In this video, I reassure you that you can overcome the great obstacle of these Antichrist entities by being constructive, producing works, and working through your feelings.

How to overcome the world? Some reassurance...

I realize that with my first video I am dropping quite a bomb on the world. Ignorant people will ridicule it, and won’t care so much, but there are also vulnerable people who are attracted to this kind of information and whom I can scare very much this way. Therefore, in this video I want to debunk some ideas that are going around in alternative circles, so that people don’t panic, but rather they have the opportunity to overcome the world, just as the Christ figure describes in John 16:33: “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

The Antichrist entities can play either an encouraging role, a critical role, or a disapproving threatening role. How you deal with them is up to you. If you have never experienced disapproval, you may very well rebel, should they start threatening you. But it is important that you also listen to the threats of these entities, and immediately raise the alarm in public, should you experience this. Above all, do not confront them at these times, and also make sure that you are not alone with them. Don’t show acting-out behavior, but raise the alarm constructively, and they will be satisfied. Above all, don’t think that they want to prevent you from raising the alarm. If you think this, then they are going to behave accordingly. And so they will do with everything. They mirror what you fear the most. If you are afraid of reptilians, then they are going to trigger you with reptilian references. Then don’t really think they are reptilian aliens, because they are not, even though they may show themselves that way to people who have antennae for that. They are, however, king of deception. But I have only one piece of advice: don’t fall for it.

If you are nice to them, then they have no reason to attack you. Because they can attack people! They do this to teach humans manners. So, when you are alone with them, don’t go ranting at them, because this could go wrong. They do not attack people by using their physical appearance. Attacks, in my opinion, take place without physical contact. They can make a connection with your soul inside, so if you suddenly feel weird, and somewhat nauseous, and weird things are happening around you with people attacking you or all kinds of references you see on social media to scary things that trigger exactly what you are afraid of (dragons, vampires, werewolves and so on), know that they are testing you, and that you need to intervene as soon as possible, by producing works in which you confront them. They also made me feel what it’s like when an attack is made on you. I’m feeling it every time when talking to the taken over neighbor. It is best to cut ties with these people acutely. Should they switch to a supportive role, because you thus accept them above you but do not yet have the courage to directly speak out to them, use the contact with them to become stronger. To do this, it is important to work through your feelings.

They especially target people who have the capacity to produce. Texts, videos, music, doesn’t matter. My identity was not yet developed enough for me to speak out 6 years ago, but then I was already being treated by taken over people, only they did not yet show me that they were taken over. They only did that when I learned to speak out about things and I gained the capacity to make a move outward with what I want to express. My sister also dealt with them, although she didn’t know. One of her roommates had been taken over (in retrospect, now that I think about it) and she came home with terrible stories of how she had terrorized her. At the time I wasn’t looking for anything behind that, but now I know that they were already in full swing treating her too. So very important is that the whole world is treatment territory, not just the clinics and mental health institutions. Psychotic people are often aware of this. More on that in the next video.

These entities want to get you into a pure state as quickly as possible. The evil forces in this world have the intention of leading you through a development so that you eventually live within the bounds of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This immediately sounds very classically Christian, but it really isn’t. They are actually boundaries of states of consciousness in the human mind. If someone goes beyond these limits, he plays himself into the spotlight of the evil powers, who will then do everything they can to treat someone. Even though it seems Satan is ruling the world, it is all under the control of God, and they are trying to lead the whole world to the Christ state, which is a state of mind that has nothing to do with Christianity as we know it. I will go into more detail about this in one of my later videos. So man’s evil is curbed by the opposition of taken over people, because believe me: it could all be much worse. If you show that you can listen to the ruling powers, and work through your feelings at everything they give you to deal with, their opposition to you stops immediately. Those who continue to fight against it only provoke more opposition.

A harvesting of souls takes place, both by the good powers and the evil powers, who are ultimately united. These souls are taken out of people’s+ bodies, whereupon an Antichrist entity takes over. This is the Biblical Rapture. Almost all people are then judged by God. Only the people who are in the Book of Life will be forgiven and the rest will be thrown into hell, is the story going around. They have indirectly informed me that I am not in the Book of Life, so apparently I can expect something. But I don’t believe in a God who punishes his people for “sins” that often arise precisely because of trauma. No, God, on the contrary, transcends the whole system of reward and punishment, and I concur with that: the point is precisely to become independent of it. God has a right place for everyone. Because if it is so that he throws 99% of humanity into hell, then God is an absolute retard, and I refuse to believe that. Because we can get everyone to become a good person. For that, it is important that victims of truly terrible deeds or mistakes be heard at length, so that people learn how not to act. The evil forces themselves work on this by literally showing in their actions how not to act. It is harsh, but it ultimately teaches people to do the right thing. For it is often the people who have seen or experienced the most misery who become the most loving and empathetic.

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