In this video I talk about being treated by Antichrist entities working for God. For 4½ years I have been talking on my website about how they take over human bodies so they can catalyze people's development with their threats.

I'm being treated by the Antichrist! The alien invasion is already happening!

A few nights ago, I had a real Dark Night of the Soul. I begged God to end my life. I could no longer handle the pain and no longer had faith in myself. But God didn’t do what I begged for. It felt as if he had still faith in me, so once again I am trying to tell my story, here on YouTube, in hopes of informing the world what is going on.

Many people think of the Antichrist as a rich man who takes power and oppresses the world and especially those who are in Christ. I do not rule out the possibility that this could still happen, but the Antichrist also represents a great army of people who are possessed, and who are doing the will of this Antichrist: Attacking the Christ-activated man. By this I mean the simple man who tries to live in truth as much as possible, producing works to spread this truth and the Gospel. Under the influence of these threats, different layers of a man’s ego are peeled off, so that he becomes a better and better man. Rudolf Steiner calls them the Asuras, and it is the third and fiercest evil force acting on man, next to Lucifer and Ahriman/Satan. You harbor the Christ force, when you walk the middle path between the extremes of Lucifer and Satan. I will talk more about this in later videos.

On my site, I have been writing for about 4½ years about these Antichrist entities taking over my family and friends. This means that they are no longer themselves and even though their habits and mannerisms are still exactly the same, the energy with which they do everything is completely different. They started at the time with an old friend, and in this way they came closer and closer to me. By publicly reporting what is happening, I have been able to keep them at bay until now, so that today I still walk around unharmed, that is, not taken over. Meanwhile, I am being treated by them, so to speak; and under the influence of their threats, I am increasingly purifying myself of things I should not do.

After all these years of writing, I am however still suppressing my agression. Agression is a normal part of one’s personality, it gets triggered when you’re in danger, but I suppress it due to severe and chronic trauma, and so cannot make peace with the fact that people are being taken over in this world. That’s why they are now going to tighten the thumbscrews even a little tighter, and have threatened that they will now physically kill the taken over people around me as well. So not only is their soul then out of the body, but they then make the body of these people die as well. To relatives, it will look like the person in question has a cardiac arrest when the entity (perhaps voluntarily) leaves the body. But I don’t rule out the possibility that they will also use more vicious ways. My nephew had his elbow broken, and I don’t rule out that to be the first “attack”, but I hope I’m wrong.

These taken over people sometimes call themselves aliens (the English conspiracy researcher David Icke, who since a few years has also been taken over, calls them reptilians), sometimes dragons, sometimes wolves (it all has to do with what role they play), and can act like real snakes. With me, they have done so, mostly in the past. When I accepted that they are above me and have the last word, they suddenly started acting super friendly, but always with a deadly energy. When I have contact with them, it feels like they could kill me at any moment. However, I have been protecting them, my family, in recent articles anyway, due to my inability to deal with destruction and death, and so because of this they are now threatening to kill my family, even though they have been taken over and therefore not their old original selves.

I do have a greater indifference to what happens to them, when I tell myself that they are not my real family, and they are the ones that have killed my real family, but as soon as I consider that there may still be some essence of my original family members in them, then I get terrified, because then I feel very responsible, should their deaths come my way, whereas the responsibility really lies with these Antichrist entities themselves. But I once decided to love every human being. So I really have to take action anyway, although I’m thinking these entities are laughing at me because they, fully aware of it and voluntarily, dare to seek death in all kinds of ways. This sounds crazy, and sometimes I have doubts about this, but on other moments I am fully convinced of this. Because they know that when they die, they just come back to a safe place on the other side, and from that safe place they are instructed to take over someone new, as also shown in the 2020 movie Possessor (link to an article on my website, in the description). In fact, their memory is not erased before they enter the body, unlike ordinary people, who are always born with a “veil of forgetfulness”.

I suspect that soon people will be dying in larger numbers. Perhaps then these deaths will be linked to the phenomenon I am describing. For more and more people on this world are being taken over. It is the alien invasion that rocket scientist Wernher von Braun predicted on his deathbed. Only most people have a wrong understanding of this, and picture alien ships in the sky, which is nonsense. No, they are taking over your family and friends, so that they are under the control of the Antichrist, which is the negation of God the Father. But now they are going a step further, and they now want these taken over people to leave the body themselves, upon which even the body dies. This is all to unite man and catalyze our development, and to teach us to deal with death and destruction. Wasn’t it Ronald Reagan who said in a speech, “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already among us?”

Furthermore, the Bible says in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.” I strongly suspect that these are these taken over people who host these Antichrist entities. I also expect that celebrities will die this way because they have often been taken over so that they could be controlled. If there will be more deaths the coming months, the blame may probably be pinned on a new Covid variant or the vaccines, but what is really going on is that taken over people are going to (maybe voluntarily) leave their bodies, to hurt their unsuspecting relatives and provide a final test of whether they know the truth, whether they are of God, and whether they intervene. Remember, if you are of God, your thoughts, emotions and actions perfectly align, although, neither of us are perfect, me included.

I myself am at a point where I have many questions. In my latest writings, I try to explore different angles to explain everything I perceive. So above all, go research my words, and keep your eyes open. If you notice that they are taking over people in your surroundings, do the same as me, and immediately create a site, YouTube channel, or whatever, to protect your people and yourself. I started doing this too late, so they saw this as a green light to take over my entire environment. Don’t make the same mistake I did, because the people who are taken over can often be very good people who don’t deserve to be taken over, even though they may have made mistakes.

Finally, be sure to take a look at my website, where I often give emotional accounts of the events of the past 4½ years. If you are curious what else I have to say, please like and subscribe. Questions you can post in the comment section, and if you know more about these subjects, please share. I’ll see you at the next video!

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