the mother is singing or listening to music, although this is usually a little later in the pregnancy. But some people even want to be able to have an abortion right up until birth.

Not to mention abuses that take place in some hospitals, where babies are aborted and come out of the womb alive. Watch this video, in which a nurse describes how a baby is aborted, who then lies alive in fro nt of her. The mother wanted nothing to do with the child, shouting every time the nurse came into her room, “Is he dead yet!? Is he dead yet!” Also, this nurse tells how a mother regretted her abortion because the physical defects in the baby that had been predicted turned out not to be true, and so she wanted to go back on her decision, but the baby was delivered much too early and so cannot survive. She also tells how a comfort room has been set up at her hospital, and probably many others, where pictures can be taken with the aborted babies who are often still alive and where they can even be baptized, before saying goodbye. Have we all gone raving mad, or does it just seem that way? You must have intense hatred for life, if you do something like that to totally innocent beings, and you dare to insist that it is just a clump of cells that feel nothing.

This clip from InfoWars is also interesting. Most women have absolutely no answers to a few critical questions. No arguments at all. It’s mostly: we want it, so we have to have it. One woman calls a baby a leech. Sometimes people also say: the baby is a parasite. But the baby is not a parasite. The relationship with your baby is one of symbiotic nature. That is a relationship of mutual benefit. That these women do not see the benefit of their baby is obvious.

Also, watch this clip (sorry, only in Dutch) in which its creators protest that young people are being “steered in a certain direction” by pro-life activists. But this whole clip, in turn, is steering them in a certain direction. It is an incredibly biased and hypocritical clip. At the end, pro-life Christians are asked, “How far do you go? Where is the line?” It’s infuriating: maybe you should ask the pro-abortion clan that! How can you throw your morality out the window like that, and turn the truth around so glaringly! In the comments below the video, you will read the same “arguments” (one-liners) that I have already mentioned in this article, and it can be summed up in four words: no sense of responsibility, no morality. It is commendable that there is an ever-growing group of conservative young people. But these too are brought down in the video by a researcher they invited. As if this group of young people do not make informed choices, but “want less rapid change” (and are therefore more conservative) because they “live longer with their parents” and “are less likely to find a home.” By analyzing or explaining a phenomenon, you can disprove the phenomenon, as if there is something wrong with it. But, of course, the other side can do exactly the same thing to the people who want to convince you of their immoral ways in this video. Not every change is an improvement. Much progression is regression, and these conservative young people see that all too well. And many young people are fed up with the Satanic influence that is on humanity (in media, politics, education and so on), and so they are resisting it. They are the light bearers of the world! And they have an important task.

Yet again, I am of the opinion, that the state banning all abortions and the active detection and prosecution of all these cases, can be counterproductive. Forcing people to carry and give birth to their baby, when they really don’t want to, will create a lot of suffering, and probably not reduce the number of abortions. It will be still done, but in secret. Instead, we need to get to the point where people voluntarily choose to carry their baby because they are aware of their responsibility and the wrong choices they may have made. So here again it is an option to let God judge instead of letting the state regulate it with the use of violence and high penalties. Because this creates exactly what you don’t want: people resisting this coercion and control en masse, and fighting for their perceived rights. It’s not so much about what to do and about the question if you should ban it, but it’s about the banning (yes or no) being a reflection of the psychological state of people in these liberal countries, which is temporary. The solution lies in personal confrontation and again in a good upbringing, in which people encounter the soft teacher of the 3 evil forces (which are boundaries, righteous anger, and disapproval of your core (read my earlier articles for this)) and learn to listen to these behaviours before you express them yourself. And when I look at the students on American campuses, there is still something to be gained there! And that’s putting it mildly.

Read in this book answers from pro-life advocates to the arguments of pro-choice advocates. It is a comprehensive document and actually covers all the arguments you regularly hear.

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